Wear pearls in summer! These 20 high -level versatile and value -for -money are good -looking for their own use

Fan said: accompanied by every moment of love

Time passed quickly, and unknowingly was one year old. Some time ago, our family went to the commune of the Great Wall and gave her a warm birthday party in the “Red House”. In the early summer, everything in the mountains became lush, devoted to the embrace of nature, and the mood was particularly good.

The red house villa is like its name. It is all red in the inside and outside, and the enthusiasm and lively. There is a particularly atmosphere of birthday here. We also arranged various colors of balloons and colorful unicorn in the villa, making the whole house full of childishness. I especially like to play balloons. As soon as I entered the house, I was so happy, super happy.

I am a person who likes to have some sense of rituals in life.

On the same day, both of us were wearing a pink puff skirt with a sense of summer and were matched with parent -child outfits. Pink not only looks gentle and cute, but also echoes the surrounding hue. The necklaces and earrings I wear are from Pearl Moments. The classic and gorgeous three -layer chains are matched with their latest garnet pearl ears, which can set off a grand sense of atmosphere.

There is also a “summer” in the name of 也. The name was given to her at the beginning. One was because she was born in summer, and because she hoped that she had a strong vitality, as gorgeous as summer flowers.

Now the one -year -old 变 has become particularly lively, and it seems to have endless energy. When I played with her, I also chose the new port jewelry of Pearl Moments. Not only is the summer very strong, but also the meaning of guarding happiness and peace.


Speaking of pearls of Pearl Moments, I really spent too many important moments in my life with me. For example, every year’s wedding anniversary trip, in the large blockbuster, it is indispensable for its witness. Seeing these pearl jewelry, it seems that you can remember the beauty of that day.


When you set a happy moment with your family, it is naturally inseparable from the decoration of Pearl Moments. During the Spring Festival this year, when I filmed the family portrait with the two mothers, I wore his family’s pearl necklace and Nanhong Xiaohong necklaces, with red clothes, and we wore special festives in the New Year.


And the Nanhong Pearl bracelet, I was also with my mother in the Spring Festival, and the redness of red also symbolized the love between mother and daughter.


I also customized a lot of pearl jewelry of Pearl Moments. For example, the Nanhong series above, I also customized a mother and daughter bracelet with my name and me, and now I can only wear it as an ankle chain. I especially look forward to her when she grows up and can wear it with me.

There is also this enjoyment version of the No. 1 pearl necklace. Not only is the pearls full and round, each one is shiny, but also the metal pendant of the first letter of the English name “E” on it. It also pinned our good wishes.

As a pearl control, Pearl Moments has become a brand that I can’t do without. Whether it is early spring, summer or cold winter, it will be worn in daily life, workplace or grand occasion. In terms of his family is a “treasure brand”.


So why does Pearl Moments make me love for so many years?

① The cost -effective king of thousand yuan, gem pearl with super suitable for summer

Pearl Moments is a pearl brand founded by my good friend V. They have always chose high -quality freshwater pearls. They are full and clear, and they are very good. Each pearl is strictly screened, and then artificially strings.

PS: No matter how big the pearls of the big name are, it is impossible to 100%of the flaws, but Pearl Moments will try to control the flaws within a certain range and let you buy it with confidence.


His style is also rich and diverse. Regardless of whether to work and commute or party activities, I can find pearl jewelry that matches Dress Code to dress myself.

What’s even more powerful is that many styles of Pearl Moments also have a variety of ways to wear, which can also be disassembled into different styles, which is equivalent to buying one of several models ~


Pink Dress Code, Fan Lord with Pearl Moments’ new pink pearl necklace


You know, many pearls of the same quality are generally sold for 5000+ in the mall, and the big name is more expensive, and the price of Pearl Moments has always been priced.

In a thousand yuan, even about 100 yuan!


For the workplace GIRLs that pay attention to matching and cost -effective, the chopping hands are completely stress -free, which can be said to be the “king of cost -effectiveness”.

What’s more worth mentioning is that Pearl Moments has recently launched a new Color Blooming Pearl Garden series, combining pearls and color treasures, bringing more possibilities.

In the summer, all kinds of color decorations are always inseparable. The new series is like overturning the color palette of nature, taking you into a garden, the dark red of pomegranate, and the light powder of cherry blossoms, as if wearing the vitality of all things on the body.


