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Friends who are familiar with me, I must know that I am a person who likes to buy a bag. Whether it is a shoulder bag or a backpack, as long as the price is appropriate, and then the style and material are in place, I usually buy it, but I have encountered recently I encountered it. Bao panic, I don’t know what bag to buy, because the next bag I want to buy has not been special recently.

At the same time, there are often friends who come to consult me ​​and ask Dapengpeng, how much money I want to buy a bag, and quickly recommend it to me. At this time, I usually read my previous article to recommend it to everyone, but I used to make a lot of evaluation of a single package. A summary, between 100 yuan and 10,000 yuan. These bags have been contacted, or friends around me have bought it. At the same time, there is also a pile of my grass, which will be revealed to everyone after the article, that is, my next bag I want to buy!

I used to take a photo in the packets in my hand. Although not a precious bag, these bags that I like at different stages. Now the bags in this photo are almost not in my hands, but I have a new batch of packages at home. In this way, I have been circulating so that I can always buy my favorite bag because The next package is the best!


This time I make a recommendation of commuting backpacks. If you are more interested in such articles, you can share it for everyone, such as weekend packages or business shoulder bags, outdoor jun bags and other recommendations. Or let’s write about the different materials of various packages or its auxiliary materials, as well as brand stories, and so on. Too much content can be written! It’s all in my mind!


Men’s commuting backpack selection four major guidelines


First of all, it is clear that the backpack is not universal or perfect. No matter how cheap or expensive the backpack is, the bag will definitely have its corresponding shortcomings, but the flaws are not covered. Places, before starting the official backpack style recommendation, I want to share the four points I think to choose the backpack.

1. Strong practicality

One point stronger than the shoulder bag is that you can liberate your hands after your back, so since you choose a backpack, then you mean it has more flexibility, and the shoulder bag can load more things to load more things Essence Therefore, when choosing a backpack, you must choose as much pocket as much as possible, or you will have a strong backpack, so that you can save you more and effort during your journey.


2. Strong and durable

I have never liked to recommend pure leather backpacks, because one is that the self -weight is relatively large, and the other is a special distress after the scratching, so I have been recommending a ballon or a Kobela in the past two years. These two materials. During the daily use process, it will never hurt this fabric, and even after 5 years, the appearance of this bag is almost the same as the new one.


3. Unique taste


In fact, I often go to the road or the airport railway station to observe what kind of people are, what kind of bags are back, I especially like to have a unique taste, that is, your bag is different from everyone. It is not the same kind of military knife knife knife. , Or have no brand bags! I still hope to reflect your personal characteristics through these small objects.

4. Good carrying

Choose a backpack, one is to look at its appearance, see the past, and then look at the design of its back and its shoulder straps. If the back is a large tablet or the shoulder strap is the long one, it is definitely the long one, absolutely absolutely Don’t try it easily, because if you carry a long time or more loaded items, you will definitely make you re -think about your life.

1. Xiaomi: 100 ~ 200 yuan

In June 2018, Xiaomi launched a colorful small backpack with 10L capacity and 8 color options. After that, there were many models, which are more cost -effective and the shape is also trendy backpack.

Classic business backpack 18L: 79 yuan

This backpack can be called the first shoulder bag of adults because the price is only less than 100 yuan, which can carry a 15.6 -inch laptop, and then this bag has three layers of space. At the same time Essence I have seen this schoolbag that many friends are carrying, and it is indeed a cost -effective king.


Business Travel Multifunctional Backpack 26L: 169 yuan

Of course, many friends are not satisfied with the cheapest shoulder bag of Xiaomi. Everyone will choose this kind of business backpack with a slightly higher grade, which can also be placed on a 15.6 -inch notebook. At the same time The fabric can make you more calm on rainy days.

2.Timbuk 2 Day Babaire: 300 ~ 500 yuan


Timbuk2, Chinese translated as Tiaoba, a well -known American -made box manufacturing company with the starting point of the manufacturing packet bag was established in San Francisco in 1989. Its founder Rob Honeycutt is a postman. Timbuk2 is the ancestor of the bicycle fabrication bag. Essence The backpack likes to use the concept of Made in San Francisco. Although their most famous is the shoulder bag, the backpack is also full of texture.

