Why do we need an excellent domestic military game?

(Wen / MAWS Editor / Yan Wenqing) On August 4, the Zhenping Studio released Weibo, indicating that “the healthy development of military games should be encouraged”, and it has set off a small discussion. Prior to this, it coincided with the danger of the game in public opinion. In this context, the sound of the Zhengping studio is undoubtedly a powerful recognition of the positive value of the game, especially the positive value of military games.

At the same time, “Excellent military games mentioned in Wei Zhengping Weibo” can play a popular military expertise, and even simulate military training, and let us pay again on some military game prospects and social functions. At the same time, some game players will look forward to, the domestic high-level military game will not have an international level of excellent works, and how the prospect will be.

what’s the effect?

In fact, the military game itself is in fact, in fact, there are military games developed by military and civilians before my country, and at the same time, at the same time, the precedent for open service of military and civilians. The “glorious mission” released by the “glorious mission” released in 2011, which has triggered a considerable amount of hot discussion at the time, which is developed by the Nanjing Military Region and folk game companies for troops and entertainment.

With the civilian version of 2012 “glorious mission”, many ordinary military game enthusiasts can also come into contact with the first official authorized service forces, and the discussion is also more enthusiastic. It can be said that “glorious mission” makes our army also have a military game product that is similar to the US “US Army” series of games, collecting, training, and entertainment.

“Glorious mission”

The sensation of “glorious mission” even surpass the game itself, so that the spokesperson also referred to the extent of this game “not for any other country”. The action capture in the game is completed by the active soldiers, and the sound effects and weapons modeling have also been strongly supported by the troops.

Behind many discussions, the quality of the game itself is actually with the heat does not match. This game is not bad, but it is not much better. In addition to the best starting optimization, there is an occurrence of the bug, other aspects of the medium. Playing a picture is fresh, but in depth, you will not let more players will pay for time. Therefore, this did not form a long-term series of works like some foreign similar products, and after online, it is slowly bleak, and it will eventually disappear.

What is the performance of foreign military games? Do they have cooperation with the army of countries? The answer is yes, and there are many excellent performances. Many deep military game enthusiasts are familiar “armed raid” series is the representatives, its prototype is the military simulation software “Virtual BattleSpace” developed by the Bohemian studio (Virtual BattleSpace, referred to as VBS).

VBS is quite high, and US Army uses this software to train military personnel all year round. The young students in the military school learned the tactics of the classroom to attack and defense. Before practical use, they can perfectly practice the contents of the class.

VBS has a high reduction of firearms weapons, firepower, sound effects, but also makes them have a preliminary concept on the situation that may encounter in actual combat – this is not “Call of Duty” or similar FPS game players The avatar superman’s game experience, but a true sharp bomb, explosive roar, ballistic influence, firearms jitter, and you will be deprived of combat power in an instant.

In addition to shooting games, another military and civilian cooperation has a very deep game category, which is analog flight game. In the first a while, my country Xi’an Flight Academy, the spare time, “Digital Combat Simulation” (DCS), the fragment of the Dragon Fighter module should make many people impress. The impersonation of the Dragon Module has reached a very high extent, and the staff of the Chengling Group also has a high evaluation of the module.

Amateur time playing “Digital Battle Simulation World” Young Flight Academy

The Air Force’s active flight instructors play this module in the college, and it also reflects the approval of the military simulation game developed by the Dragon Module and DCS.

Outside the Air Force of my country, French Air Force is a tool that directly uses the phantom-2000c module in DCS as analog tactical training. This makes the original completion degree and the quality itself is not a particularly excellent phantom-2000c module constantly updated, continuous improvement. Making the Razbam group of the Miography-2000 module also stopped touching fish, announced in the official Forum to re-create most of the monological systems of Phantom-2000 to meet players’ needs.

French Air Force Pilot with DCS

The player needs here, I am afraid that there should be that the French Air Force saw that their fighters were made messy, and the reminder proposed to Razbam. And before, there is also a report that the cooperation between the French Air Force and the R group will further further deeply, produce the phantom-200-5 or even the gust of the wind, which provides auxiliary training for the French Air Force, and can sell ordinary players and promote the French Air Force.

Cooperation in non-official levels, some of the military training in some countries use other folk games now is also a common phenomenon. Previous Korean Army uses the Russian online game “War Thunder” to carry out the tactical training is an example, because in the “Thunder”, there is a Russian T-80U main battle tank equipped with the Korean Army equipment.


