Valentine’s Day is almost here, do you want to give girlfriends?

[Watch House Watch Recommendation] Romantic men will always send a surprise to their beloved people in various festivals to give their lover a full sense of festival ritual. It’s almost the annual romantic Tanabata. Do you start to worry about giving your lover again? In addition to beauty products, bags, maybe you can pass your preferences to your lover. Today, I have selected three women’s watches with a public price of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan, and you can spoil your lover into a little princess.

Earl Possession series G0A45064

Product model: G0A45064

Domestic public price: ¥ 136000

Watch diameter: 29 mm

Case thickness: 7.47 mm

Movement type: quartz

Movement model: 56p

C case material: 18K platinum, inlaid 42 bright cut -cut US diamonds (about 1.03 carats)

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch watch review:

Since its birth in 1990, the running series when Piaget Piaget Possession fascinated the agile and playful rotating circular design. This lady’s watch is equipped with Piaget 56P movement, and the 29mm platinum case is paired with pale pink pearl mother shell -inlaid dial, which is smart and shining. This senior lady’s watch is equipped with replaceable pink crocodile leather strap, which can be replaced by the strap. The rotating bezel highlights the iconic charm of the Possession series. Each rotation is accompanied by luck, success and joy, giving the wearer’s bright vitality. The sculpted diamonds surrounded the rainbow surface and circulated the transformation, making this lady’s senior watch blooming with a glamor. In a moment, time turned into a laughter.

Pamaqiangni Tongda Series PFC283-0063600-XC2421

Product model: PFC283-0063600-XC2421

Domestic public price: ¥ 122600

Watch diameter: 33.7 mm

Case thickness: 9.6 mm

Movement type: automatic machinery

Movement model: PF318

Case material: stainless steel diamond

: Tonda Métropolitaine Sélène is an elegant and exquisite work. This watch is a dazzling dial made of pink pearls with 72 diamonds. At the same time, it is equipped with the brand’s homemade PF318 automatic movement movement, and the luminous pointer adopts a classic triangular design. In addition, the moon phase display and small seconds needle display are located at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively. On the dial, surrounded by stars and clouds, the moon is looming between them, and the night sky of nature is exquisitely and truly between the watches. Let time record love, and also gives her a love of girlfriends/wife on the bright moon on the wrist, and gives her together.

Glashti original ladies series 1-90-12-04-12-02

Product model: 1-90-12-04-12-02

Domestic public price: ¥ 141500

Watch diameter: 39.40 mm

Case thickness: 12 mm

Movement model: 90-12

C case material: stainless steel, bezel gem 64 bright cut diamond (about CA. 0.95ct, TW-VVS)

Glashti’s original “Heart” biased moon phase watch is a special pink biased moon phase watch brought by the brand’s exclusive Chinese women with optimistic and elegant Chinese women. The right “eccentric” design is a harmonious tacit love. The eccentric discharge of the dial is the charm of the watchmate, just like the growing rose petals, which is dazzling, showing the ultimate beauty of the golden segmentation. The pearl mother shellfish turned into a layered cloud, 83 exquisite and beautiful diamonds surrounded, and the soft silver moon told the legend. The goose egg -shaped calendar window is like good eyes, adding a bit of romance.


情人节快到了 想好送女朋友什么礼物了吗

The time is endless and love is infinite. Sending a watch is a very romantic thing. You can use time to witness the beautiful memories of love, and use time to lock the sweetness of love. Bless you can work with your lover through every spring, summer, autumn and winter, every Valentine’s Day.

情人节快到了 想好送女朋友什么礼物了吗

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Waterproof depth: 30 meters

Watch watch review:

情人节快到了 想好送女朋友什么礼物了吗

Watch watch review:

Movement type: automatic machinery

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