Fashion stitching dresses, slimming tailoring design, easy to wear the most beautiful self

The nature of beautiful people, for women, is particularly beautiful to express her beauty. She will dress up carefully every day, hoping to have a good figure, outstanding elegance, and fashionable dress. Which woman will resist. Therefore, the pursuit of beauty is always reflected, especially the changing costumes that make the beautiful girls “change” and wear their own unique beauty through different clothing matching. Grab the mirror, beautiful and charming.


For summer, skirts are the favorite models of every woman. The skirt has a variety of styles, and different styles have different aesthetics. Today, I will say that the stitching models of knitted dress, slimming cut, unique creative wear It is thin and beautiful, elegant without losing personality, beautiful fashion and outstanding, and easily becoming more fashionable and beautiful. You can look at the knitted dress of this younger sister. The upper body uses the vest design and the lower body with a high -waisted hip skirt. It gives a dress style on the back, and the front side shows two pieces of style. This stitching The dresses are bold and stylish and beautiful.

The design style of the light green vest shirt stitching of knitted dresses, refreshing pleasant and mature atmosphere

Knitting dresses are currently very popular. Its texture is thin and breathable and moisturized, especially the cotton and linen ingredients to make the dress cool and comfortable. The part of this dress uses a light green vest design, and the vest itself is a cool small shirt, which wears the beauty of the shoulder and neck line, and highlights the collarbone. The skin tone is highlighted, fresh and elegant. The upper part of this vest design adopts the design idea of ​​dividing the skirt body, showing the beauty of the waistline, while the behind is integrated with the skirt, with the style of the dress, presents the beauty of the back.

The gray -green high -waisted skirt design, thin and thin and long legs

And the lower body has a gray green more low -key and elegant. Although this is a dress, the concept of separation is used between the design of the suspender and the skirt. Essence This layout idea easily enhances the waistline, creating a high waist design, thereby lengting the tall proportion of the body. And the skirt is posted in front of the stacked loose skirt to modify. Such an advantage can conceal and thinner for women with uneven belly. At the same time, the beauty of the skirt is added. Essence

The knitted fabric is elastic. The skirt of the hip hips outlines the curve of the hips. It is simple and slim, and wears a slender thigh, so that the overall dress is tall and beautiful, warm and vibrant.


The matching of the shoes, a pair of canvas shoes wear the beauty of a sandalwood, leisurely and comfortable

Everyone’s body is different, so the shoes needed to wear in skirts are also different. Some people like mature and stable matching. Naturally, they are indispensable for high heels, which is thin and high. Some people choose sports shoes or canvas shoes when they like casual matching, while the younger sister is matched with canvas shoes and wears the style of slippers. It is a little more casual and free, this beauty is chic and chic.


A milk -white oblique cross -chain bag was selected on the bag. The bag was small and exquisite. It made the overall matching more delicate beauty, stylish and beautiful.


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