Short and back -long shoulder -in -headed sweaters, wardrobe bottoming must -have

The clothes style is also extremely simple,


Long and back long, side split, shoulder sleeves, high collar,

The combination of several elements has achieved this loose casual hood.


Line: Nine -colored Lodas Alpaca


Use needle: No. 11 (positive body) No. 12 (neckline, cuffs, clothing)


Dosage: There are more than the nine regiments


Weaving density: No. 11 needle 10 square centimeters = 28 stitches*36 lines

Size: Bust of Bust 50cm Pack 62cm Large Film 52cm sleeve length 60cm (from collar edge to cuffs)

Weaving instructions:

I. The rear film: 150 stitches on the 12th needle, 6cm woven dual thread, and the number 11 needle to be uniform to 142 knitting flat needles 120 lines. At this time Point 4-2-16, 2-2-4, remain 50 needles.

Second, the front film: 150 stitches on the 12th needle, 6cm dual threads, then reduced to 142 stitches, replaced the No. 11 knitting needle 98 lines, the total length of 35cm was opened, 6 stitches were collected, and the small swallow was 4-2-13. 2-2-4, starting the collar before closing the needle for the 11th needle, 14 stitches in the middle, and then reduced 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 needle, and 3 stitches on the other side.

Third, left sleeve: 62 stitches on the 12th needle, after 28 lines (6cm), then uniformly reduced to 58 stitches, replaced No. 11 knitting flat needle, adding needles to 8-1-19-19, adding to 98 stitches , No more weaving four rows, flattening six stitches, one side reduction of the pins on one side, one side of the same film. After the same side of the front side is ended, press 2-3-2, 2-2-4 to reduce the needle until the other side is reduced.

Fourth, below the right sleeve mountain is the same as the left sleeve, and the sleeves are symmetrical and the left sleeve are symmetrical.


Fifth, after the cuffs are sutured with the positive body, the 12th needle is picked up, and the number of needles is distributed to the front 70+ shoulder 20+50+ shoulder 20 = 160 stitches. The needle is ended.


Attach the simple illustration you do:

Simple Korean version of the Korean version of the loose coating, do you like it?

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