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Master the life in your dreams in your hands

边城集团 仑山湖国际度假区 养生养心栖息地

Stay away from the disrupting leisure and self-satisfaction, throw the body into nature

边城集团 仑山湖国际度假区 养生养心栖息地

Laoyue Inn, Lagoshan Lake International Resort

Bring your soul, give yourself a 24-hour dream life

The scenery is a volk, everything is only for you, 100 times want to say that the impulse is more than I want to invite you, escape from 24 hours, bring your soul to the lake. Here, there is a junior point of travel and life, integrating attention to nature aesthetics.

边城集团 仑山湖国际度假区 养生养心栖息地

Located in the Chinese side of the city of Mountain Lake International Resort, the long triangle pure American style homestage of “Natural Beauty” – Lu Yue Inn, using “deer”, decorated with the theme, from oil painting, lighting to the pillow, Dove, it depends on the mystery of different smart and nature everywhere. You are different from traditional hotels. Lu Yue Inn is based on the US country style, better reducing American pastoral wind, giving the inn natural style, making people relaxing.

In the lobby, it will be surrounded by strong American retro feelings, high-provoking floor, American brick, Gothic column, brick carved floral ornament, and Baroquery, Pophongwats, Baohaus architecture … all decorations and Elements, you can bring you to the medieval movie in a second, don’t say that the western style is large, even if you take a retro MV, the effect is also full.

边城集团 仑山湖国际度假区 养生养心栖息地

From the rotating stairs, the eight rooms are distributed on both sides of the corridor. The rooms are placed in the room, and the thick wooden board is just harvested from the forest, just slightly grinding, a layer of wax; The rivets on the sofa are still in the same way, the original process is durable and filled with Western style, and the chamber decoration is decorated, mostly the theme of animals and plants, create the effect of close nature.

In the morning, push the window, look at the mountains, you will always look forward to something. When the breeze is handorous, awaken your crystal dew and the flow of silent unambiguous, the poems of the Ting; silent mountain forest peace, imitation, is bustling again.

边城集团 仑山湖国际度假区 养生养心栖息地

The meal of the Lu Yue Inn is particularly interested, and all the ingredients come from the inn to their own farm. The same day picks it, and the body and mind are quiet, and the taste buds are also met.

After the meal is over, start from the inn to the side of the lake. Facing the sparkling lake, it is very pleasant to get a daze or chat. It is the best hiking location for reading a book in the inn, drinking tea; likes to take risks, surrounded by Luminous mountains, Gao Hushan, Xiaoshan.

边城集团 仑山湖国际度假区 养生养心栖息地

In the American outdoor hospital echoed in the mountains, it is far away, as if I have seen my heart, the West Coast healing scene; evening, look up at the stars, the Galaxy is clear, I don’t know, the new year, you can also see if you are in the distance. ?

This season, is suitable for meeting the three or five confidues, the barbecue carnival, taste the lake fresh from the rollover from the lake, surrounded together, spend a cozy and happy day.

The time is in invisible flow, only the Lu Yue Inn can touch the tangible time. For a year, people come to people, here, you will see different flowers.

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