Natural semi -gem and synthetic gemstones, sliced ​​gorgeous firecrackers with heart -shaped cutting, and matched with warm and jade pearls. Compared with the combination of traditional precious metals and pearls, the combination of Caibao and Pearl can undoubtedly collide with more new ideas. It has also been given more meaning.


And when you buy a jewelry, you can have pearls and colorful treasures at the same time. It is very cost -effective to think about it.


② As a gift full of heart, intimate and face

In addition to wear it yourself,

Pearl Moments is also a gift in my heart. The pearl is as warm as jade. It is good but not picking up. Gifts are considered intimate and row. I often send pearls as gifts to two mothers myself ~


Pearl Moments

Many classic styles are the first choice for Mother’s Day. For example, Master Fan gave Grandma a classic pearl necklace No. 1, who would not make mistakes before, she loved it so far ~


Send their mothers pearls that they all like to express their love and blessings, and they will definitely be happy. Whether it is Pearl Moments’s first -class quality pearl itself or a beautiful and atmospheric box, it is very face to give gifts.


On Mother’s Day, Pearl Moments also launched beautiful new pearls, so let’s take a look today ~

Mother’s Day classic must be entered, gift gifts

The first classic model for giving gifts! Especially for many Fan You who first entered the pit, Pearl Moments’s classic models are the most fragrant ~ The following “classics must be entered” and “treasures of town shops”, we wear all the classics on any festival and occasions, wear it yourself, wear it yourself, wear it yourself, and wear it yourself. It is not appropriate to send a mother.

1. Classic Pearl Necklace No. 1

“Equipment upgrades, classics worth collecting”

When it comes to the pearl necklace, you can’t get the classic

“Single circle pearl”


Essence As a must -have for the princess such as Diana, Grace Kelly, the status of a single circle of pearls is very high, simple and qi, and the classic is not outdated.

Fan himself has a lot of single -circle pearls, many of which are from Pearl Moments. The classics are not wrong, and you ca n’t buy it.


● The treasure of the classic town shop, the heart of different periods is good

Especially Pearl Moments Classic

Pearl Necklace No. 1


Not only the brand’s “treasure of the town shop”, it can also be regarded as a must -have entry jewelry for each woman.

This necklace is very high for Fanzhu, and it is very high. The friends around you, even his mother and mother -in -law, are also a man. For those who love pearls, this necklace is very friendly regardless of age and temperament.


When the 3rd Anniversary Marriage Day took a photo, I deliberately put on this pearl necklace to match the wedding dress. In the outside world, this necklace is more luster and texture, with the latest pearl and jade series earrings and rings from Pearl Moments, which is very colorful ~


● The necklace is newly upgraded, and the choice of different sizes is diverse

For a girl who wants to buy a classic single -circle necklace to prepare for from time to time, the classic Pearl Necklace No. 1 is enough to deal with various occasions. Recently,

Pearl Moments has also made a new upgrade for Pearl Necklace No. 1



This necklace can be said to be beaded and jade, no matter what kind of light, the gloss and quality are excellent and have a very rare pearl light. Full and round, the aura is strong. Coupled with two intimate details, they all make this necklace’s necklace

“Classic must enter”

The title is well deserved.


One of the details is:

There are 3 different length options

Essence Including 37cm, 40cm, and 45cm, the specifications are rich.

The shortest 37cm is suitable for being worn as a Choker, which is very popular with young girls; the standard 40cm is just right with any clothes. It is very decent daily; the lengthened 45cm has an elegant and mature taste, which is very suitable for the elders. You can choose according to your preference ~


Previously, Fanzhu had Choker models, so this time I chose a slightly longer 40cm. Daily commuting is more suitable. In winter, it is very temperamental with sweater or workplace suit.

The price of thousands of yuan can be worn as a daily basic model. Due to the high cost performance, even if there is any damage, it will not be distressed.


● Details upgrade, 8 -character buckle VSM signs are full of heart


Another detail, from

8 -shaped rose gold buckle, and rose gold M signs

the design of. The 8 -character buckle is the classic design of Pearl 1 necklace. It has a good meaning that is wealth, auspicious, and even infinitely possible. When you see this design, you can recognize the pearl of Pearl Moments at a glance.

The eight -character buckle symbolizes eternal moment and infinite possibilities. The M character symbolizes pearl companionship at all times. Every moment is not only functional, but also full of details.

