11.22 Aja winter coat sharing | It is very warm today, from your smile ~

Wear lambskin on both sides

Two -wear, which is equivalent to two jackets, a variety of matching ~

Army green handsome, milk white cotton is gentle

Two styles, suitable for you

Pumping rope hooded cotton clothing

The white that can’t be rejected ~

Some people may feel impatient, but I still like it

11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

The two big pockets next to the zipper are really great. You don’t have to worry about the pain where you can wear thick mobile phones in winter ~ and it is really great to put chestnut melon seeds ~ (remember to add a convenient bag, otherwise your pocket will be dirty)

Fur -in -one sheep rolling coat

Ink green ~

It’s really suitable for green in winter

11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

The white snow reflects the beauty of “I see pity” ~

Don’t just know that the black and red will be white, and the green is also white

Beautiful bud fur lamb hair jacket

Wear in the early winter ~

Not bloated, small flowers, little noble

11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

Eggplant purple down cotton clothing

11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

The thief is warm, thieves are resistant to dirt ~

It’s a good child in my mother’s eyes

And you don’t have to worry about what you match, because it’s all versatile

11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

Retro -color fox fluffy cotton clothing

The style that will never be outdated ~

It looks warm

In 2019, it also takes a beautiful winter

11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

I see more about my personal profile ~

I wish you a happy life ~

I wish you more and more beautiful

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11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~


11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

#What to wear today#



11.22阿佳冬季外套分享| 今日甚暖,源自你的微笑~

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