Equipped with an emergency call device to make the elderly more secure

Author: Xiong Zhi

A few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau took the lead in drafting the “Guiding Opinions on Emergency Call Service (Draft for Opinions) on Emergency Calling Services for the Basic Pension Services of Home Pension”. It is clearly stated that by 2021, it will complete an emergency call device for the elderly who live alone in the city of 80 and above to provide emergency call services.

With the deepening of aging, the number of elderly people, especially empty nests, and elderly people who live alone, has continued to increase. They are old and have inconvenient actions. In addition, no one cares. Once any accident occurs, if the emergency rescue is not timely, the family members and the outside world cannot be known immediately, which may lead to various tragedies.

In fact, like many elderly families of the elderly, they will configure the emergency call equipment for the elderly. Earlier, there were local communities pilot to configure emergency calls for the elderly and opened up with the community’s emergency call center system. But this is a small -scale attempt.

This time, relying on the power of the government to install emergency call devices for elderly elderly people, it is promoted throughout the city. It undoubtedly provides a powerful relief channel so that the elderly who live alone can get assistance as soon as possible when they encounter difficulties and dangerous dangers. Essence

According to the opinion draft, the emergency call device adopts the principle of “the elderly is voluntarily installed and the government supports moderate support”. Services, such a humanized security design at the bottom, reflect the deserved care of the weak groups.

The type of service of emergency calls is not only emergency rescue, but also information consulting and living services. For example, if the elderly living alone have the needs of housekeeping, maintenance and installation, they can not leave home and call a click by emergency device. The types of life services connected by the platform meet the needs of the elderly’s daily life.

In fact, many services now have moved to the Internet. But for those old people who live alone, they are not like young people who can use the Internet flexibly and a mobile phone to solve the various needs of clothing, food, housing and transportation. In this context, to avoid being abandoned by the Internet, and various accidents occur, they must have stronger external forces.

Of course, installing an emergency call device is only the first step. If this device thinks of effective assistance and relief, subsequent medical care and housekeeping various supporting measures also need to be continuously improved.

Emergency call service is essentially a systematic service engineering. Due to the inconvenience of the elderly, there are more places to help the outside world due to inconvenient actions. In addition, the number of this group is growing. It is necessary to get a response through a one -click call, provided that the corresponding resources and service supply are sufficient.

Therefore, in addition to emergency call devices, we must start from the supply side to strengthen service supply for the elderly. For example, some elderly people who live alone in the elderly are more concentrated, to increase the number of configurations of community medical staff, so that after the elderly call, professional medical staff can be present in time to avoid the situation of insufficient manpower.

In addition, if the elderly have the needs of maintenance installation and food delivery services, more merchant access must be mobilized to encourage them to provide cheap and high -quality services. These need to be constantly explored and improved in subsequent specific operations. In any case, in the age of aging, the pain of cracking alone in the elderly, letting them grow old, the importance is self -evident.

Right now, Beijing’s exploring unified emergency call services, in order to ensure the safety of the elderly and meet their special needs, put forward an effective solution. This critical time can play a design of emergency life -saving effects. If the follow -up effect is good, you can consider more promotion. We also look forward to that under the pocket of emergency services, the elderly living alone are no longer lonely, but are more secure. (Xiong Zhi)

Source: Guangming.com-Time Review Channel

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