I don’t know if the Han Jun has a matter of conducting a matter of the tank internal constructor in the War Thunder, it will not take into account the fact that the content of the game is quite innovated with the real world.

Can this matter?


The topic turned back to my country. Since the new era, all the industry in my country have attached great importance to the influence of emerging media. Among them, the People’s Liberation Army troops have influenced the Internet, games, animations, comics, short video and other platforms. Earlier Start trying to promote on these platforms. It also begins using these platforms to serve themselves, and use it into training and entertainment.

Including the nearest Weibo of 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正 正品 百货 商城 产品前 特前 d前 d前 d 我们 我, 我 我们 我, 我, 我 在 我, 我 在 我 在 我, 我, The troops are very happy to use game products to achieve their own goals, service itself.

That is to say, the future generations of domestic excellent military games, our troops will not be obstacles, but will become an important source of driving. The new eldest Chinese People’s Liberation Army will continue to welcome domestic military games and support such games.


In recent years, there are also a lot of domestic military games in recent years. Some games that have been listed or will be listed, or they are military games, or there is a strong military color. These works have regardneited finished products or foresses, which exhibit my country’s folk game development level, although it is not known as the world, it will not fall behind the trend of the times. In the hands of concentrations, professional, specialty, want to make an international level military game, and there will be no difficulties that cannot be overcome on the technical level.

And mentioning market demand, the problem will be slightly complex. In our country, military enthusiasts don’t count a majority group, and hard core military simulate games, there will be no many people can completely withstand the sex of the child, and even in the entry stage will filter out a big batch. Player.

Many foreign game manufacturers have made their own game works for their own pursuit of the authenticity of the game, and the emphasis on the niche market corresponding to the game, so that they can make it more realistic. This makes this type of game, the price of peripherals is destined, and it is difficult to attract more newcomers, or “外” is involved, and it is destined to play the market of the small bonding user group.

However, there are other vendors to make hierarchies between being truly and entertaining, restore and balance, making the gate entry threshold decreased, and enhanced entertainment, attracting a lot of players and starting the brand. This is also a very good direction of development of military games, and at this stage, it will be more suitable for domestic military games.

Why do you need?

Some people think that even if the military game is excellent, how to balance the balance and entertainment, it will not have a greater impact, and the discussion is nothing more than the so-called military fans. But the author does not think so, in fact, if the international level military game can be launched, it also receives popularity and discussion in overseas markets. For the new era, our country and our military forces are very helpful.


Because of the enthusiasts of military games, there are many people. Regardless of the country’s military fans, the views published in the public opinion are usually political, history, military, and cultural unparalleled. Many people play a game of a country, naturally add a discussion about the country in the process of discussing.

The content displayed in the game will be the best propaganda of breaking prejudice. The prejudice is stubborn, and more people will understand the weapons or other things through the game, break the engrave impression, and began to face the facts. Such a case, the author has witnessed in many discussions in the “War Thunder” in Russia and Belarus.

It can be said that these games themselves, as well as the discussion of the game, make many Western lovers who have biased the CIS countries, no longer a “no brain”. It is more rational, and even a lot of things in the Oriental camp from the front angle. These are all other games that cannot be done, and only military games can be achieved in publicity.

Regarding military games, the last is also the most important, is an older talk. With military aiming, more or less will have a so-called “leak” risk. It is true that the quality of confidential work will have an effect on the victory of the war, that is, “confidentiality is to win”.

But our army itself is also advocating the “more open, more transparent” concept. On the basis of this concept, you can add it to the game, there are many things that have become the content of the game. Just like the “Thunder”, many of our military retired or active weapons, but the technical details of these equipment, except for some disclosed literature, the data and structure of “estimation” by other equipment levels.

These data and information do not affect the confidentiality policy of the unit, and will not reveal the secrets of our military main battle equipment. The degree of truth of the Dragon Module in the DCS is even higher, and the degree of meticulousness, but it is also handled on important data.

In this regard, whether it is a game manufacturer, or with its cooperative, we have a considerable experience. Therefore, confidentiality will not become a problem that hinders the birth of excellent domestic military games.

Regardless of the examples that have been successful, it is still the current demand of current, my country has a soil that has excellent domestic military games. Our troops have always used all kinds of domestic and foreign military games to conduct self-propaganda, entertainment training.

We can imagine, in the near future, the new generation of domestic military games are born, attracting the world’s game players and military enthusiasts, becoming the same example as international similar articles. Even the brand of your own, it is a famous call for the purchase before the sale.

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