The Rubik’s cube in the seal, the multi -faceted printing

Recently, “Langya King -Special Exhibition from the Eastern Jin to the Northern Wei Dynasty was grandly opened in the Nanjing Museum. This exhibition has a large scale, novel layout, excellent exhibits. It is worth seeing. (See the figure below) Successfully attracted Jin Shijun’s attention. This square is six -sided seal, the printing table is a cubic column, the button is made of square columns, and the pillar is worn in the pillar and 2.1 cm in length. In addition to the printing surface, the sealing platform is also on the four sides of the printed surface, and the top of the pillar is also engraved. This seal “Yan Lin, Chen Lin, Yan Lin Baiwa, Yan Lin Baiyao, Yan Wenhe, Bai Ji”. Yan Lin is a family of the Yan family in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Its seal is a suspended needle. The upper part of the font has a tight contraction. Tibetan Nanjing Museum.

△ Yan Lin, Chen Lin, Yan Lin Baiwa, Yan Lin Baiji, Yan Wenhe, Bai Ji


Six -sided printing is one of the multi -faces. There are actually many types of multi -faces. There are two types of multi -faces, with two sides, four -sided printing, six -sided printing, and sixteen seals … Jin Shijun has seen the most powerful side of the Ming Dynasty. Twenty -six seals (see the figure below)

When it comes to multi -faced printing, the most famous is the self -use seal of the North Zhou Dama Duguxin (see the figure below). His self -use seal has 26 printed surfaces, of which 18 are engraved on the 18 square print surfaces. Seal, a total of 47 words. The Indian texts are: the faithfulness, the chapters of the court, the chapter of the court, the court of the letter, the faith of the letter, the big Sima seal, the metropolis seal, the seal of the history of the history, the seal of the pillar country , Secret, Ling, Dugu Xinbaishu, size: 2 cm long, 4.5 cm height, 4.35 cm wide, and 75.7 grams.


Multi -face printing is like a Rubik’s cube in the seal, which is ever -changing and has endless interest. In this issue, Jin Shijun has specially collected a group of interesting and fun multi -faces for Indian friends to appreciate. If you think these seals are like Jin Shijun, please don’t forget to forward or share!


Wu Jean’s self -engraved on all sides of Fangzhu


△ The Fangzhuzhu Late School Late School Shi Shi Xuan


Liang Qichao’s own coal crystal six -sided printing


Owner of the seal: Liang Qichao (1873-1929), the word Zhuo Ru, named Ren Gong, and the owner of the ice room. Modern Chinese thinkers, politicians, educators, historians, and writers. One of the leaders of the Reform Movement of Wuxi, and Kang Youwei jointly launched the “Book of Books” campaign together with Kang Youwei. Since then, he has led the strong society of Beijing and Shanghai. Wait for strict words to attack and join the Duan Qirui government.






· Feng Tao’s self -use multi -face printing


△ Flowing flowers and drunk month today, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, yesterday, the half -window Mingyue silent (1.9 × 1.9 × 2.8cm)


△ Feng Tao Yin Dan Xun Wanhuang Lou Yu Gong Xun Seal (2.5 × 2.5 × 2.6cm)


Cao Hongxun’s own use of Qingtian Shi Sixin Printing


△ Hong Jun’s Yin, Prince Ritual, Wen Qing, Han Qingzhai, Zhu Mings, Cao Hongxun


Cao Hongxun (1846-1910) Zhong Ming, also the character bamboo, No. Lan Sheng, Qing Guangxu Bingzi No. 1 champion. Weixian (now Weifang) Southwest Guanxin Lane. In 1873, he tribes a tribute and is first -class in the exam. In the second year of Guangxu, the champion was held in Hanlin Academy.



Land quality self -use four -sided seal (Qi Baishi carved)

△ Xiangyuan overflows

Bian: Mr. Jingya issued again and again. Baishi old eyes strong. Shi Zhengjia.

Land quality (1883-1964) The word Hengruo, and the word Ruo Gong, No. North Hall, Bianhai Jushi, Yahai Yuyin, Huashan Wentian, etc. In the upper half of the last century Shanghai, and the project he is good at is the real estate industry. This is because in the late Qing Dynasty, he once worked at the Ministry of Negotiac in Shanghai Road. Since he was working with the “Land Measurement Bureau”, he was very familiar with Shanghai’s real estate industry. After the Revolution of 1911, in 1949, the land quality was in Shanghai’s real estate community and succeeded, which accumulated a lot of wealth.



△ Dongfeng Blowing Liu Ri at the beginning of the sun, the long Yuyu Fangcao diagonal sun, the apricot fell into the swallow mud, the sleeping red makeup, the cliché of the figurine smoke, the wind painting screen cloud lock Xiaoxiang, the night cold penetrated the thin Luo Chang, unlimited amount.

Bian: Song Huanglu, long, short sentence, Quality Ya resignation home, limited to one -thinking word Yihai white stone

At this moment, the seal is seal. The four seals, like the four movements of large lyric music, are a harmonious whole. “Dongfeng” is mainly based on the word diastolic method, go straight to the knife, the line is rigid and soft, and there is no lack of gentleness in the mighty. “Yu Yu” is a strangeness, and it is unrestrained. There are as many as seventeen characters “apricot flower” and “painting screen”. The drum knife is like writing on the paper. The block changes are full of sense of rhythm, and it is not possible to enjoy the fun of the star in the star!


