Piece storage bag introduction and price

Pei kikilk bag, also known as pigeon breast, is a plastic product for food packaging, mainly used to store breast milk. Mothers can squeeze the milk when breast milk is sufficient, and they are installed in the camp pocket for refrigeration or frozen, and they cannot be used for children to nurture the child in the future or because of work. .

Pish buying milk bag price

Now, the price of the baby storage bag is in general, the price of 180ml * 20 pieces of pigeon buns is in the range of 60-100, and the price of milk bags relative to some other mixed bodies High. However, the quality of quality will be relatively safe. Whether it is for your baby’s health, it is more secure, and the formal brand’s milk storage bag will be more secure.

How long can sheave a milk bottle to make milk?


The milk extruded within 6 days of postpartum can be stored in 27-32 ° C for 12 hours; the milk extruded after 6 days after childbirth, the milk can be stored in 15 ° C for 24 hours, and the temperature can be stored in 10 hours in 19-22 ° C. 6 hours can be stored in room temperature at ° C.


: If it is placed in a refrigerator in the refrigerator, the storage time is generally: 0-4 ° C for 8 days; if it is a small refrigerator with the refrigerator, the storage period is two weeks; if it is The freezer separated by the refrigerator, but often turns off the door to take the item, the storage period is 3-4 months; if it is a deep freezing room, the temperature is maintained below 0 ° C, and does not open the door, the storage period is 6 months. above. The stored breast milk will decompose, it looks a bit blue, yellow or brown, which is normal.

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