The small embellishment of the newly added rose gold M signs not only symbolizes the time of pearl companionship, but also makes the necklace appear exquisite. It just does not grab the mirror, but also enhances recognition at once. Give your mother, you can also represent the meaning of MOM, and you can’t be more interested.


● The gift box is upgraded, the gift is given face to face

Fanzhu is a loyal fan of Pearl Necklace 1, and he started decisively as soon as the upgraded model came out. After all, it is something you like, you want to gather all its styles. And surprise me is that from the necklace to the necklace box, there are new upgrades ~

The black necklace box is equipped with a white handbag, which is also equipped with velvet bags with jewelry, and also includes jewelry appraisal. In addition to buying themselves, girlfriends and mothers have particularly face.


If you want to buy an additional earrings or buy a complete set, you can also choose this set


“Pearl Necklace No. 1 set”

In addition to the upgraded version 1 necklace, it also contains a pair of pearl earrings. The special red velvet packaging is also particularly exquisite, especially suitable for giving away.

2. Victorian court luxury three -story chain


“A must for festivals, gorgeous daily life is suitable”

In addition to the double -layer chain, Pearl Moments, a three -layer pearl necklace with Victorian style, is more luxurious and expensive in comparison, and also has unexpected practicality.


This is a 5-6mm small pearl necklace, which is moderate in size, perfectly matched, and has a beautiful gloss, which looks very advanced.


This is a “treasure necklace”. In addition to meeting your basic needs for the necklace, it can also achieve


Free “transform” –

The two ends of each string of pearl necklace are one


Exquisite living buckle


In other words, necklaces can be freely picked.


For girls who are pursuing practicality, usually


Can deal with all occasions. Needless to say, the elegant and classic of a single -circle pearl necklace. Whether it is usually worn or traveling or traveling, one can hold various occasions ~

Compared to the classic elegance of a single circle,

Wear a double -circle zone

It is feminine and has a high degree of recognition. It is no problem to wear daily and formal occasions.

The three -layer chain is very suitable for the grand occasion. When I took a commemorative photo at the age of one year, I wore a pink Joy Joey dress, from Grace Kelly X Bu Kewen’s name “Color Alchemy”, skirt body body It is compressed by the layer of the hanging slices, fluffy and light, and matched with the three -layer chain. The sense of ritual is just right.

It can even be used as three independent necklaces to share with mothers and girlfriends at the same time. All kinds of free combinations, classics, gorgeous, retro one, all of them …

3. Pearl jade series, Nanhong Xiaohongxin Pearl necklace

“Princess -style elegant, buy one two”

Playful Little Red Heart

Nanhong Xiaohong Heart Pearl Blind

It is also a must -have for Pearl Moments.


Nanhong is a type of agate. It was called “red jade” in ancient times, which is the red jade. Like pearls, its texture is also delicate and warm. The difference is that Nanhong has a more dazzling luster, and the dark red is integrated into the richness of persimmon red.

This chain is a more exquisite style in Pearl Moments single -circle pearls. This is a 4-5mm baby pearl necklace. Compared with the classic pearl necklace No. 1, there is a feeling of princess VS princess, each with its own temperament.

On the tight and orderly pearls, the strong finishing touch of the peach heart has a strong degree of eye -catching, especially suitable for petite girls.

Fan participated in Patek Philippe’s event in Shanghai last year, and wearing his South Red Series necklace, Wen Run Pearl and a red -hearted exquisite embellishment.

Because the small pearl gives a gentle and dreamy feeling, the combination of it and Xiao Taoxin looks delicate and durable. Fan feels that this is more presented than the classics of a single pearl.

The length of the pearl chain is probably at the clavicle, so it is also suitable for wearing a V -neck shirt, sweater, etc. to match it. The grabbing index is also very high.

Because Nanhong Xiaotao’s pendant can be disassembled, it can be disassembled at any time, hangs on the chain, and wears a different style. It is quite powerful to buy a different style.

New models such as Pearl Garden series, you can love you in summer

Not only is Mother’s Day in May, it is also preparing to welcome the summer month. At this time, Fan will also want to start some unique jewelry with lightweight and lively colors to make the summer dress more colorful ~


For example, this year’s new Color Blooming Pearl Garden series brought by Pearl Moments, colliding with bright stones and pearls, like a “summer feast”, colorful.



