Forevermark Summer Bride, sequenially selection of only one percent of diamonds

Diamond learning, I can’t know that Forevermark will be strictly selected in a percent of the diamonds, engraved with their own imprint, as a promise of the SHOD Diamond Standard, such as love commitment, always adheres to it.

Forevermark Summer Bride

Forevermark classic series – represents the endless Endlea and memorable kiss, its simple line design, so that the bride smiles, raising the glittering light, play the extreme elegance, catering the summer day The youth atmosphere of the wedding.


Up to: Forevermark Endlea Eternal Series Single American Drills Sparkling Pendant, Forevermark Divine Diamond from 0.3. About $ 11,000, Forevermark Endlea Eternal Series single beautiful diamond ring, Forevermark’s perfect drill from 0.32. From about $ 9,220, Forevermark Setting Circlet single US drill with flash drill rings, Forevermark, Diamond, from 0.33. About $ 15,700


Up to now: Zhou Sheng Sheng Forever Kiss Series Forevermark Diamond Rose Gold Rings, Forevermark Divine Diamond from 0.3. From about $ 9,250, Zhou Sheng Sheng Forever Kiss Series Forevermark is full of blushing rings, Forevermark, Diamond, from 0.3. About $ 21,300, Zhou Sheng Sheng Forever Kiss Series Forevermark Diamond Ring, Forevermark Divine Diamond from 0.3. From about $ 9,900, Zhou Sheng Sheng Forever Kiss single beauty drilling spark drill crane neck chain, Forevermark drill from 0.3 card. About $ 14,200.


Eternal Love


Inspiration from “Forever” Forevermark Endlea Eternal Series Diamond, from the representative gift, festive ribbon evolution, classic single beautiful drill earrings and diamond ring, the rare diamond in the responsibility method, shining in this special day The unchanging youth is also a blessing of endless love in nature.


Kiss love

Summer enthusiasm acts, becoming a memorable kiss in wedding. Zhou Sheng Sheng Forevermark Forever Kiss Diamond Rings, the design theme is to love love, through the central mighty, rare beauty, express affectionate love, let the bride feel a long time.

True love

The Forevermark Encordia, which is inspired by the “Love of Love” in Greek mythology, condenses the beautiful diamond ring, condense the beauty of the drill, and scattered the charm. Designed to design a simple Forevermark CornerStones, a series of elegant inquiry, with a flash diamond, combined with the circle, and hug in life every day.

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