Retro women may wish to try leather gloves, not only full of modern sense, but also the warmth effect is also first -class

In the cold winter, in addition to the warmth to be worn, it is also important for the protection of the hand. It is also very cold if your hands are exposed to the air, so it is particularly important to choose a glove for yourself.

There are many styles of gloves, and leather gloves are one of them. Cortic gloves are not breathable and have a good warmth effect, so leather gloves have always been popular with women.


However, leather gloves are not versatile items. They also need a certain matching skills to match the temperament of leather gloves and other items.

The choice and matching of leather gloves are very important. Understanding the characteristics of leather gloves, and learning the matching skills of leather gloves can match the leather gloves out of their own temperament.


In winter, not only should we wear warmth, the protection of both hands should also be paid attention to. The leather gloves are easy to keep warm and keep the cold. Retro women may wish to try leather gloves. Not only are they full of modernity, but the warmth effect is also first -class.

Advantages of leather gloves

Full of retro modern sense

The cortical items will give people itself

Retro and modern

So leather gloves also have such temperament. Matching yourself with leather gloves can make women more mature and charming.

So leather gloves are often more suitable

Women with a certain sense of age

If young girls use leather gloves to match, they will look a little old -fashioned, not very suitable.

The opponent’s department has a protective effect


Leather gloves also have a certain protective effect, not only can

Keep warm

, It can also prevent your hands from being injured. Because of leather gloves

The material is relatively heavy

, Make your hands are not easily injured.


Classification of leather gloves

Classified by length


1) short glove

Leather gloves are also divided into length,

Short leather glove

It is more suitable for daily life. In daily life, using short leather gloves to match yourself, it will not only give people retro, but also look more casual.

Often leather gloves are generally in the position of the wrist, so the choice of jackets is also particular. Try to try

Choose a jacket with a longer sleeve


This kind of jacket can protect the arm very well and keep warm.


2) Long glove

Long leather gloves are relatively speaking

Looks more exquisite

The retro and modern sense of leather gloves will be heavier, so long leather gloves should be more suitable for mature women.

Long leather gloves are compared

Suitable for wearing short -sleeved clothing

Otherwise, the arms will appear more bloated, and it will look fatter, then it is not very beautiful.

Classified by color

1) Black

The most common colors in leather gloves should be black,

Black leather glove

Not only can it look more mature, but also to modify the lines of the hand. So black leather gloves have always been popular.


The retro and modern sense of black leather gloves are heavier, so black leather gloves are often suitable

Dark color clothing

Together, it feels very mature and charming.

2) White

White leather gloves will give people a more elegant feeling, so white leather gloves are more suitable for women with more elegant temperament, but white leather gloves are not suitable for daily life.


White leather gloves are not resistant to dirt, so be careful not to encounter a slightly messy place when wearing white leather gloves. If the white gloves are dirty, it will look even more sloppy.

3) Camel color

In addition to mature women can choose black or white leather gloves,

Camel leather glove

It is also a good choice. Camel itself is also a color commonly used in mature women in autumn and winter.


Matching yourself with camel -colored leather gloves can not only

Improve retro temperament


It can also make yourself more elegant. And camel color is more colorful than black and white, and it will look more fashionable.

Skin gloves

Leather glove+leather jacket

Skin gloves of course

Suitable to match with leather jacket

It is because leather gloves and leather jackets belong to the same material, which can give people a similar temperament, and it will not look too fancy.

The overall is relatively simple


When leather gloves and leather clothes are matched, it is recommended to use different colors to match. for example

White gloves and black leather jackets

Matching, while black gloves can be paired with camel leather jackets.

Leather glove+sweater

It is very common to match itself in autumn and winter seasons, and leather gloves are also one of the common items for autumn and winter seasons, so the matching of leather gloves and sweaters is very good.

Keep warm


If you want to match the leather gloves, the choice of sweater is particular. If you use black leather gloves to match, then the sweater is built

Speaking of bright colors

This combination is very colorful and very fashionable.

Leather glove+knitted sweater

The leather gloves can be matched with the sweater, so of course, it can be paired with knitted cardigan. When choosing a knitted cardigan, it is recommended to use it

Long Cardigan

Come with yourself.

Because the long knitted cardigan can give people people

Retro and elegant

The feeling of feeling with leather gloves is still very harmonious. Cover cardigan is recommended to choose a dark -colored style.


In daily life, although it is not very common to match itself with leather gloves, it is still very warm in autumn and winter, so everyone may wish to use leather gloves to protect the cold.





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