4. Pearl Garden series, garnet heart drill necklace

“The Stone of the Essential Life”

If you want to send this series to your mother, Fan Lord pushed the garnet first.

The garnet symbolizes life and energy, known as the “stone of women’s life”, and has the beautiful meaning of safe and smoothness, conveying love and sincerity. Very able to poke the minds of mothers ~

Among them, the heart drilling pearl necklace of this garnet uses an 8mm garnet produced from Mozambique, cutting the heart-shaped diamond surface, and 7-7.5mm freshwater pearls. The rich luster is like red wine and dark night roses, shining deep and very eye -catching.

Fan felt that it was a “perfect match” with the simple black suspender skirt. The small elegance met a small and delicate, worn around his neck, and collided with gorgeous and resolute sparks.

Whether it is pearl or small garnet, you can slide freely on the chain. You can match different styles according to your favorite position.


I also used it with a butterfly real silk skirt to set off the women’s softness and gentleness. There are not many, not many just right.

Little friends 33 like this “irregular” method of wearing, and feel that you can play various tricks with your mood. She collided with pink sweater to collide with the strong, and it was also very brilliant ~

If you usually walk in the workplace commute, you can also match the workplace outfit like a model. The white suit with neat lines has a dynamic dynamic when it is tough ~


5. Garnet pearl ear clip


“Small and exquisite, wear on both sides”


Pearl Moments has always been friendly to non -ears. This garnet pearl ear clip is small and exquisite, which makes people love it. You can wear it beautifully without ears ~

The ingenious “opposition” of 7mm garnet and positive ball beads with an eye -catching degree is small and exquisitely embellished on the earlobe, and the “hidden” is behind, perfectly interpreting the commute and losing the wind.


Whether you are a small earlobe or a thick earlobe, it is almost not picky. It is very finishing on the ears and comfortable to wear.

Little partner 33 likes to wear the pearl side in front, soft and restrained. Or put on your noodles, you feel like buying 2 sets of earrings ~


6. Garnet pearl ear


“Retro and elegant, one more wear”

It is better to reflect the essence of the “one set of more wearing”, and Fan mainly recommends this pair of dapara pearl earlines. Made of a pair of heart-shaped heart-shaped heart-shaped heart-shaped heart-shaped earrings, paired with a pair of pearl ear vents with 7.5-8.0mm, full of retro gorgeous, wearing a pair of earries in summer swaying in the ears, shopping dating, romantic full score ~~

Two “remote echoes” beads are very agile hanging on their ears. It is not only suitable for daily wear, but also a three -layer pearl necklace that is relatively grand.


The thin earline has a little modified face shape, which can make you instantly gentle as water. It is more feminine with the necklace of the same series ~


There is also a “wonderful use” of this ear. “Buy one pair to two pairs” is also very powerful ~


The cool girl will definitely like to wear the style of garnet earrings alone, which is very suitable for daily or workplace.

Whether it is earrings or earrings, the two ways of wear have their own beauty, depending on your way of control. I wonder which kind of picking?


7. JP Morgan Pink Drilling Necklace


“Sakura pink, age reduction and transparent”

In the Pearl Garden series, Fanzhu also grows this JP Morgan Powder’s heart drilling necklace.

As you can see, the shape of this necklace can hit the girl’s heart, just like the cherry blossoms in spring, pink and sweet. The right heart -shaped gemstone, combined with a round pearl, how can it make people not love?


The Morgan Pink Drilling Necklace is Magic, Mo’s hardness reaches 9, infinitely close to diamonds, and the heart -shaped diamond surface cuts the fire color and shines. It has light pink similar to JP Morgan.

There are also many ways to wear. You can separate pearls and gems like models, or stack it together to make different styles.

For Fanzhu, compared to the garnet above, hanging cherry powder on the neck is more elegant and skin -friendly. Although the color saturation is not so high, it is quite clear and expensive, which is very suitable for daily life.

I use a pink dress to match it, echoing, and there is a sense of sweet and age -reducing age, just like the cool summer has come to face, it is very comfortable.

There is still a transparent white -hearted diamond necklace with color or transparent models, transparent and shining. If you like simple and refreshing styles, choose the classic transparent colorlessness and careful drill, which is cooler in summer ~~~


8. Little Bell Necklace


“Playful and well -behaved, full of creativity”

For many workplace GIRL, summer is the most elegant and simple, and it looks light and light -reduced pearl necklace.


