Cecilia Cheung is really gone! Drawn velvet, take the cave pants, the belly is like a middle-aged person

Cecilia Cheung can be a generation of jade women, lifting her, no matter how men and women, no one, no one, no one, although the smart girls have now until forty, but they still wear quite fashionable, quite a small girl’s style, age It is more believed in hand, in fact, as long as the body is kept well, it is not a 18-year-old dress, you can look down on the downhill!


In this circle, never lack the girls who have been out of the world, but Cecilia Cheung has quickly got its own unique logo with a clear and pure. A simple blue-spot shirt has a slight hollow design, and it is quite fresh with denim trousers. Overall matching has not been added too much decoration, but it seems more practice, and the color matching of the same color is more, with high horsetail activity.

Red element

Cecilia Cheung’s successful wearing often has a common feature – in line with her own pure and elegant long phase and temperament, whenever the red this kind of warm atmosphere is selected, Cecilia Cheung has to encounter Waterloo in history, which also confirmed to wear it. Whether it is the importance of your own style! The large red sweater is mixed with vertical stripes, although it is not ugly, always feel less aura.


Black velvet coat splicing yellow and red roll collar is a disaster scene, which is particularly common, even if the red super long knee boots increase the integration, but also unable to save this match.

Cowboy element


When the more youthful colorful colors of cowboy, Cecilia Cheung wearing “rich color color” is young twenty-year-old, the pilot clip overcomes the oversized round folding design, although it is completely buried, but it is particularly casual Chic. Short-top tops with slim trousers is a usual technique of pulling long legs, with high-tee shoes, more visual, and small-area bright colors do not affect the overall pureness.

Windbreaker / coat

(1) a word windbreaker

The loose version of the windbreaker with the Of the jacket has the wonderful work, it is quite handsome, but due to the increase in length, you can choose more to modify the figure A word version. In the pure black windbreaker, the silver zipper design is to alleviate the idiotic manner, and of course, the brightness is also increased, making the overall match more content.

(2) Direct coat


If you want to choose a bright color, it is best to avoid the red-green, the brown pink system is also very eye-catching. The straight version of the suit coat with white loose high waist trousers, the two areas greatly ease the aesthetic fatigue, with the leather small bags more playful.




(1) stitching design


But to say aging, there is no single product that can be more than the sweater, especially the neutral wind full-scale hooded. Light gray body splicing black double sleeves, with orange cuffs to embellish, although color is slightly complicated, it is quite handsome!


(2) Letters sweater

Some of the alphabetic designs than the stitching of the stitching, adding the letter design on the basis of solid color sweater, although simplicity is greatly alleviated.


(3) Cartoon sweater

The styles of the sweater are more delayed on the basis of sweaters. This is not, March 12 Cecilia Cheung’s appearance market, fragrant brilliant velvet cardigan sweater, bat pants, bat sleeves and slim trousers, back, look, 100% girl!

The joining of pink “fisherman boots” is more novel. The average person really doesn’t dare to wear so, with the canvas basket is really grounded!

Unfortunately, Cecilia Chaoshi, who is born, recently encountering Waterloo. The belly has made a big meat, so that the girl is swept away, but unfortunately, this first love face, and the supper is also revealed out of the middle-aged people. The idol bag complete regardless of!




(1) suit jacket


Although the goddess’s body management is not good, the stylish position is still online, such as the elements of the cinema, it can take the eye in the spring, quite worth learning from learning! Even if it is often used in black and white, the old-fashioned suit jacket is often used, and it is replaced by Xiang Xiang.

(2) Short sweater

Gentle elements can also use fragrant purple, such as short micro-mouth umbilical knitwear, quite suitable, more slight-fitting jackets, gentle and gentle, colorful, simple but quite fashionable!

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