“Xie Yongqiang” hugs the baby to twist the Yangge! Jiao wife wears tight pants dazzling legs, and the child’s hand is larger than the face

Recently, “Xie Yongqiang” He Shofeng showed a video of his wife and children twisted Yangge at home on the social platform. In the video, He Shifeng was wearing a red pullover sweater. The wife was wearing a half -cut arm with a short jacket with tight pants, showing out a pair of thin legs, and a family of three wearing the same color clothing showed a celebration atmosphere.

It is worth mentioning that He Shufeng’s child holds a red apple that is bigger than his face, and his mouth is very interesting. And He Shufeng embraced the child with a smile on his face, and his wife also smiled brilliantly, and his skin was fair. The family of three followed the music rhythm and twisted the Yangge happily, exaggerated and funny, and everyone entertaining and entertaining revealing happiness.

In addition to bringing the children to the Yangge, He Shufeng also showed up the video of his mother -in -law made a pot for herself. The family sat around and ate while chatting. The picture was warm and warm.

He Shifeng was well known to the public for starring in the role of the actor Xie Yongqiang in “Rural Love”. In the early days, Xie Yongqiang was confused and helpless. He had a bloody but could not be implemented, but he was not knocked down but sought a new way out and opened a down -to -earth life. Xie Yongqiang was a true portrayal of rural college students after returning home. Under the influence of the surrounding environment, he slowly changed from the beginning of Qingshi University students to mature middle -aged people and completed his own transformation.


Xie Yongqiang married the best Wang Xiaomeng in the village. He Shifeng also married Yang Chen with a high value as a person who worked with him for a lifetime. The two also gave birth to a cute baby. He Shufeng often exposed a family of three sweet daily life on his personal social platform. The child’s personality is lively and active, and his parents look forward to her. Sure enough, parents are always the strongest backing of their children.

However, He Shufeng occasionally does some “pit baby” behavior. The child crawled happily in front of him, but the old father stretched out his love foot slowly through her head. Fortunately, the size was well grasped and the children were not affected. She just tried to climb forward to chase what she was interested in, leaving only a chic back to her father.


“Village Love”, as a classic film and television drama with the audience, is because of its true and vivid content that it can be loved by everyone’s love for so many seasons. Good works will always stay in the hearts of the audience.







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