Tuck roll -up bare bag 20L: 319 yuan

If you are tired of the shape of a static shoulder bag, you can consider trying the shape of the roll -up bag. In this case, there is not much limit for the capacity you loaded. When the contents of the bag are relatively small, it will not look soft, and then the content of the package can be played to the highest position. At the same time, this one also uses the regenerative PET fabric.

Rogue backpack 22L: 438 yuan

If you don’t know what color to choose backpacks on the backpack, then black is definitely always mainstream. This shoulder bag uses vertical zipper. The polyester PVC fabric allows you to fully believe it when using it. Waterproof, wear -resistant and effective resistance to harsh weather. And there are many loaded designs on this bag, which can be paired with some bicycle lights and the like.


3.OSPREY Eagle: 200 ~ 800 yuan

Osprey, American outdoor backpack brand. Founded by Mike PFotenhauer in 1974 in California, USA. The product line includes outdoor series, urban series, cycling series, children’s series, travel series, and attachments. The movements involved in the product include hiking camping/hiking, adventure climbing, hiking, off -road running, cycling, urban daily use, riding commuting. I have always been a special favor for Xiaoying’s bags, and often gives my friends Amway Eagle’s backpack.

Comet 30L: 524 yuan


About seven or eight years ago, when I knew the brand of the little eagle, the first variety of grass was 30 liters of comets. At that time, the special offer in the station could achieve about 350 yuan. This is a backpack that can be perfect for you to commute and travel with a large capacity of 30 liters, but it is only 0.87 kg. The three -dimensional mesh on the back can ensure your long -term burden and will not wet the entire back. You can definitely believe that the material of the baby eagle is very wear -resistant and very strong.

Arcane Roll Top 22L: 624 yuan


This bag’s bag is a style that I like my big brother. He often sends us a variety of photos of his use environment. This is a backpack that can be hand -up or back with both shoulders, and the overall shape Not that outdoor, but the blood of the eagle flows! And this bag has many colors, girls are yellow back, and boys are black back, which is also very eye -catching. At the same time, this is also environmentally friendly fabric.

4.TOMTOC: 300 ~ 600 yuan


Tomtoc is an emerging luggage brand in the United States, but unlike ordinary leather goods bags. Its products are mainly bags for various storage digital products, such as computers, Switch, and daily work commuting. People who carry a computer with them are its main users. I knew this brand for the first time, and it was also a bag that was planted by Apple at that time.


Recycled Collection 40L: 329 yuan


The 1st package shocked me, with a large capacity of 40 liters only more than 300 yuan. This bag also uses the regenerative fabric of a plastic bottle, and then uses a way to get a quick access of multiple warehouses. This big bag can take you through the ends of the world.

A minority H61 21L: 609 yuan

The minority of this bag is such a bag with both beauty and strength. First of all, it has the flagship -level protection experience, which is to protect your notebook properly, and there are 4 large -capacity storage of large -capacity storage of large -capacity storage You can put all your digital products in this package. The material of the Cowadura as a whole, you can make it hard, and you will not damage this package, and the gold capacity of 21 liters can look so bloated.

5.incase: 300 ~ 900 yuan

Incase is a well -known American accessories brand. As the top American -level electronic accessories design company, it has been known for making Apple 3C products. It has always been a boutique in the industry. Incase mainly designed limited products for large companies, becoming the first choice accessories for all young people and business people in the United States. Therefore, this brand’s bags can appear on Apple’s official website to become official designated accessories products. I knew this brand for the first time. It should be recommended by Webs. I don’t know how many friends you pay attention to Lao Wei.


Incase City: 341 yuan


This urban series backpack is an EEDC backpack designed for people who are commonly used for urban What bicycles do you want?

ARC: 848 yuan

The name of this series of bags is responsible. Uninstalling scheme is referred to as ARC. This is also their latest backpack that can provide very convenient mobility and privacy security protection solutions. The most interesting point of this bag is that there are very thick handles on the side, which can be held as a shoulder bag.

6.Sanwa: 200 ~ 300 yuan

The Sanwa SUPPLY Co., Ltd. was established in Showa 26 (1951). Entering the sales of headphones, mouse, keyboard, computer bags, office seats and other computer peripheral products, more than 8,000 products are trafficking, and more than 10,000 cooperative customers have developed into a well -known Japanese computer accessories brand. I have brushed countless times on Taobao, and I have been attracted by its three -purpose bags. It should be regarded as the cheapest three -purpose bag you can buy.

