Suitable for winter over -knee leather boots, thick heel styles, with shorts, don’t have a taste

What are the beautiful and classic mixes in winter? You who love beauty, will you go out often in winter, how would you match yourself? In fact, there are some classic styles to try in winter. Life is always changing themselves to make themselves better. Fashionable women like to wear different styles of clothing to make them look more beautiful. If you are not very good at Choose clothes, so choose some classic combinations, you can also choose some versatile styles, so that your life will become easier, and you can also make yourself more delicate.


Many people think that in winter, you need to choose a lot of clothes. In fact, the simple style can also set off themselves. Sometimes winter is not so cold, you can try some other styles. There are many spring and autumn seasons. Girls in winter also like to match knee boots. This beauty chooses black soft leather over -the -knee boots, thick heel style, and waterproof platform in front. This will see more warmth. It looks good and delicate. It is to make yourself more beautiful, but also wear a unique fashion feeling.


There are many knee -knee boots in winter. This beauty chooses to match shorts, loose black shorts, and black leggings. The warmth effect is very good. At the same time, it is set off. Short pants, this looks good, especially girls with slim figures, they will prefer this matching style, beautiful women’s over -the -knee leather boots, and a relatively high thick heel design. The beauty of beauty is also very layered, with a simple style.


The beauty did not choose a down jacket or a woolen jacket, but paired with a blue denim jacket. There was no lamb hair lining, which looked thinner. It looked more like autumn matching. Cowboy jacket, short placket design, and a flamingo pattern behind it, which looks very special pattern with a white sweater to increase the sense of layering, and the beauty of the beauty is more figure. If you also like this, you like this. Style, it is recommended to match the Spring and Autumn Period, it will not be cold, and at the same time, it is good to set off the figure.

In winter, many beautiful women like to be thinner. When choosing clothes, you need to choose some simple styles. Winter matching, different constitutions, the style of choosing clothes is different, and there will be a lot of changes. Some people are not afraid of cold. The choice of clothes will not be a lot. The simple and stylish style is very good. It is loved by many beauties. There are many such fashionable beauties in life. They will also match a different feeling.

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