This “little bell” necklace made Fan Lord love. The arrangement of the three pearls looks very playful and age -reducing. The right size is also very suitable for the workplace.

The freshwater pearls of about 7 ~ 8mm are arranged, and the light overlaps. The small decoration of 18K gold is embellished on the warm pearl.

The name “Little Bell” is very clever, because it looks very dynamic like three bells. It always feels like a collision, and it will make a jingle sound, which is very interesting ~


During daily commuting, under the collar of the shirt, the “little bell” is more delicate, which will make people unable to look at it a few more ~

When you go out of the street every day, you can also use it with a light -colored sweater.


9. Scandinavian girl


“Soft+cool, Nordic fashion”


Scandinavia comes from Denmark. When he heard this name, he knew it had something to do with Nordic. Indeed, this necklace has the northern European fashion style that can be visible to the naked eye. Just like the fashionable and cool girl there, it is simple and tough, with gorgeous rock rebellion style, but at the same time, it is elegant.

The design of this necklace uses 4 ~ 5mm rice beads with 925 silver -plated 18K thick gold chain. The splicing combination is extremely cool, which conforms to the popular “big chain” wind. The buckle in front is also deliberately made into a heart shape, allowing you to change different ways when wearing.


Fan Lord especially likes to show half of the pearls and half chains. With a cool summer white skirt, full of personality.

Whether it is a rounded pearl or a cool chain, it will not “grab the limelight”, but echo each other, setting off the light of each other. There are also silver chains in the same paragraph, which is also very versatile.

So the question is, one side is golden, and the other is warm and elegant. Which method do you like more?

There are also water ripple chains in the same series, sparkling, soft and shining ~


Fan Lord’s private hidden, the “treasure” that can’t be dug

In addition, Pearl Moments also has a lot of “private collection” of Fan Lord. Wear everyday, and it ’s OK to get it ~

10. Pearl jade series, Nanhong Heart -shaped necklace

“The collision of Nanhong and Pearl”


The iconic agate and pearls of the bead jade series have a feeling of refreshing and sparkling, and the beautiful combination is just right. If you buy the Zhuyu series for the first time, you may wish to start from this South Red Heart Necklace ~

The thick heart -shaped south red, with the 7.5 ~ 8mm positive round freshwater pearl, a small finishing touch, more colorful than a single pearl necklace ~

Xiaohongxin and a single pearl can overlap and combine them at will, which looks very layered, which is higher than the existence of a single pendant ~

You can treat the small pearl as the main pendant, or you can use the heart -shaped south red as the main pendant. There will be a sense of playfulness.


In addition to showing the style and personality, different wearing methods also reflect the practicality of this necklace “one chain more”. Fan Lord usually occasionally wear the entire series, adding a lot of highlights to the basic color clothes, which is loved.


11. Pearl jade series, Nanhong earrings

“Playful age, wear on both sides”

Fan Lord usually likes to buy earrings, and it is easy to grow grass. It is nothing more than a small finishing touch. It is not exaggerated and recognizable. It is best to wear it.

This pair of South Red earrings can meet almost all my needs: exquisite shapes, comfortable colors, and a little cute and playful style, which looks very age -reducing.

The size after wearing it, just about 1 cm down at the earlobe, as the finishing touch in the ear, which makes me love it at first sight.


With the pearl necklace with the South Red series, a set of wearing is more delicate and beautiful.

Usually you can wear it, or you can remove the heart -shaped pendant, with ear blockers, and wear it as a pearl earrings alone. Both types of wear are very practical.

12. Pearl jade series, South Red Ear Cock

“There is no pierced star, it can also be beautiful”

Don’t worry about the starless stars. This time, the South Red earrings have also made a special ear clip, which is still the design of the heart -shaped south red+a single pearl.


When there was no pierced ear that year, I had been wearing PEARL MOMENTS’s earrings and earrings. After a long time, I would not feel painful. For girls who love beauty, it is a good choice for trying earrings.

Its “magic” is still two exquisite ways of wearing. You can wear the pearl side in front of the pearl, or you can wear Nanhong’s side in front. No matter which one, it looks very three -dimensional, and it is very suitable for commuting.