2way 15.6 inches: 239 yuan

This bag has two functions, that is, you can be back on your shoulders, and then you can also mention it. It has the function of 180 degrees, which can facilitate your clothing during business trips. The material of water -proof is used, and there is no need to worry about it on rainy days, and what is even more powerful is that there are actually USB interfaces that can achieve casual charging.


3Way 28L: 309 yuan


I always think that the shoulder bag should have three -purpose function. I can not use it, but it has this function, that is, I can use both shoulders, and I can also use it as a shoulder bag. Such a bag is very economical. Costful.

7. SAMSONITE Nestvanta: 300 ~ 800 yuan

Mr. Jesi Schwed founded Samsonite in Colorado in 1910. More than 120 countries around the world have more than 48,000 retail outlets. My favorite TUMI is also belonging to the rookie group. The first backpack I bought after work is sibling. At that time, I also bought a Tumi Tech shoulder bag. This is my first official contact brand. Backpack.

Vectur 39V 27L: 379 yuan

After I always think that after the acquisition of TUMI, the aesthetics of the entire backpack design suddenly increased. This one of the 300 shoulder bags, the overall feeling is great. The entire bag looks very three -dimensional, and the dust -resistant and wear -resistant also has a large -capacity storage, which is a very textured backpack. A business trip from 1 to 2 days in daily life is enough.

TQ5 20L: 513 yuan

Some fashionable young people will feel that the backpacks recommended above are too old -fashioned. This one is a backpack with a European -style strap design, which is very inspired. After the overall opening, there are also a lot of partitions to make you more reasonable. Adopt high -density fabrics, plus the PU coating, anti -splash resistance, and while presenting a high -quality texture, it also reduces the weight of the entire backpack.

8.filson: 1200 ~ 2000 yuan

Founded by C.C. Filson in the United States in 1897. The products produced were used for gold rush workers called Klondike in Canada at that time. In order to resist the cold weather in northern Canada, Filson was committed to the production of a thick wool cloth called Mackinaw. At present, this old American brand is not commercialized. So far, it still adheres to the form of a small handmade workshop to bring the products that work hard to consumers. The most famous of their family is this heavy canvas, plus particularly thick cowhide and ultra -heavy metal accessories, which can bring you unparalleled texture.

20152980 26L: 1450 yuan

This bag is different from the most famous heavy canvas in their home. This is the use of Kobera material, with a double -layer reinforcement base and many storage space. And also adopted leather design in some places, so that this bag is not losing its grace when it is durable.

70262 20L: 2049 yuan

If you want to have a backpack that can accompany you for more than half of your life, this one may be a better choice. It uses heavy canvas and very beautiful brass materials to allow you to use daily use in daily use In the process, it slowly leaves the traces of time on its body, and the more use the texture.

9. VictorinoX Vi Shi: 1000 ~ 2000 yuan


Swiss Victorinox (Victor) is a world -renowned military knife brand, and its founder Mr. Karl Elsener established a knife factory in 1884. At that time In patriotic heart, El tell began to develop a military knife. In 1891, he made the Swiss army for the first time, and the Swiss Army Knife has since entered the world. In 1909, the Swiss government allowed El telna to printed Swiss marks on all its knives, a red cross shield. This is a real Swiss Army Knife and the so -called Swiss Army Knife, which everyone usually sees the most one or two hundred dollars on the road, is completely different. Don’t confuse everyone. I also have a military version of the Swiss Army Knife. The texture is really too fragrant!

Emont 15L: 994 yuan

The texture of the real Swiss military knife, as long as you look at it, you will remember that its materials and materials are really very solid. This package is a lightweight model, which uses nylon materials, and has this reduction with this reduction. The burden of pressure can bring you enough breathability in your daily use process.

Urban architect 26L: 1429 yuan

This bag is written like his name, this is an architect series. The entire package has 1.15 kg. The overall texture is very solid. Super large capacity and very heavy shoulder strap design allow you to easily respond to whether you are full or not.

10.Arc’teryx Amazing bird: 1000 ~ 1800 yuan


The ancestral bird, the Canadian outdoor clothing brand, was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1989. It is a recognized top outdoor product. Its products are mainly involved in hiking, climbing and ice and snow sports, all over clothing and shoes, tennis equipment, skiing equipment, etc. It is recommended that backpacks must not be less. Speak a little.

