How much is sheep leather down jacket generally around 1500 to 3000

Sheepskin down jacket is a very popular style now. It has greatly improved the warmth and real wear. It is particularly windshield to wear. Let me talk about it below

绵羊皮羽绒服多少钱 一般在1500到3000左右

How much is sheepskin down jacket?

What is the price of sheepskin down jacket?

Cymbidium fur down jacket price

The price of sheepskin down jackets is generally around 1500 to 3,000. It mainly depends on the quality of cotton leather and the color of sheepskin. Different levels of sheepskin is still relatively large. Everyone should polish the eyes when buying.

The sheepskin is good, the leather is soft, and the leather sheepskin and sheepskin are more harder, and the price of sheep leather is more expensive than the sheepskin. Cyprus leather processing is easier than goatskin. Generally, sheepskin clothes are hairy. As for the sheepskin jackets are several times more expensive than sheepskin, it is determined by the relationship between the brand and the amount of goatskin.

Features of sheepskin down jacket

The characteristics of sheepskin are similar to the goatskin, but because of the large number of hair, seborrheic glands, sweat glands, and vertical hair muscles, the leather is particularly soft. Because the collagen fiber bundles of the mesh layer are thinner, weaving loose, small woven corners, mostly parallel properties, so the leather is low. The sheepskin is soft, extended, soft and smooth, delicate and beautiful, and the leather patterns are clear and beautiful. The pores of the sheepskin are small and round, and a group of pores are made of a group. The pores are clear, the growth columns are rowed, and the distribution is uniform. Flat, small, small strength, large extension, soft and richness. #p#subtitle#E#

How about sheepskin down jacket

I felt that this was a style that the elderly would only buy. For example, a long sheepskin long coat, such as mink collar, such as the middle of the leather jacket. When you are used to the warm sun in the south, you especially hope that you can go to the northernmost part of China in the winter, to the northernmost part of China, such as Mohe, Inner Mongolia, and Harbin to experience the snow and snow. So after wearing a try, I felt that it was completely my own clothes. The absolute aura was powerful. With black leather gloves, it was simply the black hand party. The key is much thinner than the down jacket, and there is no fluffy fat at all.

The brand of this one is a poem, Yiner Fashion Group, Yin’er Yinger is a mature age series of her family. It’s still quite cost -effective. The hair collar can be pulled to the shoulder to make a word collar. When the wind blows, the hat of the mink is quite warm. The length of the leather jacket is an ankle, and wearing black cotton socks in winter is quite warm. This photo is also equipped with a wine red hat for the concave photo. Is there any cuteness? The scarf is Burberry. The second picture has a skin texture, Miss Sales said this looks like a Chanel bag, haha.

Mask and down jacket maintenance method

1. Wiring of cotton leather down jackets. When wrinkles appear, you can use non -steam iron (do not use steam iron), and the temperature can be controlled between 60-70. Put a piece of silk or cotton cloth on the leather, and tin the wrinkles gently at the low at medium temperature. At the same time, the iron must be moved. Forbidden iron is prohibited from directly contacting the leather surface.

2. Lamb leather down jackets are lost. You can use the leather upper light to light. The grinding surface and the dyed light surface should not be oil and paint. If you do n’t use leather shoes to wipe, it is not difficult to give the leather. Just apply the light to the leather coat with a cloth dipped in the leather coat. Generally, just last two or three years of light. It is enough to keep the leather soft and shiny and extend the service life.

3. If the sheepskin down jacket is torn or damaged, it should be repaired in time. If it is a small crack, you can apply some egg white at the crack, and the crack can be bonded. Prevent the leather from getting oily. Dust of light facial skin. You can use dry rags or brushes in time; wool skin and grinding noodles can be used (used, avoid using new ones) or rubber wiper, wipe the unclean places. Please handle it to the specialty store, and it is strictly forbidden to use leather oil or other chemical materials.

4, cotton leather down jackets are best worn often, and often wipe with fine velvet cloth. If the rain is moisture or mildew, you can use a soft dry cloth to remove the water stains or mold points. Then wipe it evenly with a little leather oil (grinding noodles discomfort). Before wiping, wipe it in the leather jacket before wiping. Twenty -four hours after the ventilation, the surface of the leather coat was made with a clean cloth. Just wipe the remaining skin oil. But do not rub with water and gasoline, because water can harden the leather, and gasoline can make the oil from volatilization and crack.

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