There is also a “small reunion” earline in this series. I also like it very much. Nanhong wearing it in my ears is the finishing touch. The pearls falling down are very agile. Some time ago, I wore this when I watched the cherry blossoms, and paired with the classic pearl necklace, which was very echoed.


13. LLADY Thatcher Pearl Earrings Necklace and Set

“Powerful air field, female boss style”

Mrs. Sachel, her pearl complex, shoulder -pads and described style have become people’s cognitive symbols for the “iron lady”. She is very good at “Roukegang” and uses big pearl jewelry to set off her powerful aura.

Pearl Moments was inspired by Mrs. Sachel, and designed this set of necklaces and earrings with large pearls in gold, simple, capable, and calm, full of female BOSS style ~


This necklace is a golden round bead plate with atmospheric atmosphere

(Silver -plated)

, Embedded 11.5mm flat pearls, made handmade. There is a feeling of calmness and wisdom, which is very suitable for women in the workplace.


The large pearl is eye -catching, but it is not displayed at all. The length of the necklace 45cm is just right, and the material of 925 silver is not easy to be allergic. The elegant and advanced golden texture is very good.


The same earrings, echoing the pendant of the necklace, pearls choose the natural round natural freshwater beads between 7.0 ~ 7.5mm, the silver -plated base beef and ear needle, the style is still very “Sachel”.

Wearing it in your ears, it gives people a sense of confidence and firmness, gentle and dignified, but to calmly. Although the volume is not as large as a pendant, it is enough to have a gas field. It is very suitable in the workplace matching, especially when short or long hair tie up.


The complete set of female elites have doubled vision.

14. Princess Express Pearl Ring

“Freely adjusting the size, with multiple uses” “


This ring also uses the echo of pearls and diamonds. It is soft and bright. The ring is not sealed. The free adjustment size can be worn by the fingers of different thickness. You can “close your eyes”.


Not only that, this ring is also a combination of 18K gold and diamonds, with a high -quality high -quality high -quality 8.0 ~ 8.5mm positive round natural freshwater pearls, exquisite workmanship, and very strong jewelry.

The design is worn on the hand, and there is a kind of irregular aesthetic. Fan Master once wearing this ring and a friend party, and many people asked the same paragraph.


In addition, this ring actually has a “bonus skill”, that is, it can be regarded as it

Scarf buckle

For use, with it, you can no longer tangled the n -type method of the silk scarf, and fix this ring on it, one multi -use.

15. Smile Pearl Necklace


“Playing age, comes with memory points”

The reason why this necklace is “smiley” is because it hangs, like a bright smile. 10 positive round natural freshwater pearls

(6 ~ 7mm per one)


String up, there is such a unique effect, simple and memorable point, which is memorable ~

Compared with the pearl necklace of the comparison string, this smiley necklace is not “winning with quantitative”, but will be exquisitely carried out to the end. The necklace part is made of 18K gold, and the small peach heart design of the end of the buckle is also a playful and lively manifestation.

It can set off the neck curve well, allowing people to focus the visual focus under the collarbone, which fills the space of the neckline of the V -neck clothes and bring the effect of age reduction.

With pearl earrings and pearl bracelets, pearl accessories are also beautiful. Because the materials are more particular, the price is slightly more expensive.


16. Angel’s Tears Pearl earrings


“Legendary gorgeous, superior noodles”

Princess Kate now loves the crown of pearls, in fact, from Diana, this is also the heirloom of the British royal family. It originally belonged to the wife of George V. tears”.


The supporting earrings are also one of the high -frequency jewelry of the two, which can highlight the noble temperament.


It was inspired by this crown and earrings that Pearl Moments designed this “tears of angels” created by water droplets and drilling, and reproduced the classic style of the royal aristocracy.


Because the pearls used are 8-9mm of water droplets, the earrings have a sense of existence, and the drip pearls are alien pearls. It is not easy to match, so it is also a very precious limited style.

Coupled with the embellishment of drilling, elegance and gorgeous coexistence, very high -pearl, is very “rowed”, especially suitable for party and more Dress UP, daily wearing elegance and not too solemn.

If you lack a pair of earrings that can “cover the field”, then this gorgeous “angel tears” is the best choice.

When Fan took a wedding commemorative photo in Singapore last year and Boy A, he wore a small white satin dress with mustard bride, with this pair of earrings and droplets. ~

It is not too exaggerated with daily wear. After all, pearls are always tender. The offline activities of doing business models in Shanghai were also wearing this pair of earrings with berets.


