The brooch blooming on the collar is a romance that wants to say still

There is no strong sense of presence in the brooches. It will not decorate the neck smartly, and it does not linger around the wrist to draw the finishing touch, but it can show the low -key gorgeous texture at the details.

Flexible wear methods and innovative modeling materials have made it irreplaceable in jewelry. Whether it is gorgeous jewelry, exquisite and elegant precious metals, or interesting flowers, it can give the chest needle extreme elegant beauty, only need Simply wear, women’s flavor is scattered, and the dull and thick winter dress also has a gentle and quiet temperament.


Ni Chenxi is dressed in the fringe flower and woolen coat in the warm sun. The classic combination of white shirts and short skirts can also be followed in daily life. The cleverness is the brooch at the neckline. It reveals luxury in the low -key. The unique fashion taste is revealed under the refraction.

Zhang Yixing’s embroidered suit comes from Dior Homme. The slim style and fine tailoring set off the gentleman’s temperament to the fullest. The butterfly chest needle embellish the overall shape, smart and handsome.


There is such a sentence in the fashion circle: “A woman without a brooch is an imperfect woman.” When it reflects or brilliant or pure light on the Chinese clothes on the chest, the so -called icing on the cake is just the same. Small and low -key broochs usually leave more imagination for designers. Nature’s flowers and plants are excellent creative inspiration, and they are also common classics in broocations.


Regardless of the buds or blooming, the charming and agile flowers can always transform thousands of styles. Coco Chanel often uses camellia as a brooch. The full shape is very simple. The natural and elegant temperament is enough to tell the life of this legendary woman. Needless to say, the position of the middle or side of the chest is the most classic way of wearing the brooch. Whether it is a delicate dress or a casual sweater, it will add gorgeous details, and the overall shape becomes flexible and vivid. Stacking of brooches is the trend of the show on the show. Symmetry or upper and lower arrangements will make people’s eyes shine, giving the exquisite jewelry beautiful and vitality.




The vivid and fresh animal shape has always been an excellent protagonist of the brooches. Whether it is an interesting insect, a lion horse, or a light and clever bird, it can transform into jewelry to bring more possibilities for your dress. The theme of the beautiful elements such as butterflies is also widely used in the brooches. When the agile figure is combined with the gemstone, it flew into the chest and collar into exquisite jewelry. No one can refuse such romance.

In addition, women’s different feelings for the stars and moon also given the brooch with a variety of shapes. The simple and smooth lines are engraved with gemstone light, like a praise of the vast night sky chanting. Wearing on the basis will inevitably leave a stereotype impression. It may be possible to combine the brooch with the shawl, which can not only improve the fineness of the shape, but also play a role in connecting the shawl and the inner top. Wearing the waist as a decoration is equally eye -catching, or ingeniously uses it as a hair accessory. It only needs to be simply become a bun, and the colorful and gorgeous beauty of the brooch will fall in the middle of the hair.


The elegant and exquisite brooch has come back now, and it is easy to become a symbol of the texture. The inspiration to portray the character’s shape on the brooch is highly respected by the jewelry designer. Sometimes it is unable to distinguish whether the brooch creates a noble gas field for the wearer, or the wearer gives the brooch poetic. Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Strip’s classic ballet brooch sets the moment when the dancer dances. The light on the gemstone is like the skirt when rotating, which can always evoke people’s memories of those beautiful years.

The modern brooch, ribbon and other broochs such as the bows and ribbons only need to be added with rubies, which can play a finishing touch. Simply wear it at the neckline of the shirt can not only avoid the monotonous sense of clothing, but also show the chic fibrous details and highlights, or decorate the slit position of the dress as a decoration, you can add a few ascent dynamics to the solemnity.


Beijing News reporter Li Yan Picture Vision Chinese School Division Li Lijun

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