The main advantage analysis of the three brand masks of Selenium, Morita, and Chunyu

Each mask has its unique advantages. Below we will introduce the more popular mask brands in the three markets. You can choose according to your own needs ~

Plant selenium replenishment and moisturizing mask

Reference price: 12.8RMB/piece

Efficacy: hydration and detoxification, powerful antioxidant, repair and renewal cell activity

Server: ★★★★★

Moisturizing: ★★★★★★

The effect of a mask reaches 3 tablets for ordinary masks


The mask paper is an upgraded version of the mask paper with the same manufacturer of SK-II! Strong water absorption and water release!

In addition to hydrating, a organic mask that can be detoxified

The face will feel slippery on my face the next day

Morita Cosmetic Snail Slip Smooth Mask Mask

Reference price: 8RMB/piece

Efficacy: Fix the skin, hydrate, brighten the skin color

Server: ★★★ ☆

Moisturizing: ★★★


I personally feel that the snail is not good for hyaluronic acid

After all

And the essence is more sticky than the hyaluronic acid

PAPA Recipe spring rain honey mask

Efficacy: brighten skin tone, moisturizing


Server: ★★★★

Moisturizing: ★★★ ☆

Spring rain mask of the fire some time ago

The advantage is that the mask paper is very thin and very convincing, without preservatives

Although both pregnant women and sensitive muscles can be used

But it still contains spices

Reference price: 8RMB/piece

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