Episode 1 10 million US dollars, “Quanyou”: The most money -cooled crew in the universe

In April, the whole universe was waiting for it in a kind of reluctant feelings:

“Game of Thrones” final season.

Looking at the poster, the real “Song of Ice and Fire” is finally playing ↓

When the world is curious how the screenwriter will fill the pit …

Uncle Meat is more curious about another “pit” of this drama:

cost of production



The cost of production of “Qiandou”, how do you fill the first giant pit of this universe TV series?

Everyone knows that since its debut, “Quanyou” is famous for “expensive”, and the production costs of each season are refreshing records.

In 2011, when HBO filmed the first season of “Quanyou”, he had already invested unmannedly


$ 6 million per episode.


What is the concept of 6 million US dollars?


Let’s say that.

In 2015, when the concept of “web drama” just emerged in China, the cost of iQiyi’s “Tomb Robbery Notes” was 5 million yuan per episode.

5 million yuan

The cost of each episode was talked about the development of the “Generation Grand Master” drama, but the project was excited by Gu Yongzheng:

Is he (Wang Jiawei) grabbing money?

Was it?


By the sixth season, “Quanyou”

The cost of each episode has soared to 10 million US dollars

It’s right.

Feel the most spectacular (expensive) episode of that season, the entire fleet was bombarded by wildfire “Battle of Black Water River” ↓

This is not the fleet, but money



Single set, and just cost!

Let’s say, how many movies box office can’t reach this number:

According to the data released on the evening of December 31, 2018, the 571 films released in China in 2018 have only 82 box office of more than 100 million box office.


Each 489 movie is not enough to shoot even the money sold by the belt.


The reality is so cruel.

Even if the domestic drama “Langya List”, which is well -known for its excellent production, adds 54 episodes in the first season, is only enough to make a episode of “Quanyou”.

“Power You” why is it

The most expensive drama in the universe


These white money is used


Lie to you.

Late you to think about it, and take the fantasy story that happened on the overhead continent as a real thing.

Let’s put it that, “Quanyou” is the most dumb

Basically I can’t find a shot


If you can do it really, you will not use special effects to do fake (although special effects are also spent).


To build a real world, you want the castle to take the castle, to pile up mountains, and to build a boat …

From design sketches to obtaining materials, to 1: 1 real objects for real people.


Don’t doubt, this is really just a crew, not a construction team.


The scene you see will never be a special effect of 5 cents, but the artificial scene of millions of huge sums of money.

The most exaggerated time, they set out a whole icefield continent in the wild mountains …

In order to shoot the ghost battle in the ice and snow, the crew made the entire hill into ice lake with architectural materials!

Even a few green hillsides around the surrounding area must be sprinkled with “flour” a little bit, dyed into a snowy mountain.

You feel this realistic “ice lake”:


Even after the actor arrived, he walked gently with his hands and feet, for fear of stepping on the “ice”.

(The following is actually flat, the trucks can pass)

The atmosphere of the environment is available, look at the details.

The audience with golden eyes, loves to find faults the most



Especially in our country, the plastic service of the small cost network drama has become a source of joy for many people.

but. Each role of “Qiandou” can withstand the microscope 360 ​​° without dead corners.

Come, watch every dead skin fold of the night king at close range:

Generally, the crew does not exceed 5 shapes makeup artists, and the number of makeup artists in “Qiandou” …


No exaggeration.


Not to mention so large -scale daily pictures of medieval cities, how many sets of clothes are to make enough to use the city’s group performances.

It is a group of luxury costumes that the nobles change their tricks every day, which is enough to toss.

These styles do not lose the design of fashion weeks at all (in fact, these staff do design clothing for luxury brands and European and American superstars), not sponsorship or lending, but more than 100 people with reference to a large amount of ancient information, designed themselves, they are designed by themselves, and they are designed by themselves. Cutting and sewing.

The patterns and styles of clothing are very particular, not anyone can wear it, and the style changes with the character’s situation.


Take the Stark’s eldest daughter, San Silly to raise chestnuts.

Careful audiences will definitely find that San silly has changed from ignorant girls to smooth adults, and then blackened into a female home. The clothing at the corresponding stage shows different aura:

From the color of the girl, gradually became a calm earth, and finally precipitated into an indifferent black widow.

This group of stylists is even professional (perverted) to …


Even the cloth is woven by itself.

No wonder each finished product takes several weeks to complete.


The clothing is made, what about makeup?

Don’t forget, a large part of the characters such as Quanyou are not ordinary humans:

Different ghosts, giants, sons of forests …


These are not all the foundation of the foundation for changing clothes.

The makeup artist (called the molder) must be tailored to the role of everyone according to the role of each person.

Must be hand -made, tried penetrating, adjustment

Each prop has to be made for 4 to 6 weeks.


If you think about it, there are hundreds of people who play in each episode, and there are hundreds of people. Individual large -scale war dramas even have to dispatch thousands of groups.


From head to toe, it can be made from head to toe, and you can get from sunrise to sunset (you feel that cosmetics must be wholesale).

It’s really from the beginning ↓

The whole body has no dead ends covered with makeup, leaving a small seam only in the nose and nose of the eyes:

What do you see? Have you seen a different ghost drinking juice?

Get ↓

I do n’t even let go of my nails.


Grandpa Bathing fell into a bath towel: Go to your uncle!

Before each shooting, the actor had to be obedient to be obedient to the makeup artist for 6 to 8 hours. After 12 hours of shooting, he had to sit down for 1 to 2 hours to remove makeup.


Make -up duration and shooting duration are almost the same.

