Retro camp wind!Japanese brand KAPITAL’s new thick bottom 3D-KOUNTRY WALLABEE shoes

Japanese legendary tannin brand Kapital recently launched a new thick sole 3D-KOUNTRY WALLABEE shoes. This shoe uses the appearance of the Wallabee desert boots and is made of suede material.There are a lot of thickness, and the retro flags of multiple Kapital and Kountry are added to create a strong outdoor camping style.

复古营地风!日本品牌 KAPITAL全新厚底 3D-KOUNTRY Wallabee鞋款

Kapital 3D-Kountry Wallabee shoes have two color options: desert color and black, priced at 69,080 yen (about RMB 4489). It is currently on the Kapital official website. Interested readers can pay attention.

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