Unannounced visit | Food Distribution Station hiding the boiler room, a basket of breads in the pool

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Residents in the South Third Ring Road Muyiyuan Bridge South San Ring Daiyang Dormitory, recently, reflected in this newspaper, and a distribution station with a variety of buns in the cooker furnace room, not only for temporary storage, distribution bread, but also as a member and family Dormitory use, existence of private wires, stack of flammable and other fire hazards and food safety hazards. Recently, the reporter rushed to the scene to conduct a unannounced visit.


10 electric vehicles in the bakery house

Living for food storage mixed

Many electric vehicles are parked in the warehouse to store the bread and charge it here.

There is a pool and washing machine, the distributor and the family live in this life.

The rooms separated from the warehouse are treated as the kitchen and restaurant, and the house is full of oil.

Inside and outside the warehouse in the residential building, you can see a large number of flammable products everywhere.

At the beginning of September, the reporter saw in the original Sky Ocean dormitory, the boiler room used by the distribution station adjacent the residential building of the Community No. 3, there is also more than 100 square meters of empty space in the north side of the boiler room, and now I have included the distribution station. Use range. The reporter noticed that there were two largemen around the space of the air, but they were in the state of the upper lock.

The reporter tried to enter the delivery station. Seeing the previous boiler room with two floors, dozens of orange plastic baskets stand in the corner, some baskets have a bag of admitted bread, it seems that this room is used as The warehouse.

The red banner of “compliance safety first” is hung on the wall of the warehouse entrance. However, look at it, but there are many safety hazards. In addition to the plastic baskets that store the bread, the warehouse is also parked, and 4 of which are three-wheeled electric vehicles used to transport bread. On the side of the wall, the electric box door is open, the electric wire is tapped, and some electric vehicles are charging from the electrical box. There is also a pool and two washing machines in the warehouse. When the reporter came to the scene, it was just seeing that a dispenser was cleaning a fish on the pool.


In addition to the storage of bread, the boiler room and the north side, there is also a dormitory, restaurant, and office. The rooms connected to the storage warehouse were used as kitchens, dormitory and debris storage rooms, respectively. The two-layer room of the boiler room and the shed on the boiler room have also been changed to the dormitory.

Although located in a layer of canteen, the room in the dormitory and storage rooms have a house, but in many visitors discovered that these rooms have been in turn on. Entering the kitchen separated from one of the walls via the storage warehouse, the fire safety and sanitation here is worse – high-power appliances can be seen everywhere, all kinds of ingredients, seasonings are made up of tiles, pitched by bricks, cardboard On a small table, a few cabinets are filled with a pot bowl. The ground, the desktop and the wall are covered with oil, and the two liquefied gas tanks are stuffed on the corner of the wood table.

The dormitory is placed in the dormitory, and there is no exception of the upper layer of these beds. In addition to the daily necessities, there is also a large number of flammable products including a cardboard box and board. In the lower layer of the bed and other regions in the house, there is a wire and socket. In one of the dormitors, the reporter even saw the power inverter, connecting the electric vehicle battery to the device, which can convert a voltage of 12V to 48V in the battery to a voltage of 220V, which will be a fan, a rice cooker, etc. Household appliances are powered. A distributor told reporters that he and colleagues and their families have lived here everyday.

Supply for more than 30 supermarkets


Night pick-up storage station

After the delivery is completed on the side of the road, the distributors will sort bread and temporary storage in the warehouse.


Take the distribution order on August 28 as an example, 5 servants should be nearly 4,000 breads for multiple business super

Within the office of the delivery station, the reporter saw the loop summary table and multiple recycling of the buns. Taking the distribution table in August as an example, the same day, the same is 31 species, and the distribution is close to 4000. The distributor told reporters that this site distribution scope south from Majiabao, north to the front door, and things arrived at Chengshou Temple and Kaiyang Bridge, with a total of more than 30 supermarkets.


Residents in the nearby communities reflect, every morning and evening, there will be three wheeled cars frequently. “Sometimes someone sent the bread to store the bread here, and pull away again.”

At 8 o’clock on the evening of September 8, the reporter saw the door of the distribution station was opened by the staff, and a tricycle containing a large amount of orange plastic basket was taken out. These distributors ride a tricycle to the three-way secondary side of the alley, and the plastic basket is discharged to the roadside. After 10 minutes, a van sailed to the secondary road and stopped next to these plastic baskets. With the back door of the van, the distributor unloads a whole basket full basket and moves to the tricycle, and then moves the previous empty basket to the van. After completing this series of work, the tricycle full of bread has taken back to the distribution point, and the distributor immediately puts the plastic basket on the tricycle into the room, and the basket is placed according to the distribution order. On the floor of the warehouse wall.

