Portable easy to use strong suction, stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 is your clean good helper

For indoor cleaning, many people choose to sweep the robot because they can help users liberate their hands and achieve garbage cleaning and wet towards the ground. But if you like yourself clean, and if you have a clean demand other than the ground, a good wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner may be more practical.


Recently, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 is officially released and sold. As the complement of the previous generation, it continues the excellent appearance and experience, and the suction is focused on the suction.


A DC brushless motor with a rated power of up to 480W, an advanced FOC algorithm in the industry, and the suction power of the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner reached 160AW. Simply, such data can not only make more depth cleaning of common garbage, dust, and gaps, but also the specifications of many prices of four thousand and above.

As a stone wireless hand-held vacuum cleaner for the price of 2599, you have such a parameter representative it can not only make your clean, but also you can look at other brands of high-end products.


On this basis, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 can be used in energy-saving mode, standard mode, and strong models in a strong model for 90/45/8 minutes. Suppose the user mainly uses standard mode when cleaning, so standby can basically meet the entire house of normal families.

While ensuring the cleaning effect, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 uses a more compact planetary gear reducer to help increase the diameter of the roller and reduce the volume of the tip head.


With a flexible body design, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 is not only suitable for the use height of the use of many users such as adults and children, but also to fully clean the area, bed and gaps, etc., is more difficult to clean, reducing The situation of smear, escorting the health of family members.

For different scenarios, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 provides different suction, and hard tersons and hoses for extended. In addition to the common “cleaning big household” in the ground, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 can also meet the cleaning needs of the wall corner, gap, carpet and desktop, keyboard and other scenes.

The stone also joined the magnet for each suction, not only accommodating more space, but the user can put different suction heads in the frequently used position, such as a refrigerator, a metal cabinet, etc.

When needed, the user can take or return the suction head as long as it is easy to reach, so that the switch between different cleaning needs is more convenient.


Currently, the stone wireless handheld vacuum cleaner H7 is in the multi-platform hot sale. Among them, the official website is priced at 2599 yuan, you can enjoy 12 interest-free stages, only 216.58 yuan per month, you can have this family cleanup good helper.

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