Domestic superior high-definition line evaluation: No external power supply, you can projection 4K60 frame big screen

Because of the reason, I will travel from time to time, so I started a portable notebook with a 10-inch screen when I last month. At the time, I also gave you a simply evaluation. Now I have used it for a while, I gradually discovered if I gradually If you don’t go out, you will still feel some of the screens in everyday, considering there is an idle monitor in your home, in order to solve this notebook screen is too small, it seems that you can solve a video transfer.


Most of the video adapters in the market are the design of the double HDMI joint, but it is unfortunately, this notebook is more thin, the whole body does not have an HDMI video interface, but even the traditional USB interface is also castrated. So I can only choose USB-C to turn HDMi video to connect, I found a circle online, and finally started this superior USB-C transfer HDMI HD cable, this video line plug, except Have 4K 60Hz HD output function, but also supports HDR dynamics and 3D visual valid. After a few days, I also share it with simple evaluation.


Of course, someone may ask me, why don’t you use the Dock to expand? In fact, I have used some Dock before, if there is no external power supply, I can’t use it. I don’t want to always connect the power supply. After all, a line can solve things, there is no need to make so complicated.

Out of the box

Removing the package, you can see the family is very simple, except for a USB-C to the HDMI HD cable, there is only one product warranty card.

The plugs of the superior USB-C transfer HDMI HD cable use the aluminum alloy shell design, except for more durable pressure, the time does not rust, can also have a better thermal conductive effect, convenient heat dissipation .

As can be seen in the figure below, the volume of the HDMI plug is significantly higher than the USB-C plug, because here is built with Dragon News LT8711HE high-performance conversion chip, which is mainly able to make the superior USB-C turn HDMI HD cable Without any external power supply, it is also possible to achieve efficient decoding compilation of ultra-clear screen, and this is the main reason I chose this video transfer, because I have also tried some USB-C connector expansion docking devices, if not If the external power supply is not available at all.

Superior USB-C transfer HDMI HD cable has a total length of 2 meters, and if it is used for short-range wirings, it is also useful.


The whole wire is thicker, and the inside is used inside the four-core wire, and then with aluminum foil, weave and PCV can have strong anti-interference ability.


actual use:

In fact, this video line is very simple, it does not need external power supply, nor does it need to install driver or other software, directly through this superior USB-C to HDMI HD cable, you can support your smartphone (Huawei Samsung Video output function), iPad Pro, or a screen of a notebook (with USB-C interface) and other devices directly transfer to television, display or projection.


I want 10 “notebooks to transfer to my monitor through this superior USB-C to HDMI HD cable, and I only need to connect the display, and the USB-C port connected to the notebook is connected.

Then I open the notebook and the display, you can see that my small notebook’s display screen has been copied to the big screen display. If you use it at home, I still think that the screen is, the better, the smaller the notebook, the smaller the notebook. It is more convenient to carry, and I can choose any of the big screens and portable connectivity through a superior USB-C to HDMI HD.


In addition to copying the screen screen, I think the extension feature will be more practical. You can display different software on both screens, one screen can be used to office or edit the video, and another screen can It is used to browse the web or watching entertainment, and the use efficiency of the laptop can become higher.


Of course, more time, I will directly put the notebook as a computer host below, and then through the large screen display to complete the daily work.


I also tested 3D large games when I was free time, and there was no delay in the entire game. At this time, I feel like using a traditional desktop computer, but the computer desktop is more concise.

In addition, I also tested the connection projection use, and it is also very simple, inserted, open projection and notebooks can be projected directly.

If it is in the company’s office, I can display the PPT to be used on the meeting through this notebook, and don’t have to import the file into the U disk. The whole information will be displayed directly through the laptop. It is more fast, convenient, and the projection does not have a delay, and if your monitor, TV or projected supports HDR or 3D function, it can have better display effects and more scenarios.

It is because through the superior USB-C transfer HDMI HD cable transmission video is not delayed, so I can play the League of Legends directly on the 100-inch screen, you should rarely see this game?


In addition, I personally prefer basketball games, transfer the display picture of the notebook to the big screen. I feel more cool than the display, but not only the horizon is more open, but the whole game is like an immersive Same. At the same time, I also found that the superior USB-C transfer HDMI HD cable supports audio synchronous output function, does not need to be on the outer tank on the computer, which can sound through the two-channel speakers on the projector, and the sound quality of the entire stereo is obvious. A lot of things on the laptop, the overall large screen music experience, after you feel, you will never go back.



In general, a small superior USB-C transfer HDMI HD cable, solves the problem with my portable notebook is too small, do not need an external power supply, and do not need any drive software, no matter what it is The notebook outputs to the display, or let the smartphone output to TV, or let iPad pro output to projection, you can do plug-and-play, basically meet the needs of my big screen extension, I don’t know how you feel good. Is it? Ok, about the use of this video cable, you will come here, we will see you next time.

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