Cleaning must be in place, and a few facial cleanser stickers take care of your skin thoroughly

Cleaning work can be described as the foundation of skin care, and meticulous, gentle, and thoroughly is the three key to cleansing. Winter is dry and cold, does the careless care of the lover feel particularly difficult? It doesn’t matter, Xiaobian introduces 4 cleansing products. They are softer than lover and care for your skin thoroughly.

Persona Marine Water Power Moisturizing Milk Milk


Gently cleaning the pore dirt and aging keratin to help the skin more effectively absorb other moisturizing ingredients; unique cell regulating network, rich in deep -sea material essence, effectively regulating disordered cell rhythm, awakening cell vitality and absorption, and restoring healthy skin.


Camenae Jiamei Rose Moisturizing Clean White Cleansing Milk

The weakly acidic formula, the cleaning effect is gentle and effective, and can lock the moisture on the skin surface, which contains the rose essence. It can effectively improve skin pigmentation, dullness and other conditions, and make the skin feel white and soft.


Keyan’s Clear Cleansing Milk


Keyan’s citrus grass cleansing milk contains natural plant extraction ingredients such as Clawls, aloe vera, and chamomile. The ingredients are mild, without soap ingredients and spice pigments. While removing fats and dirt, it can also be soft, soothing, and repairing the skin. After use, the skin feels fresh and comfortable, and the skin reserves the moisture and natural oil for the skin.

Flower Facilide Facial Milk

The effect is great, but the price is particularly cost -effective. After washing the face, it will not be slippery. It also gives people a more comfortable feeling. It is natural and clean. Generally speaking, it is still very good. If he relieves the facial cleanser, he will definitely be on the list. The formula and the raw materials are the level of the first -line big names. The glycerin, palmic acid, coconut oil, etc. are added, so it is particularly mild and non -irritating. It is particularly clean and the skin is very moist and won’t be tight. Flower -time amino acid facial cleanser is really very easy to use, and it is still a rare conscience facial cleanser.

I usually use more in autumn and winter. I become mixed with oily skin from autumn and winter, which is really depressed. Every time I get up, I will be more oily. After a few days, I feel that there are not so much oil. And it really has a significant brightening effect on the dark skin. After washing it, it feels that its skin is good, and it seems to be white.

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