Granville Zip 16L: 1000 yuan

This is the new model of the Ariter Bird. The backpack uses the structure of the high -grade composite fabric, the high -quality light -proof light fabric, the outer pocket is equipped with a keychain, and then you can store sunglasses, wallets, etc., and then you can place 15 in the backpack 15. Inch notebook. The overall bag is only 750 grams, which is especially suitable for friends who like lightweight.


Blade 20L: 1300 yuan

The blade series of the Armaoton Bird is the most suitable for urban commuting in their family, but I should buy the 28 -liter one 5 years ago. After this, this series has not been updated. The capacity is a bit too large, which is more suitable for business trips. If 20 liters are just suitable for daily commuting. The overall texture and its carrying experience are great, and the fabric is very resistant.

11.tumi Tuming: 1500 ~ 3000 yuan


FXT ballistic nylon is unique to TUMI. It combines unique weaving technology with special coating technology, bringing super durability. Ballistic Nylon is a high -intensity nylon cloth that originated in the United States. It was originally used in the lining of automotive tires and military bulletproof vests. It has experienced long -term R & D and improvement, which is popular in the fields of military and advanced outdoor supplies in various countries. Similar to military canvas, but no matter toughness and abrasion resistance than military canvas. Because this fabric tissue is strong, abrasion -resistant, and tear -resistant, it is more than several times higher than conventional nylon cloth, polyster or cotton or cotton! In addition, it has a smooth touch, bright and long -lasting, and high -quality. As DuPont transformed this fabric into the improvement of Weldama production technology, production capacity increased year by year. This fabric enters the civilian field. Many international first -line brands, especially outdoor expeditions, gradually introduce this fabric. Because of the anti -wear, it is said that the ballistic nylon cloth used by TUMI requires more than 3500 times in the same place to be damaged. Then theoretically, it can be grinded once a day and can be used for almost 10 years. I never regret my love for Tumi, I should buy a dozen TUMI’s shoulders and backpacks.

Alpha Bravo 0232389NVY: 1800 yuan

The shape and material of the Alpha Bravo series are very diverse, and they often have special costs at 618 or Double 11. Often, you can buy a favorite backpack after 1,000. The attached skin looks great.

Alpha 3: 2200 yuan

Alpha3 series shoulder bag should be said. The most calm and most textured backpack. I used to buy an alpha3 at about 1600 yuan when I was Double 11. At present, I use my own silver zipper Alpha3, huge capacity and weight loss after weight loss. It is no longer as heavy as before. But the texture will not be given to you at all.


12.Coach: 1800 ~ 3000 yuan


Coach is a well -known American leather product brand. COACH is headquartered in New York. It is the secondary American company that mainly sells men’s and women’s boutique accessories and gifts. After years of sustainable development, the “Coach” brand has become a world -class fashion product brand with Louisvuitton, Gucci, FENDI, Prada, Prada, Prada (Prada). COACH was established in 1941 and was a workshop for a family. In a loft in Mankton, New York, USA, six artisans produced a series of leather products with handmade technology passed down from generation to generation. Since then, Coach’s unique handicrafts and high -quality production are favored by those who are quite quality. This brand should be the first light luxury brand that many young men and women who start on the society.

C1280: 1800 yuan

To be honest, I don’t like the design of the pattern of their family. It feels that the back is not so calm. I recommend this all -black shape. This also has a drawstring design and a very good leather experience.

2712: 2600 yuan

Although this one is a pattern with their characteristics, the buckle of the first two silver metals in front is the highlight of my favorite shape. And the overall capacity is very large. Whether it is daily commuting or occasional business trips, it can be competent.

13.montblanc Montblanc: 4000 ~ 8000 yuan

Montblanc International (GMBH) is a manufacturer of a boutique pens, watches and accessories under the German group. In 1906, Montblanc was founded in Europe. After a century, Montblanc has developed into a diversified high -end brand, including high -end text meters, watches, high -quality leather goods, men’s advanced lining, etc. The brand’s brand represents elegant and long -lasting life, reflecting the pursuit and praise of culture, quality, design, tradition and excellent craftsmanship today, and the elegant hexagonal white star logo has become the representative of excellent quality and perfect craftsmanship. Wen Baolong’s most famous is not only their pens, glasses, bags, watches, etc. are also very great!