Whether you are a strong man in the abdominal muscles, or a smooth and white fresh meat.

Once I passed the hand of the makeup artist …

Make sure dads do not know mothers.

Pre -makeup:


Hello handsome ~


After makeup:

Who are you? Intersection


Well, it is the difficulty of turning a different ghost makeup.

So, how much work, how much workload, how does 150 makeup makeup artists?

Please 150 thousand hands, Guanyin, there is no division!

I also can’t wait to have three heads and six arms, and …


Special effectist.

This film

Special effects scene


More to more outrageous (in the number of units in 10,000).

Countless buildings with dense and different styles from cities in various countries:

A shot in the large -scale war scene:

There are also a variety of static, but all of the details of the special effects master:

The quantity has been overwhelmed, and the quality requirements are not ordinary. They must be able to use falsehood and make the audience unable to distinguish between real shots and where are special effects.

Speaking of which, you can know why the cost of the third quarter suddenly soared.

Because before that, the three dragons …

Still a egg.


The props can cope with the past.

Of course, one day these little cute and accidental accidentally hatched in a fire …


Dragon eggs are burning, and at the same time, funds also begin to burn.

The most burned money is modeling.


Set a fine biological dynamic formula for each dragon model. The larger the data, the more bald dragons of the special effects.

It ’s not possible to move. The skin texture of each eye movement must be achieved. Therefore, the special effects artist must also render these cute layers.

Not one or two, but …

700 layers.

Modeling is not to build one, but …

Each scales must be modeling separately.

After the dragon grows up, the complexity of the special effects scenes of Renlong Interaction increases geometric multiple.


Dragon Mom shot crazy at the green screen, and the special effects artist also crazy at the computer.

Once there is a dragon appearing, you don’t need to guess, it must be the most expensive episode of the whole season.

Just like the game of the last season, the battle of fire burn.

The audience watched the dragon flying all the way, and “cut” the ground on the ground like burning.

A word, cool!

Of course, do you know how crazy the shooting process is this visual feast?

Special effects are of course indispensable.

But the most unexpected thing is that

The special effect production of this scene occupies only a small part

More costs, spend it in

Stunt shooting


When taking a big scene, the physical material to be consumed is also a huge amount that cannot be ignored.

What is visible to the naked eye is the row of Boomboomboom on the road. It is the effect of calculating the amount and continuous detonation time by the professionals, and the effect of accurate blasting 15 rows of explosives.

In case it is unsuccessful, I will … no more funds will be exploded again

It is difficult to discover that it is all details that have been affected by war on the entire battlefield.

Even the props used to destroy in the shooting cannot be destroyed. Each must make the effects required by the plot according to strict standards.

Director, how mature this soldier would this soldier be baked?

The fake fake people are not the most scary part of this play.

This crew … even crazy about real people.

That’s right, every time you see those soldiers who are painful and rolling on the ground in the flames …

It’s really hot!

Really! Intersection

Really burned! Intersection Intersection

Moreover, don’t think that these soldiers are running around in the bear fire …

Even if the whole body is on fire, their running directions and positions fall to the ground are 100%accurately completed according to the requirements of Virgo directors.

In order to allow stunt actors to perform with confidence, the crew wore them N -layer protective clothing and closed air holes breathing masks, and wiped thick fireproof coatings throughout the body.

Each stunt actor has a corresponding safety personnel responsible for the fire extinguishing the fire. He also has to simulate fire drills in advance to ensure that it is foolproof during shooting.


Because of controlling it, I dare to use such dangerous shooting methods.

In an interview afterwards, the actor burned by the fire said:

When we were burned, our hearts were very calm

In this way, we can focus on listening to the instructions and timing of the director’s shouting


Only 15 seconds

(Brother, do n’t say anything, I know what it ’s a light wind is light)

Indeed, only by protecting actors can we ensure the normal performance of acting skills and make the best results.

After the frying, the picture is done smoothly?

No, you have to spend a lot of manpower after shooting, and try to restore the environment as much as possible.


What kind of turf is “corpse”, and it repeatedly checks whether the fire source is completely out of the time, and the kung fu is not less than when the site was arranged before shooting.

In the final season, the crew was built with a large -scale building that can enter the internal functional rooms.

And the ultimate battle of the human vs of human vs, the edge of everyone’s collapse crazy test:

It is said that the number of steps of each staff is the top of the circle of friends, with a daily average of 40,000 steps;

Thousands of people are in the wild at minus 30 ° C, touching black, stepping on mud, sucking smoke every day, and taking 55 days to complete the shooting;

The actors were so tired that they were like zombies and shouted:

I don’t need any experiential performance at all! Here you can fully feel the cruelty of the world of “Quanyou”.


It is this group of “lunatic” that allowed “Quanyou” to win the best visual effects, best costumes, best technology, best makeup …


Winning a lot of behind -the -way production awards has become the biggest winner of the Emmy Award over the years.

Just filming a TV series, set a number of world records.


The greatness of the Quanyou crew is not these records, but that they tossed themselves to death in order to make the TV series that make the audience love.

As long as you know how huge and professional the behind -the -scenes production team of “Quanyou” is, no one will doubt whether their production costs will be too high.

As long as the audience who has watched “Quanyou” will never play in a second because of props, sets, etc.

Because of this, as long as the audience who has watched “Quanyou” also believes that the existence of the magical continent, I believe that the ghosts, the sons of the forest, the savage, the giant, the flying dragon …

Every time you travel, you will imagine that you can one day, riding a fire dragon, galloping on the battlefield of ice and fire, leading thousands of troops to move forward.









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