I only know wearing a trench coat in spring? You can try these three short coats this year, which is thin and high -level and stylish

I did not expect that spring came so fast, and everyone changed into new clothes, especially when the temperature gradually increased, many people also tried to use a variety of light jackets. There are no other choices in the windbreaker.

In fact, there are three other short jackets in the fashion circle this year that is very suitable for us to match, showing the fashionable temperament, while covering the meat and thinness, and the fashion trend people love it.

1. Be careful of jackets in spring

tips1. Try more material with a stiff material

For example: suit, denim fabric

Pay attention to choosing a jacket in spring, that is, the material, the material is better, so that the effect of the body will be much better, such as the popular suit and denim products now

It belongs to a relatively stiff material. The texture of these materials looks very good. It is not easy to deform when wearing it, and it is more suitable for slightly fat figures.

tips2. Short jacket is more figure than long jacket

Note: The length is in the thinnest part of the waist

In the spring season, everyone wears less and less clothes, and the style of clothes is getting easier and simpler. But if you want to choose a coat

It should also be remembered that short coats can more modify their figure than long jackets. The long coat is not very friendly for the small man, and it may be low, but the short coat can help us adjust our figure.

When you choose a short jacket, the length of the coat should be in the thinnest part of the waist, so that you can divide your body to the greatest extent and stretch your legs.

tips3. Add popular color to add color to the shape

Recommended color: blue, green, yellow

If you usually choose a jacket, do you only know the use of the basic black and white? If you want to show a sense of fashion, you can actually try other popular colors

Like blue, green, this belongs to the color system that is very suitable for spring, and it looks fresh.


But what kind of color is suitable for your skin quality


Some people belong to white skin, and they can hold any colors. Some people belong to yellow skin, which is suitable for wearing cold colors.

2. Introduction to short jackets popular this year

① denim jacket

The first jacket in spring is a denim jacket. Most of the materials of the denim jacket are relatively stiff, and you will feel sharp and generous on your body.


It is very suitable for younger sisters with a slightly fat body and a large skeleton. Moreover, there are more and more styles of denim jackets. Basic solid color models, stylish prints, and even some jackets will be incorporated into irregular tailoring.

Moreover, the denim jacket style is diverse. It can not only be sweet but also handsome. It looks very casual with jeans. With a dress, it can show the feminine side.

② suit

When it comes to suit, many people may have been tired of it. They always feel that the suit is too serious, but in daily life, a short suit can be used to remove the concave shape

, Help you adjust the proportion. The matching of the short suit looks simple and neat. If you are not good, you can use the short suit near the waist to match the high waist.

However, the normal length of the suit is very good. The length of the length can also be modified near the hips. Girls with pear -shaped figures can start.

③ knitted jacket

The knitted jacket comes with a soft atmosphere, which is a must -have for Miss Gentle Wind. Choose a fitted jacket. It can bring you more elegant and fashionable temperament, and most of the knitted jackets that are popular in spring and summer are bright colors, so that the whole person will be more energetic, such as white, pink, and red.


3. Fashionable matching demonstration

(Mixed -match suit)

Choosing a jacket can create a variety of styles,

Don’t be limited to a style when wearing a jacket. Like the suit below, a variety of fashionable dressing is presented. With a purple suit concave shape, you can choose a pink shirt, or you can choose a white T -shirt. Essence

The colors can collide with wonderful sparks. The lower body can be paired with suit pants or a skirt. These methods can make the style more diverse.

(Denim jacket mix and match dress)


The second is the denim jacket that often uses in spring and summer. Many people think that the denim jacket style is relatively neutral, and boys and girls can wear it. So when girls use denim jackets, they often add some more feminine clothing.

It is quite common to wear dresses and denim jackets. Even you can use the following floral dress below to show a gentle and fresh atmosphere. It is also very layered with a pure -colored denim jacket.

Then you can also learn the bloggers with this short coat with a long dress. By the way, the leg length will be adjusted by matching the short boots.

In this article, we learned about fashion items other than windbreakers. These coats are also suitable for spring and summer. The style is simple and generous, and the plasticity is very strong. It has a strong modification effect on the figure. Girls with different styles can control. If you don’t have it in your wardrobe, it is recommended to start.

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