Take a look at Ms. Versic’s short boots on Siku, turn on the tide

A fashionable personality is very eye -catching no matter where you go. If you also want to walk on the trend frontline, you can go to Siku to buy fashion items of major brands. Siku is Asia’s leading online and offline boutique lifestyle platform. Gathering a large number of luxury brands from all over the world.

The tide is not easy to be out of date. The Versace short boots launched on Siku perfectly interpreted the fashion tide cool style, and when it was put on it, it was full of aura. Each step seemed to be on a catwalk. This Ms. Versace’s short boots are closer to military boots in terms of style, so the overall feeling is cool, and her feet are very imposing.


This Ms. Versace’s short boots are decorated with a new brand logo LA GRECA printing to pay tribute to the fashion show. This short boots adopts the design of the fabric skin. The fabric is a relatively fashionable mixing element. Compared with the full -skinned short boots, the matching of the fabric reduces the tough temperament, it is a bit soft, which is very suitable for women. However, the color of the fabric on this short boots is very cleverly used. The stamps of military green, beige and black stamps highlight the serious and tough feeling of military boots. Because of the fabric material, this toughness will not be too abrupt, temperamental temperament The handle is very accurate.

This ladies’ short boots are made of soft calfskin. The boots are stiff, and the boots are soft and hard. It can not only bring a comfortable dressing experience, but also highlight the good dressing effect. Boots are classic lace -up designs. The porous laces design looks very cool. The black shoelaces are consistent with the color tone of the boots, and the metal laces hole increases the texture. In order to make it easy to wear and take off, this short boot is also a zipper design on the side, so that you don’t have to wear tedious shoelaces every time you wear off.


In terms of details, this Versace short boots are also very good. The ankle above the boots is decorated with individual safety, unpretentious needle hardware accessories. The golden hardware accessories also made a pattern design, which made this short boot a little more luxurious.

This short boot, the entire design line is smooth, the details are also very extra points. Daily matches skirts and pants are very beautiful, not high in dressing, and it is suitable for all seasons! Favorite friends hurry up and go to Temu to buy it!

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