Peel and eat pineapple! “Hainan hand tore pineapple” water tender flesh, bite a bite of honey

One -one -peeled hand -eaten pineapple

The tender flesh, bite a bite of honey juice

The charm of “Tropical Fruit Popularity King”


Wake up the taste buds that have been silent for a long time

Don’t peel, don’t soak salt water, tear it out and eat

Gospel pineapple that can not cut pineapple

At first glance, it seems that the pineapple that is eaten peacefully at the torn pineapple at first glance is no different, but if you are careful, you will find that this hand tore the pineapple has no thorns, which is also the root cause of it to tear.

Take the head with a full head, the fruity fragrance is overflowing, cut off the head and tail, or cut it in half from the middle.

Tear according to the lines, just like peeling corn, tearing it off one by one, you can taste delicious.


No need to go to the eye, soak water that is troublesome, don’t peel, it can’t be convenient to eat it.

As long as you open your mouth, you can smell the strong fragrance of the flesh.

Don’t look at the slightly green outside, but the flesh is already sweet and delicious. Because each one is picked up after the tree matures.

Strategy is not discounted

Every bite is a taste that likes

Each flesh that is torn is delicate and soft, with a strong flavor, crispy and slightly sour, and the taste can make the whole summer full of taste.

Put it into the mouth and taste gently, the tender and sweet taste, lingering the tip of the tongue, no residue at the entrance, all the sweet juice flowing out, even the fruit core in the middle is sweet!


It was randomly tested, the sugar degree can reach 18.7 degrees, which is really incredible. No wonder it tastes good.


Sweet and juicy! There is no sour taste at all, full of sweetness!


It grows for more than 580 days to become one fruit

Origin from “Hometown of Pineapple” Hainan

Hainan has the reputation of “the hometown of pineapple”.



The average annual temperature is 22.5 to 25.6 ° C, away from pollution, less insect pests, warm and rainy.

Healthy sandy soil and other superior growth conditions are very suitable for tearing pineapple growth. From flowering to maturity, the growth cycle has exceeded 580 days.

In this long day, the fruit farmers put on “clothes” for each hand tore pineapple. They were planted and carefully cared for.


Bad the warm sunshine of Hainan Island, breathe fresh air, deserve the excellent growth conditions given by this treasure, and constantly challenge your taste buds.

Weight loss to help digestion, delicious and nutritious

It is appropriate to all young and old, hurry up and try something new


Hand -tear pineapple not only tastes delicious, but also cannot be underestimated by nutrition and efficacy.

It contains vitamins and more than ten natural minerals needed by the human body.

Pineapple protein in pineapple can effectively break down the protein in the food,


It helps to digest the production of excess fat in eating, so after eating the meat, clear the intestines and decompose greasy.


Because of this, weight loss people are particularly suitable for eaten hand -tear pineapple. They are rich in juice and can effectively dissolve fat.

Unique pineapple enzyme substance,

It can break down protein and dissolve the fibrin and blood clots that are blocked in the tissue,


Improve local blood circulation.

It is the pick season

The flavor is rich and sweet


Whenever the intestines are fat

Can awaken the silent taste buds

Life will be tasteless

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