Recently, everyone is wearing a “T -shirt+skirt”. It is simple and clean and temperament.

Recent high temperature weather, I believe that everyone has felt the enthusiasm of summer. T -shirts are a must -have fashion item for summer. Because there are too many people wearing so, the style of T -shirts is relatively single.


It is still very difficult to wear a distinctive feeling. Sister door may wish to try the T -shirt with a skirt to wear. It is the most welcoming method of everyone recently. It is simple and clean and temperament. Essence

One: Japanese small fresh style


Keywords: wide


Japanese -style wear usually chooses a relatively large style. The clothing is not restrained. It feels very natural and natural, and the color matching makes people feel fresh and clean. For example, the light blue T -shirt below with a white pleated skirt.


The big blue and white match is a classic combination of summer, which brings a fresh and clean feeling to people, especially in the hot summer, making people feel cool.

The style of the T -shirt is a larger version, which can cover one third of the skirt

Essence The lower body skirt is a pleated design. The A -line version can modify the legs, which is very suitable for girls with pear -shaped figure. The whole set is simple and fashionable, suitable for the student party.

As long as you catch the tips of Japanese style matching, you can soon be matched. For example, this white T is paired with a denim skirt. The style of the T -shirt is also very large, and the length can completely cover the hips.

If you are a sister with a wide thigh and buttocks, this combination can perfectly avoid the defects in your body and achieve the role of long -term avoidance


Essence The same white and blue match, but this set is a dark denim blue skirt. The style of the skirt is straight design, which is very loose. Even fat girls can be worn with confidence.

Two: Sweet and cute style

Keywords: bright color


The sweetness of the sweet system is loved by many girls. The matching of clothing usually uses bright colors, such as pink. The saturation of clothing is relatively high, and the most small children are liked to give people a petiteness. They are more likely to give people a sweet and cute feeling.


The pink round neck T -shirt with a red lattice skirt, the overall match is used in red, which gives a lot of visual impact.

Especially in the hot summer, the red looks more eye -catching. The tops and skirts are more slim -fitting styles. They are more suitable for girls with slender figures. The whole set is thin and tall.

The following body is more eye -catching. The light blue T -shirt with a printed skirt. The color of the printed skirt is very rich, which is in line with the feeling of summer. The split design at the skirt is very fashionable. T -shirts are relatively loose, and slightly fat girls can also start. This whole set of people feel full of summer vitality. Note that girls with yellow and black skin do not recommend choosing clothing with high saturation, which is easy to show black.


Three: Korean light cooked style

Keywords: simplicity, temperament

The style of Korean style is more suitable for 25+ girls to wear, and the style is light and cooked. It will not look naive and highlight the temperament. Wearing it is usually pure color matching, the simple design style is matched with a stylish feeling.

This set of people feel very gentle and temperamental. The gray T -shirt is matched with a blue skirt. The skirt is a straight style. It is relatively loose and has a good role of modifying the leg shape. If you are thick legs or legs Sisters who are not straight can choose this skirt.

The top is a solid T -shirt that has some monotonous sense, so a beige shawl is added, which enhances the sense of fashion and weaken a single feeling.

Putting the T -shirt into the skirt can extend the proportion of legs well and have a significant effect visually. It will be more gentle with a pair of small leather shoes or high heels!

The following set is a bit more casual. The blue bubble sleeve T -shirt with a black and white plaid skirt is very highly highlighted. This year, it is very popular with bubble sleeve -style clothing. The sleeve of this blue T -shirt is a slightly bubble sleeve design that can cover the thick upper arm without appearing on the shoulders.

The skirt of the lower body is a more slim -fitting style. If it is a girl with fat on the abdomen and waist, it will be easy to wear it.

The hem of the skirt is a split design, which can add a touch of women’s charm in it, with a pair of white canvas shoes, giving a sense of natural natural feeling.

Summer is a season for dressing. If you are still struggling with what you wear, you may wish to try the T -shirt with a skirt in the text. A variety of styles can be selected. Come and create your exclusive summer shape!

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