The woman is really low for the “cheap skirt”.

Always shared in targeted

All kinds of body, all kinds of style

Fear, I hope that you can help every fairy find yourself to wear, then upgrade clothes.

With the wind, learn to wear “net red skirt”, “hot skirt”, expensive, cheap, not suitable for you.

What we have to start is truly suitable for you, so you can wear your own charm.

In fact, from ordinary girls become fashion bloggers, Liya is also a step by step by step by step.

That told the fairy today, on the United States, how should we find it quickly?

Suitable style

Let the wear more simple!

I have summed up three points, and the fairy will come to the notes!

# Cognition yourself to understand the advantages and disadvantages

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Knowing yourself and knowing each other, there is no mistake, this ancient says are not wrong. I want to find a dress that suits myself, first to understand myself.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?


Body, occasion

These two aspects are key elements that choose to wear a single product.

· About

Compared to the weight scale, Liya is more recommended that each girl is ready.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Full-length mirror

It is possible to fully observe the characteristics of the body. The difference comparison after each suit is on the body, let yourself know yourself.

Before the partition granules are transformed, there is a habit of recording OOTD, and you can explore your own right routes for a long time.

In general, there are several common body types:

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Strawberry, banana, apple, pear, hourglass

. There are many more than that, and the fiasms can be entered according to the right side.

(Daiyuan Network)

But every fairy is independent individual, where there is a template, there is a normal thing to have meat there.

As long as you abide by


女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Last two, this “advantage” is not compared with the perfect model, but

And you can compare


If there is a meat, but the leg is thin, the disappearance is a good choice; if the thigh is thick, but the shoulders thin, the tight-fitting + a-a-a-a-a-a-ink dress is correctly opened.

· About occasions

Although we pursue free clothes, many

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

What is wearing something?

It is still necessary to treat it with caution.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

For example, when you see customers, when you need to negotiate, loose casual sports series is definitely unsuitable; replace it into a suit of the suit, more reflects the gas field and elite.

There are also some positions, there is a certain requirement for commuter LOOK.

Teacher teaching and educating people is more suitable for the Wenyan’s sense of knowledge, too sexy wild sister wind, and the standing platform will always feel that there is a violation.

The fairy does not need to bring their own style, but can choose relative fitting style according to different occasions.

Not only will the extra points to Look, but also give the whole temperament, other aspects will also be helpful.

# Find similar type imitation start

After understanding yourself, we can start looking for “goals.” This target group, is not limited, as long as it is to have similar characteristics with you.

Simple example, if you don’t match the little child, then find a favorite

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Small squat, blogger

To collect her patch.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

First slammed the item, the start, not so that you have to have the same clothes, do it

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Similar style, type


Original ▼

Imitation, retrofit ▼

If you are a pear shape, then just look at Liya’s private service sharing, I am a typical knee-wide example, and you can give you a lot of books.

In fact, concluding is “

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Copy the operation

# 入 特 特 举 三 三

That one flavor is imitated, it must only play the clothes to 80 points, I want to increase the fashionableness again, then join “

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Personal color

“, Then raise one to three.

After all, you should refer to the blogger, nor is it one of you, or to adjust according to your actual body situation.

Different skin colors, then adjust the choice of single product color, eliminate large-scale fluorescent bright colors, take the eye-catching embellishment to fit; if you want to be white, smog blue, goose yellow is more thinking.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Although the bubble sleeves are good, but for the fairy of the skeleton, it will increase the proportion of the upper body, replacing the candy sleeve conference that is exquisite and educated.

The words of the stars love to wear with sandals, but they always pay their feet and become meat, then according to the foot

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

Adjust the lace width

To ensure the skin is thin, JIOJIO is more inclusive.

If you want to increase your casual, improve the overall durability, then replace

Sports sandals

It may be concave and fashionable.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

When we are referring to the “template”, we are more to learn their wear ideas and then apply themselves.

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

No good looks, you don’t need to be defined.

More to wear more

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?

After all, you can find the appropriate one.

Ok, how to find your own style today, to improve the sharing of clothing!

Various, changing fashion, is a cause of the girls to pursue for life, not doing anything else, just for yourself, let yourself more confident.

Try more, look at LIYA

The road to fashion is not difficult, after all, I will accompany you!

女生穿“便宜裙子”真的很 low?


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