“We can wear the same pants” “Hehe”

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: You are so cold, I have paid attention to you for a year and a half. I like your public account very much. This question is a frequent quarrel with my sister.

My sister and I were five years old. She was a freshman in Jiangsu in 1999. She would come to me when she was on vacation.

Because we have a bad relationship with the native family, we are two special pro -relatives. I think she is my most important relative.

We usually chat on WeChat on WeChat, but when we live together, we will quarrel.

I think she always gives her face everywhere, and she doesn’t get along well, and even if I call you now, I am worried that she will be angry.


After so many quarrels, I became careful, but when we didn’t quarrel, we were very good, and told the other party everything, trusting each other.

But I feel that I will make her unhappy with her.

Seeing her stinky face, my senses will be arguing without wanting to bear it, but we will always keep up, and we just quarrel. Now I feel my throat hurts.

I just chatted there. I said, “You are an unreliable person” and then she immediately said with a black face and said whether you can not label me, and then we quarrel.

I said you were an unsatisfactory person. You think about how much trouble you have caused by your carelessness. She said, “I don’t need you to tell me.”

In fact, I have always controlled myself not to care about her temper, because I think her classmate roommates and even colleagues will make her understand.

I really got angry with such a quarrel, and I felt that I would not quarrel with others for a few years. I feel that I have lived in all kinds of life.

Now I have even wanted to come to me in the future. I am really tired together, and I want to cry and be wronged.

What panic me most is that I don’t know why we are like this. Obviously, why do we feel good when I see her black faces, I am particularly easy to quarrel with her, but when the quarrel, what she said was painful.

I am usually a person who is almost angry and depressed at most. Want to ask Teacher Leng Ai to help.

Cold love reply

I am not qualified to be a referee between you and your sister. But as a person over, I can talk about my feelings after reading the story:


Because you and her have a similar relationship with the family, you feel particularly close, and even you will think she is your most important relative.

At least in your unilateral perspective, this is already an alliance relationship.

And the relationship between this alliance has developed to the point where she is not obedient to you, you will feel that she is betraying the relationship between you. This is a suffocating love.

As for why you rarely get angry on weekdays, but as long as you quarrel with her, your chest hurts your chest. This is because this love between you and her is really heavy.

For example, in the chat history, you say, “Let’s go to eat incense pots, just go to us.” This language itself makes people feel particularly intimate.

And when the other party returns to you and says “I don’t go, I lose weight”,


You said, “Do you forget? How do you promise me? Don’t lose weight when you come here.”

When you say this, maybe your subjective will think that this is ridicule or even a joke, but in the other person, this is what you are forcing her to change your will.

For people, people often like to use privileges to show their relationship with each other. For example, some people say that “our relationship can wear the same pants.”

But in actual life, it is impossible for people to wear a pair of pants with others.


For another example, if the other party really intends to lose weight, is it really impossible to lose weight when you arrive? And the other party said briefly, “It’s really time to lose weight.” This is her true will.


In short, judging from the conversation of screenshots of the chat history, there may be a lot of part that makes you feel angry, but such a conversation will actually make people feel heavy.

You might as well tell her directly:

You love her, you just want to be with her, just two people, stay more for a while.


It is not necessary to eat fragrant pots, do not have to drink coffee, or even drink milk tea. In order to take care of her willingness to lose weight, it is also possible to drink a glass of water together.

You are a sister, five years older than her. Now you think she will give you a face, maybe because the relationship between you and her has hurt each other.

Even if you love her anymore, you have to leave some space for your relationship to breathe and breathe.

Now that you think she is your most important relative, let her live freely, this is the best love for her. Let go and make each other easier.

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