Patients discharged from the Lanzhou epidemic: “The dean’s cotton jacket is cold and warms the heart”

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On November 6, there were nine new coronary pneumonia in Lanzhou confirmed that patients were treated and confirmed by expert groups to meet the discharge standards and lifted the isolation and discharge. Photo by Zhang Jing

(Fighting new crown pneumonia) close -up: Lanzhou epidemic discharged patients: “The dean’s cotton jacket is cold, warmer people’s hearts”

China News Network Lanzhou, November 7th (Zhang Jing Li Yalong) On the evening of the 6th, Lanzhou, which was baptized by Bai Xue for a whole day, dropped sharply. There was the strongest cold, wind, and rain and snow in the local area since the autumn of the local area. Nine patients with new crown pneumonia rehabilitation have stepped out of the ward and took the negative pressure ambulance “goodbye” Lanzhou heavy ion hospital.

From waving farewell, to leaving by car, between 20 or thirty meters of distance, the endlessness of gratitude, rehabilitation instructions, and tears and continuous applause.

A transitional patient who was diagnosed by Jiayuguan was wearing a thin clothes, and when he walked out of the ward, he snored. Yu Bo, the director of the Lang University Hospital who participated in the treatment, saw him. warm”.

The picture shows a photo with the dean of the discharge of the President of the Lan University Hospital Yu Bo Kochi. Photo by Zhang Jing

The patient said “goodbye” in the medical staff wearing a protective service behind him, took the “discharge certificate” in the hands, and the “love gift package” containing medical alcohol disinfection, masks and other epidemic prevention materials. Time treatment, now I feel good, “Especially the cotton jacket lent by the dean is very warm, and my heart is particularly warm.”

At the scene, the temperature temperature of the reporter was below 0 ° C. From the preparation of the previous preparation to the less than 2 hours of completing the interview, it was already full of stiffness, and his hands were stiff enough to record it normally, but it was also “warm” by the scene in front of him.

Since October 18th, Gansu Province’s epidemic occurred in the first case of the epidemic in the Gansu Province. Since the first case of diet acid detection positive personnel, as of 24:00 on November 5, there were 136 confirmed cases. On the same day, nine new coronary pneumonia was confirmed to be treated and confirmed by the expert group, which meets the discharge standards and discharged the discharge. Among them, the two patients were a heavy -duty transit type, and 7 patients were ordinary types, and the oldest patients with discharged patients were 71 years old.


At present, 13 patients in Gansu Province have been discharged from the hospital, all of which have been transferred to the designated rehabilitation hospital for further rehabilitation treatment.

The picture shows the nine patients with nine new crown pneumonia in Lanzhou walking out of the ward, and medical staff at the scene continued to applaud. Photo by Zhang Jing

Cao Wen, director of the first ward of the Department of Initiative Medicine of the Second Hospital of Land University, said in an interview with China News Service that the two patients with the above two severely transformed -type discharge were all patients in her ward. “At first, the patient’s emotional fluctuations were great, and we also understood, so while treating physical diseases, we also focused on psychological treatment.”


Cao Wen said that they thought about the patients from all aspects and bit by bit, not only to cure the disease, but also to reduce the patient’s ideological burden. During the treatment, the medical staff did a good job of scientific protection, while being accompanied by the patient, showing a relaxed state, and a regular chat … This series of intentions played a positive role in the recovery of the patient.


Liu Jian, deputy dean of the Lang University Hospital and the leader of the medical treatment expert group of the new crown pneumonia in Gansu Province, said that the common goal of all medical staff is now allowing patients to recover as soon as possible, go home as soon as possible, and live a happy life. Most patients who are still treated in the ward are still stable and developed in a good direction. In the future, more patients will be recovered and discharged. (Finish)

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