The industry told the reporter that the bread distribution station transformed by the boiler room belongs to a typical “three-in-one” place, that is, the place in the same building in the same building in the same building in the place of accommodation and storage. Due to more flammable materials in the scene, near the residential building, and there is no strict fire isolation facility between various places, once a fire is fire, it is easy to cause casualties.

It is reported that the food and fire safety hazard of the food distribution station is jointly related to the food and fire safety of the food distribution station, and the local street has been jointly related to the relevant law enforcement departments, and the person in charge of the distribution station will be discussed and the issuance of the rectification notice is required to rectify the rectification.

Supporting boiler room wall with cell separation

“Three-to-Industry” did not completely hand over legacy problems

Waste boiler room (red circle logo) originally belonging to the community supporting facilities, close to many residential buildings, and after renting, there is a separate area.

The reporter noticed that the boiler room is close to many 6-storey residential building and shared an exterior wall with these residential buildings. The boiler room was originally built for the community. The air land behind it was originally used for storage. Until the heating was changed to the gas, this boiler room has been heating. “Mr. Wang, the resident of the community told reporters, the previous boiler room and the back The empty space is connected with the cell. In 2007, the abandoned boiler room was raised with a ferrous fence, and became an independent area. It didn’t take time to rent it out.

“In addition to surrounding a circle of iron fence, these people also repaired a high wall in the north side of the boiler room. The wall is only two meters from our windows, each time there is from the upstairs The garbage or fallen leaves are accumulated in the windows and the gaps in the wall, we have to go to the boiler room to knock on the door, wait until people can open the door to get through the boiler room to reach the air, and to enter the gap through the iron gate reserved next to the wall. It is very inconvenient. “The residents of the community told reporters that they all were 6-storey buildings in the community. The building and building spacing, only one space is currently used as a parking space, if you can re-empty the boiler room and north Incorporate within the range, residents’ activities and vehicle parking requirements can be given to a large extent.

The reporter learned that the original property rights unit in the boiler room is the Beibei Corporation, and the Bei Bingyang Company is rented to Beijing Eli Bag Food Co., Ltd. After verification with the relevant departments of the genus, the community is not transferred when the “three supply, power supply, power supply, supply and property) is separated, and the boiler room and the north side have not been transferred. At present, it is still in the management of origin. . The local management department said that the relevant issues of this distribution station have been carried out in many rounds. At present, the responsible unit is still in the implementation of responsibility to implement rectification responsibility, and strive to return public facilities and public land of the residential area while eliminating safety hazards. , Solve the problem of lack of community service supporting facilities and parking spaces.

In 2019, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of China and the Beijing Finance Bureau issued the “Notice of the Non-operating Assets of the Municipal State – owned Enterprises and the Separation of the Separation Work” of the “Workers’ Family District” of Beijing Central Enterprise. The notice regulations, enterprise non-operating assets belong to the transfer range. The municipal state-owned enterprises have clear, reasonable, and clearly, to ensure the independence and completeness of non-operating assets, and are conducive to property rights transfer, weight segmentation, weight registration, post-overall management and disk living And can meet the needs of employee life, in line with the safety of residential use. These include: all houses, supporting housing, equipment facilities and land in the living area should be divided into non-operating assets.

Community expert Chen Fengshan believes that according to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, the road within the construction area belongs to the owner, but it belongs to the public roads in the town. The green space in the construction area belongs to the owner, but it belongs to the public green space of the town or shows that there is an except for individuals. Other public places, public facilities and property services in the construction area, belong to the owners.


“So the matching room in the community should belong to all owners. The use of this boiler room and its related land should be all owners.” In Chen Fengshan, the community is in the “three-way business” to hand over It is not thorough, and the original property rights unit did not hand over it to the new property company, but it retained and operated on the outside. In principle, this behavior is not in line with the “three-way industry” policy, and it is not in line with the laws and other laws and other laws.

Chen Fengshan suggested that the relevant departments of the territory can contact the Beijing Municipal Site Capital Committee through the “Flower News”, and urged its translational management rights. After completing the handover work, it can be used to determine the specific use of the boiler room and the air. “This will more conducive to solving the problem of resolution of the residential historical problem, so that the supporting facilities of the community are more complete, the appearance of the neighborhood will also be greatly improved.”

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