Heaven is cold, Hangzhou man almost bought lights in warm pants in the store! Men’s special leggings began to be popular

Urban Express News Yesterday, Hangzhou temperature cliff fell, temperature from last week, the highest day at 13.9 ° C, rapidly dropped between 2-3 ° C today.

As the temperature fell sharply, many Hangzhou girls have already come out of their “winter artifacts” from the wardrobe – leggings, Hangzhou boys are also amazing, and they have ran to the unprinted products, the online shop of Uniqlo Buying warm trousers, these lines of men warm pants selling goods today. There is also a special leggings for men’s special leggings on the Internet.

Hangzhou Line shop, men’s warm pants sell the goods quickly yesterday

Yesterday during the day, how cold is Hangzhou? As a Hangzhou, a living, a long-lived person, who is going to work in the urban area, to “freeze can’t stand it.” “Go to work during the day, I will stop the car to more than 500 meters away from the company. I still didn’t feel cold in the past few days. I walked from the parking lot from the parking lot. I felt the wind on the legs. Drill. “

Mr. Fu said he has always feel that he is quite “frozen”. “I haven’t worn the autumn pants in four years, warm pants.”

However, this year, Hangzhou’s winter, but gives Mr. I will not be afraid of cold, “I will go to get off work in the evening, I have to go to the store to buy warm pants.”

At noon, I came to the Yin’an Road, the non-printing workfare CC flagship store, saw in the men’s area on the second floor, three or four young boys are picking warm trousers in the men’s clothing area.


“There will be the last few left today. If you buy it again, you will be selling again.” A male talents who were packing up men’s clothing and glasses said to these boys. One of the boys heard the man’s shopping, just pick a charcoal gray warm pants, and cheered the next floor.

Long Lake Bauhina Street Uniqlo, one corner of the second floor men’s clothing area, specially sold all kinds of men’s warm pants. After getting off work this evening, I came to this Uniqlo. I saw the elevator to the second floor. I saw that from time to time, I had a different old man from the escalator, I walked directly to the clothing area of ​​warm pants.

Longhu Zijing Tianjie Yixiku 2nd floor men’s clothing area, many male customers come to buy warm trousers. Photography Wanlu

“99 money in the store is very good.” A young male shopping guide in the men’s clothing area said that the 99 yuan warm trousers did not add velvet, basically all the young boys bought, “if if You bought your father, I recommend you to buy 1.5 plus velvet and 2.0 plus velvet warm trousers, these two warm pants, people who are older like wear, warm performance will be better. “

A online shop in Taizhou, men’s special leggings sell more than 1,000 pieces a month

“From the recent purchase of the buyer province, the buyer province, the top 10 of the warm underwear, the top two in Jiangsu Province and Zhejiang Province.”


A staff member of Hengyuanxiang said that Jiangsu, Zhejiang users were the main force of their brand thermal underwear. From the user’s age segment of the ordnation of the underwear, 18-25 years agreed by about 22%, 26-30, for about 23%, “for nearly two years, the young user purchased the growth underwear growth.” Based on Therefore, this year, Hengyuanxiang has a new self-heating without a self-heating underwear for young people.

In addition to purchasing traditional autumn trousers, wool trousers, warm pants, and brand newly launched warm new products, how do you have to do in silently in order nothing in this winter?

“I feel that I have to buy a plus velvet leggings.” Hangzhou boys said that he often saw a girlfriend will wear a piece of pantyhose in the temperature drop, “girlfriend and I said this Leggings, because of the feet, wear warm in winter. “

A few days ago, Xiao Yuan was aglyly “Men’s special leggings”, who was a girlfriend, just caught up with the recent cooling, Xiao Yuan said, he can’t wait to go online.

Search for a small girlfriend on Taobao, I saw this men’s leggings, I saw, one of the houses showed Zhejiang Taizhou.com, and a men’s leggings in the store had exceeded 1000 pieces. .

Many male customers who buy men’s leggings in the online store, take photos in the comment area

Convenient men like toilets, fit body, super bomb neck, sweat-absorbent trunk … The men’s leggings on the online store, focusing on the baby’s home page, highlighting this product as the above characteristics. “It is too warm than ordinary autumn trousers,” wearing too warm, the first time I buy pantyhose, I can wear the navel and get up, and it is also very convenient “” “” “” “” ” “… Baby’s comment area, many male users who bought this men’s leggings, not only wrote such an evaluation, but also put the picture of this leggings.

The customer service staff of the online store told me that many male customers came to the online store to consult and order. “In fact, the taste of the male compatriots will not lose the female compatriots.”

According to the official data of Taobao, 25 million men secretly bought nearly 300 million leggings on Taobao last year.

“We also see this data, I feel that the warm demand of the male compatriots should be met.” The customer service staff of the online store said that in half a year, it was selected for more than a dozen fabrics. After 6 months, it took 30 times, this year. In winter, the men’s special leggings in their store finally went to the shelves. “Many male customers commented that it is simply opened the door of the new world in this winter.”

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