I encountered a leisurely fish regret today

This buyer had a hairband hair circle before, and received the goods that the silk was too thin to put the hair. The 30mmi real silk I used for her said that it would be softened by the cotton cotton. It is also impossible to add auxiliary cotton in the contact. I say that it is not suitable for returning the goods. The buyer said that Dai sees it. Ten days and a half months have passed, and the goods are automatically received.


Today, the picture is set for a bow hair clip. The size of the picture is going on. I said that the size may be wrong. The buyer said that it is not too large. I also think that the buyer wants a small point. The buyer ordered the black and white color, 55 yuan free shipping, and promised to send a small hair circle.


I made a black according to the size of the buyer. The finished product was too small. I communicated with the buyer and I was too small. The buyer said that it was too small. I said that the effect of the picture was twice as large. Decided 17⃣️14, I said 40 yuan, the buyer said that you did the effect first. When I got it, I turned on the phone and just a minute ago the buyer sent a message. Apply for a refund.


Suddenly I felt too disrespectful to the labor of others. I have done two of them according to your requirements. You do n’t want to buy it online, I will buy it in the future. They are all adults. Do you know what kind of behavior you are? Give the buyer with the money, immediately pull it black, don’t buy it again!

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