Tiger vs silver back chimpanzee, when the second brother of Cat family meets the head of the family, who will laugh at the end?

Silver Back chimpanzee vs tiger, one is the boss of the family members of the world, and the other is the second brother of the cat family. If these two beasts are the frontal hard anus, who will laugh at the end? In this issue, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt you.

1. Tiger

The Siberian tiger was the largest tiger subspecies in the world. These huge animals are native to the Russian Far East, Northeast China and North Korea. Adult male body is about 2.1 meters long (excluding tail) and weighs 300 kg. Their canine teeth are about 7.6 cm long, which is impressive. Their bite force is 950 PSI, second only to the Bengal tiger. Of course, these are not their only weapons, and they also have 10.1 cm long retractable paws.

These large cats are mainly predators at night, and they have evolved to freely predator. Adult Northeast Tiger’s shoulder muscles are developed, and their hind legs are long and strong. According to the tiger blowing, the Northeast Tiger can jump for 10 meters vertically, and the long jump can reach 15 meters, and the speed of the short distance can reach 65 kilometers per hour. The stripes and fur of the tiger make them integrated with the environment, so that they can disguise themselves well during hunting, and quietly approach the prey. From the back, a sudden attack or a rapid leap from the side. Rapid down and bite the prey’s neck vein with the long pointed teeth. Northeast Tiger’s favorite jams include elk, deer, wild boar, and even brown bears! I have to say that they are indeed the most deadly predator.

2. Silver back chimpanzee


Chimpanzees are usually called silver -backed gorillas, the largest of spiritual long animals. They live in forest areas in central Africa, southern Sahara, and isolated from the world. Gorilla is mainly divided into two categories: Western Gorilla and East Gorilla.


Gorilla has a wide chest and muscle -developed body, as well as smart minds. Male silver -backed gorillas are usually much heavier than females. Adult male silver -backed gorillas can weigh about 230 kg, their wingspan can reach more than 2.4 meters, and they are about 1.5 meters tall when standing. However, they rarely stand upright, usually this behavior characteristics only when obtaining or carrying food. In their normal joint walking posture, they can run 40 kilometers per hour. Gorilla’s chin muscles are developed, with 5 cm teeth and 1300 PSI.


Gorilla is a grassy omnivorous animal, which means that they mainly eat leaves, branches, stems, and fruits, but occasionally they eat insects as supplements. According to observations, they seem to prefer ants when eating insect snacks. Obviously, they have to spend a lot of time eating to keep their bodies.


Gorilla is a group of living animals, led by male silver back gorilla. Although there are occasional attacks in the team, it rarely leads to physical violence or damage. However, mountain gorillas may be more aggressive. When the two opposing mountain gorillas meet, the silver -back gorilla, which dominates the dominant position, will use their impressive canine teeth to cause deep wounds.

3. Ultimate showdown


There is no doubt that these two animals are extraordinary masterpieces. Silver -back chimpanzee has an impressive nature. It is well known that it is very powerful and has aggression and fearlessness when protecting the ethnic group. However, Siberian tiger is a top predator with significant body shape and extraordinary jumping exercises and hunting capabilities.


Next, we can imagine such a battle. When a wild Siberian tiger quietly entered the territory of the silver -backed black back in the forest, a group of chimpanzees were talking about home. The ethnic leader Silver Back Gorilla suddenly realized what wind and grass moved. In order to protect other gorillas, it decided to go to explore. The Northeast tiger hidden in the short tree was approaching gorillas quietly, trying to initiate a fatal blow while it was not prepared. However, its stealth was futile, and gorillas soon discovered it and demonstrated it. Seeing gorilla’s fierce trials, the tiger was not willing to show weakness, and used the same way to fight back.

In the case where each other could not scare each other, the two sides began a force attack. Gorilla uses its huge fist and muscular arm to beat the tiger’s head, while the tiger uses all its strength and sharp claws to make a strong blow, and causes gorilla’s shoulders and chest to a huge huge The wound dumped it. Both sides did not take a step back. Gorilla grabbed the tiger’s head and threw it on the stone with a powerful hug. When the gorilla continued to approach, the tiger who couldn’t breathe struggled to stand firm again. After the last huge effort, the tiger jumped forward and fell on the gorilla’s head. Its claws were trapped into the back of the gorilla, and its powerful jaw bites the back of the opponent. The gorilla struggled desperately, trying to get rid of the tiger, but did not succeed. The tiger bite down, almost crushed the skull of the gorilla, twisted its neck.

At the moment of the moment, other gorillas came when they heard the news and saw that their ethnic groups were frightened. This gorilla realized that once they were killed, their clan would be killed by all the tigers. Therefore, it breathed hard, using his whole body forces to break away from the tiger’s mouth, and then struggled to jump to the trunk next to him. The tiger was stepped back several times by this shock, but how can the jams go easily? The tiger jumped into the trunk and ran into the tree to catch up with the gorilla, but there was no flexible gorilla on the tree. Chuangchuang, but the muscle tissue with powerful arm allows it to quickly climb and jump on the tree.

After a while, the tiger could not catch up with the gorilla on the tree, and jumped to the ground to hunt other gorillas. Seeing the physical strength of a lot of tigers, the silver back gorilla also jumped off the tree and continued to fight. At this time, it had a clever movement, breaking a large branches with thick arms, and then assassinated the tiger as a weapon. After a few times, the tiger was hammered by the big trunk a few times, and it was full of scars. However, because the last force was too hard, the wooden stick was directly interrupted. The tiger saw that the other party had no weapons, so the new hatred and old hatred counted together, and even fiercely attacked the gorillas, the gorilla was defeated, and one stunned on the ground. Just when the tiger jumped on it to bite its neck, the gorilla picked up a big stone from behind and smashed it directly on the tiger’s head. perception. Gorilla got up and continued to pick up the big stone to smash the tiger’s head. After a while, the flesh and blood on the ground was blurred, and the tiger killed Huang Quan like this.


This is a sad story and an epic battle. There is no doubt that Tiger has a great advantage with its innate physical talent, but gorillas have become the final winner because of their extraordinary wisdom. Do you like the story of the director today? Welcome to tell your point in the comment area.

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