Ingenious trumpet: 4400 yuan


I started to learn this series last year. At the Double 11 last year, there was a special price of about 4000, but this year I have been paying attention to this year. I have not appeared at a price of less than 5,000. I will definitely start at about 4,000. This will also start. This will also start. That is, when I started at the beginning of the article, the next bag I wanted to start is this one. It is more suitable for the ingenuity series. It feels like a large number of people. The solemnity.

Daban soft leather grain pattern medium: 6000 yuan

This is a compact and small shoulder bag, which is made of soft standing leather. There is a storage bag in front that can be placed in small items. This texture is really, if you do n’t have so many things to install. Or if you don’t have to travel with a computer, this backpack is a very good choice for you, and it is really very satisfied with business needs.

14.BALLY Bali: 2800 ~ 8000 yuan


Among the many famous famous families, Bally can be called a unique family. Whether it is fashion, shoe or handbags, Bally always fully realizes a “overall shape” design concept, making his work exudes a charming temperament. For example, BALLY’s shoes and handbags have similar design characteristics, the same leather manufacturing, the same method of sewing, and even the logo method is the same. All this is based on a concept. But it is still a overall fashion world. This brand must not be confused with the domestic women’s shoes Belle brand. The texture is completely different. The leather of Belle family is very good.

59171719760F010: 2800 yuan

This one should be the cheapest style of Baili bilateral bag. It mainly uses the nylon material, and then it is decorated with leather. But the classic red and white stripes will not be missing. The shape is relatively simple, but the quality is still very strong.

Crewsmt: 3200 yuan

The shape of this one is relatively exaggerated, and the position of the shoulder strap is completely used in their unique color matching, with distinctive characteristics. The overall capacity is also very large, suitable for friends who carry more items daily.

15.mcm: 3800 ~ 10000 yuan


Founded in 1976, MCM is a luxury living product and leather accessories brand defined by German culture. The brand combines the spirit of the times and the origin of Germany, focusing on functional innovation design, and always chasing cutting -edge cutting -edge technology. The most unique is the design of the rivet and the exaggerated color matching. This brand is also a brand that I like my big brother. I have not been able to accept the exaggerated schoolbags on my back to commute.

Mmkaave09: 3800 yuan


I think this black is relatively stable and low -key compared to the classic yellow of MC M.. Only a little rivet on both sides is decorated. In this dull commute time, it can bring some different flavors.


Tivitat trumpet: 6000 yuan

Compared to the exquisite restraint of the previous one, this one is similar to the giant shape, its huge bag and wide shoulders. Can bring you a very good experience. And the quality of cowhide produced in Germany can also bring you enough sense of security in use.

16.Burberry Boboli: 8000 ~ 10,000 yuan

Burberry is a luxury brand in the UK. It belongs to the Burberry Group PLC. And gifts and so on. In 1856, Thomas Burberry founded the Boboli brand. In 1879, the founder of the brand invented the innovative gabardine fabric. The fabric has anti -rainfall function, practical and durable, and breathable and lightweight. My wife especially likes this brand and does not like LV. Of course, we can’t afford it first. So the most expensive brand recommended this time is Burberry, but it is really cheap to buy Burberry abroad. I used to buy about 800 yuan in Outlets in Japan.

London 80139881: 8000 yuan

I think this one is the least like Burberry Burberry backpack. Very calm color matching and simple backpack design allow you to be exaggerated by colleagues in daily use. Oh, you are Burberry!

80365491: 10000 yuan

This one is relatively low -key, with the classic trench coat of Burburly and the classic grid shape, so that you have a British fan. It has arrived, this price is actually relatively low for its practicality, and the decoration will be higher.



This time, I shared the 16 brands that I like more and 32 shoulder bags I like. Of course, there may be a shape you like, or you may not like it. Leave a message in the comment area, tell your needs, and I recommend you to the style that suits you as much as possible.

The most commonly used on the left is the TUMI on the left, and then the bag on the right I don’t know if everyone knows it. This is a custom -based backpack I gave me a good friend. Almost meet all my use needs, solid workmanship, top fabrics, and very wow -in accessories. If you like to read such articles like this, I can update more afterwards, my views on the use of backpacks and shoulder bags. Everyone can also talk about your opinions on daily commuting packages in the comment area. In fact, I think the bag is not as expensive, but because it is suitable for your habit of use!

The above, thank you for watching.

The author declares that there is no interest in this article, welcome friends to communicate rationally, and discuss harmoniously ~

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