The newly bought Hengyuanxiang sweater pierced the ball for a day, and the pit of “brand authorization” is too deep

“The newly bought Hengyuan Xiangxiang sweater, wearing the whole body for a day, it has become a one -time!” Recently, Mixi called Jinan Daily’s “Rights Protection@Report Boss” column (hotline: 0531-67976311), saying that he was from Taobao I bought a Hengyuan Grand Sweater. I did n’t want to wear the whole body after a day. After the water was dipped in the water, the hair was dropped.

Questioning the quality of the brand sweater is so poor?

On October 30 this year, Mixi searched for “sweater” from Taobao. Shirt.

Mixi told reporters that the original price of Hengyuan Xiangxiang wool sweater, which is called “Hengyuanxiang Genuine Distribution”, was 306 yuan and the current price was 158 yuan. Single payment. On November 3, Mixi received the sweater, “Gently and soft, feel very comfortable.”

I didn’t think much, the next day, Mixi took a business trip with a newly bought sweater. “At that time, the weather in Shanghai was a bit cold, and it was very suitable to wear this sweater.” On November 5th, she first put on this Hengyuan Sweater for the first time, but the next situation made her


No. Mixi recalled that the light rain that night made her very embarrassing. “The sweater was dripped by the rain, and the hair was dropped one by one, and the fluff was sticky. At that time, the underwear and coats wearing were all black fluff.” After returning to the residence, Mixi took off his coat and found that the sweater that had only been wearing a day was full of balls. “Not only is there a ball on the sleeve, but even the front chest and back, the whole body is the ball.” The west said, “This is simply one -time, and the quality is too poor!”

The quality of the owner’s brand authorization is guaranteed

Open the product link provided by Mixi, the reporter saw that the store name shows “Hengyuanxiang Genuine Distributor”, Mixi purchased the store named “Hengyuanxiang Sweater Ms. Low Sweater Short Loose Loose Loose Loose Sweaters in Autumn and Winter. Take a knitting bottom shirt 2018 new model “, the price is 306 yuan, and the brand promotion price is 158 yuan. The place of delivery is displayed as Jiaxing, Zhejiang.

The reporter consulted the shopkeeper “Purple hesitant”. The other party said, “Our clothes are good to resist the ball. It is recommended to reduce the friction on the surface of the clothes when wearing or cleaning. It is “29%wool, 29%polyester fiber, 11.7%nylon, and 30.3%of acrylic.”

The reporter asked about the authenticity of the product. The shopkeeper guaranteed that Hengyuanxiang Company was authorized, the clothes were 3 standards, with anti -counterfeiting, ensuring genuine products, and ensuring quality. “Hengyuanxiang Company authorized us to sell their clothes here. We are distributors.

Brand “brand authorization” is too fraudulent

On December 12, the reporter interviewed Hengyuanxiang Company on the incident. After several turns, the reporter contacted a staff member of the Ministry of Electronic Commerce of Hengyuanxiang Company, which was responsible for brand authorization business. After learning that Mixi’s encounter, the worker first asked the platform she purchased and got the answer to the “Taobao market store”. “There is no certificate guarantee for personal shops. As long as you pay 1,000 yuan in deposit, you can open the store. Even if we go to him, we just seal his shop and punish him 1,000 yuan. “,”

The other party said that each genuine product sold by Hengyuanxiang brand has an independent anti -counterfeiting code. When the brand authorized “store, the other party said,” This brand of authorization is easy to fake, and it can be bought on the Internet. We now have a lot of authorization platforms on the Internet. There are many other big brands, such as Adidas and Nike, which are also in the case. Personal stores have no practical significance. “

In the past few days, news about the big names such as Antarctic people and Hengyuanxiang did not produce only selling brands “red”. It is reported that the most loud source of advertising has cut off the production end and proposed a combination model. The upstream authorized the manufacturer, authorized to dealers downstream, Hengyuanxiang did not produce products and only operated the brand. As early as 1991, Heng Yuanxiang began to explore the consortium. By 2007, Hengyuanxiang had developed nearly a hundred upstream factories and more than 20,000 downstream sales outlets. The turnover of the year was 300 million yuan, and the use of the trademark used to use was as high as 266 million yuan, accounting for more than 80%of the company’s revenue.

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