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Speaking of the shaving knife, let me think of a teenage thing. The boy is about the age of 17 or eight years old. A lot of boys have grown beards, but I don’t have it, I have to be wondering. I saw a few days when I saw the garlic. Sure enough, I really grow a beard. But there is a problem, very few long, and straight long, others come to the two sides, it is difficult to see. So I have to scrape it. At that time, I didn’t have money. I used my hand to pull it, but it caused hair follicles. It was more difficult, and regret it was not as good as a beard. Later, I bought a shaving knife with a handle. It is not easy to use it for a long time. There are many scrapes in the intermittent. Later, wedding photo, my wife bought a shaving knife, I saw a superman brand, trying it, very good, speed, strength, shave the sound, really cool. It has been used for many years, the blade has never changed, and it is more than half a year, so a small scrape knife, the quality is really good! What brand of friends do you use? Welcome to share comments …

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