The latest trailer for Toyota Tantu, changing the spiral spring rear suspension, the same FOX shock absorption of the raptor

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A preview video of a new Tantu pickup card is released, which exposes more details about the new car chassis hanging. You can know the new generation of Trd Pro through the video.



The front double arm+rear bridge structure suspension is adopted. The front suspension is installed with the same FOX shock absorber with a stronger shock -absorbing performance. Although the rear suspension is still the overall bridge structure, the traditional steel plate spring spring will The structure is replaced with a spring shock absorber structure, which has better highway comfort and off -road performance.

The new generation of Toyota Tantu is based on Toyota TNGA-F platform, and is the same platform product as the new generation of Langdeku Luzawa L300. The TNGA-F platform supports full-size levels, with frames


The creation of models such as pickups depends on the platform, and the new car will retain excellent off -road capabilities. At the same time, it will bring new improvements in the body’s stiffness, strength and dynamic balance, and help improve highway performance. Moreover, a new platform is a new platform. The new car will also reduce the weight of the new car, reduce the center of gravity of the vehicle, and improve the safety of the vehicle.

According to the information exposed earlier, the new generation of models will adopt a more younger and sporty design style, such as a wider and exaggerated forward air grille, a triangular three -dimensional headlight, a sharp forward air grille, etc. Essence In addition, the 2022 Toyota Truth has three orange lamps with the same raptor above the grille, and two orange lights are installed at the front wheel eyebrows. This is due to the US NHTSA regulations. If the width exceeds 2032 mm, you need to install these “width lights”. From the side, the width of the 2022 Toyota Tantu is expected to approach the 2190 mm vehicle width of the Ford Raptor, which will launch an impact on Ford in all aspects.


In terms of interior configuration, the design style of the new car also tends to be younger. It adopts the new 12.3 -inch large -size suspension screen control screen that is more popular at present, and the Apple CarPlay mobile phone interconnection function is implanted inside the vehicle system. The roof is equipped with a panoramic view At the same time, the new car is also added to the JBL audio system treble unit in the A -pillar. The car is also equipped with wireless charging functions, and the charging area uses a vertical design. According to the dashboard and gear, the nearby function knobs can see that the new car also has steep slopes, creeping modes, multi -terrain driving assistance systems, and optional systems. Drag and drag mode and other functions.


In terms of power, the new generation of Toyota Tanu is expected to be equipped with a new Rand Cool Road L300 L300 dual -turbocharged 3.5L V6 engine with a maximum power of 305kW and a peak torque of 650N · m. Compared with the current 5.7L V8 engine, it is more powerful Essence In addition, it may also provide oil and electric hybrid power assemblies and pure trains composed of 3.5L V6 engines to meet the current electrification era transformation.

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