The service changes on the service on the remote flight of Hanzha! Cancel the second hot meal

The service changes on the service on the remote flight of Hanzha! Cancel the second hot meal

According to Aeronautics Online, the Hansha Group will adjust the service on board again, which is affected by Hansha Airlines.

Beginning on November 28, Hansha Aviation’s remote flight economy class and high -end economy class will shrink. After passing more than 80 flight tests, Hansha Airlines decided to adjust the second meal service on the remote flight. Although there are still two options for the first meal, there are two options, but the second meal will become “high -quality vegetarian cold sandwiches” instead of the original choice for passengers in hot meals and cold meals.

Hansha Airlines called this adjustment as “current customer requirements”. It stated: “Most customers are welcome to eat in real time to eat or wrap, and then eat it, and this will reduce the waste of packaging, which is beneficial to the environment.”


The meals obtained by Hansha Aviation’s high -end economy class passengers will be the same as economy class, which may make many passengers unhappy. The only difference is that their meals are placed in exquisite ceramic tableware, not plastic or cardboard.

In addition, although Hansha Airlines currently uses reused headphones in economy class, it will be changed to disposable earplugs in the future. Hansha Airlines claims that this can save about 175 tons of fuel and 500 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

For passengers, a favorable change is that Hansha Airlines will provide half -increase bottled water for all economy class passengers. This is a benefit that was previously high -end economy class.

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