Kindergarten painting: sandpaper painting | with a strand, interest ~

Recently, there is a new painting material, a nationwide kindergarten, which is born with a strand, a brush, childish, clumsy, but the color is strong, the style is unique, it is very modern, even if the child is also able to Easily show the master’s style, if the techniques are good, you can do the poetic poetry of smoke and rain ~



What is the material?


sandpaper! (It is said to draw a special color sand paper, which is not specially grinding the furniture and wall skin.)

Let’s first look at a few works.

Discover not? The oil painting stick is bright, the granules are delicate, soft texture: the grinding surface of the sandpaper is more rough, more beneficial to the oil painting sticks in the picture, and the dark sandpaper can take out the color of the oil painting stick, rough brush strokes and intense colors Contrast brings the ultimate visual enjoyment.


How was it; were you moved?

Let’s take a look at the sandpaper painting.


Prepare materials:

Color sand paper (painting special)

Oil painting stick (or color chalk. Disadvantages is to love the powder, the time is easy to fade.)

Painting process:

Concept. Think of the subjects and content to draw;

2. Layout. Put the content you want to make appropriate arrangements on the screen;


3. Painted. Specifically depict the objects to be in the picture;

4. Complete. Complete the creation of the entire drawing of the screen to complete the creation of the entire picture.

Coloring method:


In fact, like all oil painting rods, you can refer to this article: Master’s favorite oil painting stick, you actually do pediatrics? Introduction to the introduction of the basic techniques of awesome oil painting sticks

1. Coat the line. First, use the oil painting bar to easily explain the outline, and then press the painting to paint color;


2. Painted directly. Do not hook the contour, direct use of the oil painting stick in the sandpaper (sand cloth);

3. Overlay. After the first layer is applied, the second layer, the third layer color can be applied to the same or different colors according to the need;

4. Variety by force. When the color is painted, it is a heavy change in force, which makes the color of the picture appear to change, producing three-dimensional sensation and space sensation.

5. Point coating. Tap the side of the dry pen of the oil painting bar on the sandpaper, form a color point of different shapes and sizes.

6. Thin coating method. With the oil painting rod on the side of the sandpaper, apply to the bottom color of the sandpaper.


Playing with sand paper

The paint drawing is gradually progressing, first adapt to a unique brush touch, then what can you draw for the first time? I can try the bubble. Drawing simple, suitable for practicing, and it is easy to find.

Do you have a creative game in addition to normal painting? Of course ~ You can take your child to try rubber, etc., etc. dry, and then fill the color.

Waiting for some, you can ask your child to Linyi’s work. This can not only improve the child’s aesthetic fun, open the eyes, broaden the knowledge, but also lay a generous foundation for the painting of themselves.

The master’s work is often connected with the children’s heart, and the innocent realm pursued by the master is also unique to children. In the art world of the master, the high color, Mats’s lines, Picasso’s exaggeration and deformation will cause the child to collide and resonate, evoke the same movement.


Linyi works:


“Night Cafe”

“Star Moon Night”


The surface of the sandpaper is evenly distributed with a small grain sand, which is very rough, no matter what paint, as long as the top is drawn. It will leave traces, the more covered the ability to cover the ability, the more obvious the effect, especially suitable for the nature of unrestrained in children’s painting. Come try it!

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