Ching · Qingyu Six -sided Seal


Ye Yanyuan self -carved on the five -sided print of Qingtian stone

△ And live in Xuan Jingle 簃

Border: Bian: 边 边 边 边 边, self -made five -sided seal, year -old Ding Chou Jiapingyue.

Ye Yiyuan: Mingfeng, with words. Wu County, Jiangsu. At the age of sixteen, Zhao Shuyu, who was appointed as a painter in Shanghai China in 1956. Workers and birds, the four -body of the book, is especially the most achieved by engraving. During his lifetime, he was a director of Xiling Yinshe and a consultant of the Shanghai Calligraphers Association. Member of the Shanghai Branch of the China Artists Association, librarian of Shanghai Cultural History Research Museum.



Five -sided printing (Qi Baishi carved)

△ Hua Ying Beitang, the old man is full, Zeng returned to Beitang Haihai to know the true, and the stone accompaniment is half -day leisure

Bian: Mr. Jingya ordered to publish face prints, Baishi Weng.


Ming Chen Shizheng uses six -sided seal


△ The ancient camp of the ancient camps of the Yin Quan of Tashan also guarded the book of the book of the book.


(5 × 5 × 5cm)



Qi Baishi self -use Qingtian Shi Sixin Printing


△ Good learning is not cheap, eighty weng, the harmful people kill, the moonlight life, the doorman half Shu people


Border: good learning to Yin Zhiqing, the gatekeeper Yin Runquan magazine, 80 Yinman cloud magazines, the harm Yin Yuzu, Bingzi 5 days of Baishi Ji. Moon Yin Baiyun Magazine.



Qing · Chen Wei uses six -sided seal


Chen Wei (active during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, more than 60 years of death) Tong Ye, the first pavilion. People from Pinghu County, Zhejiang. Shan Lishu. Governing the seal Zong He, Su Xuan, Yinfeng Gu Jiancangxiu, self -contained, and printed Gu Xiuyi.


Qing Li Nong’s self -printed on all sides of Chu Shi

△ Nikki Li Nong Private Printing General Tianli Tiger (2.7 × 2.7 × 2.7cm)



Ching · Mansheng Find Six Scene Seal


△ Sari, Bodhi, Nirvana, color is empty, empty is color, and all suffer from all suffering.

Chen Hongshou (1768 ~ 1822), Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang), painter, and seal carving. Zi Zi Gong, No. Man Sheng, Mang Gong, Man Gong, Gongshou, Yiyi, Jiuyu Fairy, Planting Yuxianke, Chief of Toshita, Old Man and so on. He was the same as Zhizhi County, Puyang Zhixian, and Jiangnan Hairi. His workers, calligraphy and painting, good system of Yixing purple sand pot, known as “Mansheng pot”. Calligraphy is longer than row, grass,, and the body. The books are steep and elegant, and the divisions are open and horizontal, and there is a clear generation. The engraving division method Qin Hanxi seal, involved Ding Jing, Huang Yi and others. It is one of the “Xiling Bajia”.




Coal essence six sides

△ Fear people think that I am true, Huang Juan’s young woman, Sun Yanju


Ming Zheng Ji Qingshang stone five -sided printing


△ Qingyan, Qingyan, Spring Mountain, Nanyang Cen Xian, Tai Shi

Bian: Hongyou.


Zheng Jixiang: A native of Yixian County, Anhui. The contract was during the Ming Dynasty and Chongzhen years. The word Hongyou, Hongyou. Super Zongzi. The seal of He’s biography, hidden in Qinhuai, refused to show people, but ended with poverty. There are “Zheng Hongyou Yin Spectrum” in the world.


Ming · Zhou Lianggong self -engraved with the moon at the end of the month

△ World Diplomacy, Zhou Liang’s work seal, Mr. Xia Xia Na Naoming frankly


Owner of the seal: Zhou Liangong (1612-1672), Xiangfu people, character Liang, No. Garden, Ming Chongzhen Jinshi, after entering the Qing Dynasty, he served as the Fujian Bunzheng Envoy and the Ministry of Household Department. The work of the work, the author of “Lai Gutang Poetry” and “India” and so on.



Wu Rangzhi self -engraved with Qingtian Shi Sixin Seal

△ Chu Ke sitting in my spring breeze Chu Yongnong Poor and Poor Plants and Poor Plants and Polygin (4.4 × 4.4 × 4cm)

“Plants have the original heart” six -sided seal, Qingtian stone, 4.4 cm long, 4.4 cm horizontal, and 4 cm in height. The style of this chapter is strong, Wu Qi is full, and at a glance, he knows that it is one of the six people in the late Qing Dynasty.

The Qing Dynasty seal carved home prevailing for multi -faced printing, including Wu Jie it like the most and best at it. There are many seals engraved by Wu’s, and most of them are double -sided printing, while there are very few ones above the four sides. This is the six -sided seal of “grass and trees”. Since the aforementioned three parties are self -printed by Wu Rang, some Jianjiawen infer that this seal may also be used by Weng. Although there are doubts about the test, the only party of Wu Rang’s six sides of the world is an indisputable fact. Intersection


Wushan self -use Shoushan stone six sides


Wu Rangzhi self -carved five -sided seal

△ Wu Tingzhang’s seal is difficult to enter the volatile scholars.

twenty one

Thunder wheel self -use five -sided seal (Deng Shiru carved)

△ Thunder Wheel Zheh Huan Yan Yitang Shou Suxuan

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“Continuation Book” is written in Sun Guoting’s “Book Book”, but it is not the continuation of the Book Book


Land quality self -use four -sided seal (Qi Baishi carved)

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