17.baroque Pearl Baroque Pearl necklace


“Breaking the normal, the drama is full”

PEARL MOMENTS’s Baroque Pearl Baroque Pearl necklace uses a unique “alien pearl”. Although it is also a natural freshwater pearl, the shape of the Baroque pearl is very irregular and completely breaks the routine.

The Baroque style was very popular last year, just like the luxurious and strong effect it brought by it. This necklace also pursued the gorgeous sense of “drama”.

The following two Baroque pearl necklaces, one is wheat ears and angel coins, full of retro style; the other is small daisy and peach heart pendant, lightweight and sweet. Each has a strong French modern style, which is new.



Angel coin

Exquisite retro, there is a sense of mixing and matching with popular gold coins necklaces and pearls. In the sun, pearls are beautiful in rainbow, and the shapes are particularly grasped.


It is especially suitable for a V -neck retro style white skirt. It feels elegant, as if you can cross the old time in one second.

And this one

With this unique little daisy shape buckle, it looks affectionate and cute, suitable for sweet -hanging girls.


The position of Xiao Taoxin is actually not in the middle, but on the side of the necklace. This kind of breakthrough method of breaking the conventional wear, adds a little personality to this Baroque necklace that was originally different.

Fan felt that the small peach heart on the side was very finishing, and it was more embellishment than wearing in the middle. It highlighted the dexterous and careful thoughts, and the commuting was not too obtrusive.

18. Retro manual weaving pearl earrings

“Re -engraving classics, royal style”


As a model of women’s elegance, the pearl jewelry worn by Princess Diana is beautiful, and the most elegant style of Dai Fei is this round pearl earrings.


Pearl Moments was inspired by many times such as Diana and other times. He designed this pair of Forever Princess retro woven earrings and reproduced the charming and gorgeous royal style.

The earrings are made of natural freshwater pearls of 9mm-10mm size, and weaved with a pure hand-made gold metal silk thread, which reduces the size worn by Dai Fei, and is more suitable for Asian with soft facial features.

After putting it on, it can be said that in the 1960s and 1970s, the strong retro taste was like a story with a story with a story, which made Fan Lord’s retro fans happy.

In addition to ear needles, this pair of earrings also contain



You can choose. The front is the same as the ear needle. The structure on the back is so dripped. It is firm and comfortable to wear.


Little Princess Pearl ear clip


“The gospel of no pierced stars, wearing two sides of practical sides”


Many girls who do not have pierced ears should not be anxious. Pearl Moments also has a lot of ear -earring, which is friendly to everyone. When Fan Lord did not have ear pierced, he kept wearing his ear clip, and the effect was also amazing ~


Recently, Pearl Moments also Update has a new ear clip series. A small and exquisite one, pearl Yuan Yurun’s pearl with single diamond decoration, quite pleasing ~


The most special thing about this ear clip lies in the design of the two types of effects: the front is pearl+decorative drill, a 7.5 ~ 8mm natural freshwater pearl with the exquisite inlaid process, which looks classic.


In turn, it is a golden peach heart with a small diamond on it. The material of 925 silver gold plating looks simple and generous. No matter which side is wearing, it looks good.

Daily commuting can expose the side of the pearl, and it is very angry in the workplace; usually shopping and dating can expose the side of Xiaotaoxin, and there is a sense of playfulness in the exquisite embellishment. Buying one pair is equivalent to getting two pairs, which is very cost -effective ~

Fan, Fan feels that the side of the pearl is in line with his temperament. He usually likes to expose pearls. Hardware also sets up pearls more delicate. It is very highlighted with the pearl one necklace, which is very highlighted.

20. New moon pearl ear clip

“The first choice of no pierced stars”

Fan did not have a pierced ears before. What I loved was the two types of pearl earrings of the Crescent Moon. On the one hand, it was a single full pearl, and the other side was a crescent moon, and both sides could be worn on both sides.

It is super convenient to wear, and there is no dead end of 360 °, each angle is very chic. Fan Lord gave this ear clip to both mothers. Many elders have no pierced ears, and they feel very practical after receiving it.

Mother’s Day, whether it is sending herself or mother, girlfriends, Pearl Moments pearls are the first choice for festivals.

The picture comes from the brand and business model, and some of them come from Visual China


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