Mature and handsome men’s zipper cardigan jackets of weaving and tutorials

I planned to use cashmere wiring, and I tried it for a while. The elasticity was poor. I don’t know if the effect of the weaving will be good.

The illustration is not too clear, it looks tired, explain it in text.

After calculating, I found that this pattern actually weaves flowers every row. If it is positive and reflective, it is too tired. Do you want to change it to a woven hood?

The illustration is very clear, click to see it

Men’s zipper

The latter film starts 122 (woven 120) needle, the rear film is woven and four down, and it is woven to the sleeve (row 112).

The split sleeve is 4 stitches flat, next 2-2-2, 2-1-5, 4-1-1. On one side, a total of 14 stitches. The remaining 94 stitches. Row),


: 2-5-4, 6 stitches (total 26 stitches).

Collar. Receive the central 35 stitch, and the edge clot 2-1-1, 1-1-12. (The neckline is 42 stitches)

Right front film: from 72 (woven 71 stitches),

On the front, start to weave 45 stitches (AB), 27 stitches four or four times.

Weaving 118 lines (33.5 cm), collect shoulder: take 14 stitches in the back film.

After weaving 52 lines after a separate sleeve, collect 9 stitches (neckline), and the edge of the neckline is closed: 2-4-1, 2-3-1, 2-2-3, 2-1-5, 4-1- 2. (29 stitches in the neckline), and then weaving 8 lines.

80 lines after the split sleeve, shoulder, 2-6-4, 5 stitches (29 stitches on the shoulders).



After suture the left and right front and rear pieces, pick 197 stitches with a 3.25mm needle, weave three upper and three down (the left and the far right are 4 stitches). Weaving 9 cm, folding.

Neckline: 38 stitches on the left, 37 stitches in the back, 38 stitches on the right front. (113 stitches in total), weaving three upper three, weaving 52 lines (14 cm).

Sleeve film: 70 stitches (31 cm) woven 4 or 4 times, and the needle method is: 17-1-2,10-1-2,8-1-9,6-1-4, flat woven 5 lines points Sleeve (number of needles is 102 stitches, 45 cm).

Holding Mountain: 2-3-1, 2-2-6, 2-1-6, 2-2-7, 2-3-2, 20 stitches.

Pick 55 knitting three upper three or three down at the cuffs, 9 cm, and sewing.


The trick of the right front film is 22 lines and one trick, 45 stitches and a trick. The first needle is not painted on the first needle. In addition, there are three stitches with a sliding needle. The middle of the needle is wrong. It should be a line. The needle.



It is woven to the lower needle.

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