“Pack” to play the world, so men should be cautious!

For men, the biggest obstacle is gender.

Therefore, when a woman can “package” to heal the hundred diseases, the man has only “package” to play the world.


For women, the package is just a decoration; but for men, the package can be called a brother.


Women buy bag enthusiasm, never confession due to the packet of the house. Buy a package today, maybe just look at the eye. After the hand, I will take a show tomorrow, I have passed tomorrow, but it is for a stack of piles of mountains;

And men have a packet, there is often a persistent existence. Once selected, it will accompany him in the future, and the east is in the west, and the world is hitting the world. It is not polite to say that men and bags are subtle.

For a man with taste, pay attention to life, the choice is to make friends, money, product, type … The requirement is more than you can’t use text, and you can only lead God.

To be honest, on this issue of the bag, men and women are very unequal.

You see, every year’s tidal brand new product, women’s bag push Chen appeared, style is unreasonable. However, the new product of men’s bag has been regulating the rules, and occasionally has new, but always feels like.

For a man, after all, it is necessary to carry some fragmented, such as an essential mobile phone, wallet, key three parts, and a high frequency charger and individual reunion of life. Items, etc.

Therefore, there is no trustworthy bag, it is really no.



Be a tasteful minimalist

For a tasteful minimalist, the handbag is naturally the most ideal choice for men.


Whether it is daily recreation, or is in the event, a intimate handbag can not only include the mobile phone, wallet, the key three parts, but also have enough space to make you cope with private items and work products.


More critical is that the best choice for the most fashionable and taste in all the categories of all bags is simple, and it is simple in the world.

Black, is a classic color that does not fade, men with a black clutch can naturally steadily in any place.

❶ Horsemen This first-level leather clutch, simple, leisure, no slightly exaggerated and boast, but Yinglun’s design and soft calf skin have a texture, but it can demonstrate the man. Smart in the style.

❷❷莎图, this leather brand from Poland, in the design of the men’s bag, “Business”, “Leisure”, and this bag is the classic model of the casual style. It has a smooth line shape, stylish version of design, especially under the set of plaid, the charm of men’s fashion trends is highlighted.

Braun Buffel is smaller than the two, Braun buffel. It has a built-in, lightweight design concept, but the low-key posture is very concerned about the man’s taste. It has a precise processing technology, and the natural elasticity of cowhide is reserved. Although the whole is small, it depends on the atmosphere everywhere, it is very suitable for business situations.

⇩⇩ ⇩⇩ ⇩⇩

♦ This should be your contact with fashion ♦


In the world of Chinese men’s bag, the handbag is a relatively scarce.

This is because, we have still stayed in the ancient briefcase stage, and the evolution is slower, and it has not been implied together with fashion.


In fact, there are many unique single items in the world of handbags, which are fused and unique.


In many handbags, the full handbag is the most fashionable and young temperament, and there is no shortage of extra points for professional image.

Braun Buffel from Germany, pregnant in the Rhine, has more than 128 years. Its home is a beautifully hand-made, beautifully appearing unique, traditional German craft, superb and meticulous. It is very convenient, and the hands can be used, or the detachable shoulder strap can also be used to facilitate the need for use in various occasions.

❷ If you want to choose a nylon handbag, Emporio Armani will be more real. Simple and not simple, low-key, but the tide is full. The selected high-quality fabric is molded with light, creative, and convenient body under exquisite processes.

❸ If you want to express more casual cool, POLO is the best choice. As a trusted good bag, POLO is not only a classic bag, but also in the first, the lady has enabled modernity. The cooperation of crafts and design is a good interpretation of what is fashionable man.

⇩⇩ shoulder bag


♦ Back out of the fashion man taste, gentleman must be elements ♦

Backpack, is a manner that seems simple but not ordinary men’s bag, choose to find the style that suits you, shoulder bag can be your “gentleman” element.

A great advantage of the shoulder bag is more than the liberation of your hands, allowing you to make your hands, calmly do what you want to do, such as riding.

In a backpack, the most charming is a leather backpack, because the leather is the best release of men’s breath, especially when you carry back shoulder bags in CBD, elegant and fashionable breath can be infected around everything of.


Of course, shoulder bags are one of the strongest combat power in the world, and can accommodate Baichuan. So, it is naturally unambiguous in a choice.

❶, such as this Armani, the atmosphere is simple, the fashion is very fashionable, which is perfect to adapt to the needs of modern men.


❷ ❷,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Have a speech: I have known your own feet!


If you use this six words between men and bags, you can understand that this is the minimum requirement of men’s quantity of packages, but it is the highest requirement for quality!


Therefore, always say, men and bags, relationships are subtle!

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