What is the principle of fully automatic washing machine inlet water solenoid valve failure?

Nowadays, if people want to buy a washing machine, fully automatic washing machines are definitely the primary choice of people. So when it comes to fully automatic washing machines, in the daily use process, if the fully automatic washing machine fails, how should we repair it? Is there any techniques to refer to it?

How to repair the fault of the water solenoid valve in the full -automatic washing machine

The first step of the automatic laundry inlet water solenoid valve fault maintenance: The water inlet solenoid valve is mainly composed of iron cores, rubber valves, coils, metal filters, water flow pads, valve seats, conducting magnet frames, springs, etc. The filter is used to block the impurities of the water into the water inlet valve. There are 3-5 small holes on the water flow pad, which mainly limits the role of water intake. Coils, magnetic magnet frames and armed iron form electromagnets.

The second step of the full -automatic washing machine inlet water solenoid valve fault maintenance: When the water inlet valve is not electric, the iron core is pushed down on the rubber valve under the elastic effect of the spring, and the central hole of the rubber valve is sealed. The water source is connected, the water is advanced, and then the small holes on the rubber valve are entered into the B -cavity. At this time, the A and B cavity are full of water. At this time, the rubber valve seals the channel from the A cavity to the C cavity, and the washing machine does not enter the water.

The 3rd Step 3: Water inlet Valley Entering the Water inlet Valor Valve Inlet Water Delivery Valve: The water inlet valve is power -on when the washing machine is in water. If the water inlet valve is in power for a long time, but there is no water to enter, then the water inlet valve coil is easy to burn out due to the high temperature. Therefore, it is recommended that users best unplug the power plug when they do not use a washing machine or when they encounter water.

What is the principle of automatic washing machine

What is a fully automatic washing machine? The semi -automatic washing machine needs to manually put the clothes in the tuber dehydration. It is fully automatically completed from washing to dehydration. The principle of washing is to drive the wave wheel to rotate the water and clothes. Point friction and squeeze the clothes to achieve the purpose of washing the clothes. Similar to the principle of using a washboard, dehydration is a high -speed rotation and dehydration through the centrifugal force.

Let’s take a look at the principle of its principle? The washing process of washing machine was mainly to pull the dirt into the water under the mechanical effects such as the discharge and scour of the machine and the wetting and decentralized effects of the detergent to achieve the purpose of washing the water. First, it is filled with the washing solution between the turbine blades. Under the action of centrifugal force, it is thrown at the barrel wall at a high speed and rises along the barrel wall. At the center of the pulsator, the low -pressure zone was formed by throwing the liquid, and the washing fluid flowed back to the vicinity of the pulsator. In this way, a vortex centered on the wave wheel axis is formed near the wave wheel.

全自动洗衣机进水电磁阀故障如何检修 全自动洗衣机原理是什么

Is this type of washing machine good? When the electromagnetic coil is powered on, the moving iron core moves down the magnetic action, leaves the membrane, and opens the center of the film, so the water above the film flows into the laundry through the central small hole into the laundry. Inside the barrel. Because the circulation capacity of the central small holes is greater than the circulation capacity of the small holes on both sides of the film, the pressure on the top of the membrane is rapidly reduced, and the film will move downwards under the action of pressure differences, open the door closed, and the water flow is turned on. The water level switch is actually a pressure switch. The entrance of the gas chamber is connected to the gas chamber in the laundry barrel. When the water was injected into the laundry barrel, the gas storage room mouth was quickly closed, the water level rose with the water level, the water level of the gas storage room also rose, the closed air pressure also increased, the ripple film 2 in the water level switch 2 was stressed and swelled up. , Promote the top rod 3 movement to change the contact 4, thereby achieving automatic interruption.

Through the above introduction, I believe that now everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the fully automatic washing machine. For people, when buying washing machines, automatic washing machines are the primary choice for people. Then in the daily use process, if the fully automatic washing machine fails, you can refer to the maintenance steps above.

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