Golden Nannan’s level classification and identification!

First, Jin Sinan’s texture is roughly divided into three levels: ordinary, high -quality, and best.


The patterns of Pupin are: cloth grid, peak pattern, golden silk pattern


The lines of boutique are: water wave pattern, tiger skin pattern, golden line pattern, gold ingot pattern, etc.

The best lines are: the best waves, mules, blisters, lightning patterns

2. Place of origin:

It is mainly produced in the provinces of Sichuan, western Hubei, Yunnan, Guizhou and south of the Yangtze River. According to records, among all the golden silk nanmu, Sichuan’s golden silk Nannan material is the best and belongs to the national second -level protected plant in China.

Third, meaning (function):


The texture is gentle and soft, the texture is delicate, and the fragrance is fragrant. It has the effects of awakening spleen and dampness, removing diseases, rectification, exorcising evils, and recruiting money.


Four, how to play:

The correct disk can not only maintain the texture of the golden silk hand bead itself, but also make the golden silk of the golden silk hand beads perfectly present, more shiny, transparent in the bead body, the color of amber fluorescent and paste. Aesthetics.

1. Playing golden silk, cleaning is the prerequisite; first use cotton gloves or silk cloth to rub the surface of the hand beads. This can remove the wood powder on the surface of the hand beads. Fluorescence and transparency on the week. It is forbidden to use hands to directly dish and sweat, water, and oil.


2. After a week, place it naturally for a week. Let the beads dry naturally. At the same time, the surface is evenly connected with the air to form a fine and uniform oxidation protective layer. If you have conditions, you can set a special refrigerator for a low -temperature collection. After one week, take it out and continue to put it for a week to let the surface of the hand bead contact the air to oxidize with the air.


3. Start the hand disk. At this time, the hands must have just been washed and have been dry. Do not directly disk, it is best to wear sand cloth gloves. Dry hands and sweaty hands can be directly disk. Note that the mouth of the pearls must be trapped around. It can be about 30 minutes a day. After a week to two weeks, you can feel that there is a sense of stickiness when you do the dried plate beads. In fact, the beads have formed a thin layer of paste.


4. At this time, you can place it for a while and then dry it naturally. Also hardened the slurry for a certain degree. Generally around a week

5. The process of repeating 3 and 4 is five to six times, which is 2-3 months, and you will be surprised to find that the surface of the Jin Si Nan’s hand beads is crystal clear, the golden gold is charming, the phantom moves, and the aura is full of aura.

Five, maintenance


1. Golden silk nanmu cannot be dipped in water or exposure. If you get water, you don’t have to worry too much. You can put it in a cool place to dry.

2. Jin Si Nan is afraid of banging. Jin Si Nan is relatively soft -bearing wooden sandalwood, so friends who like Jin Sinan have to prevent this Jin Si Nan banged into hard objects.

3. You can use olive oil to maintain golden silk nanmu bracelets. This can well protect the golden silk nanmu bracelet, which can reduce friction and play a good protective role.


4. Our golden nanmu bracelets need to be placed in a hygienic environment, and the golden silkwood has a good texture and can drive the bugs well. Don’t worry about this.

Note: If you are not cautiously stained and dirty, turn black or lose your luster, you can rub your hands with a small amount of natural olive oil and then put the beads on the handle. Next, use a special small bag to raise it, and then repeat two or three steps. After about three or four months, you will be surprised to find that the surface of the Jin Si Nan’s hand beads is crystal clear, the golden gold is charming, and the steps are moved. Phantom, full of aura.

6. Differential (true and false)

Golden silk nanmu bracelet has delicate texture, and the wood grain also has shiny golden silk, or dark fine stripes in the room.

1. Wooden-golden nanmu’s new cut surface is yellow-brown, or with green, and the golden silk nanmu bracelet made of ballpoints is still yellow-brown and very elegant.

2. Golden-Golden Sannu Handiculum is composed of multiple golden beads made of round beads. If you carefully observe the golden beads of golden silk, you can find that no matter which angle is, you can see that Jin Sisi repeatedly repeatedly gold silk can be seen. And gold silk is very uniform. If you put the golden silk hand in the sun, there will be repeated golden flashing and glorious phenomenon. In addition, the golden silk color is golden and the luster is very strong!


3, fragrance-Golden silk Nanmu hand string exudes fragrance, and the fragrance will not be lost due to the outside, but will become more obvious over time. In addition, in the rain, the fragrance of the golden nanmu bracelet will be very obvious.

4, texture-golden silk nan’s wooden texture is gentle and soft, it is not cool in winter, cool and comfortable in summer, it can be described as warm in winter and cool in summer.

5. Material-Golden Silk Nanmu’s moisture-proof, insect-proof, corrosion resistance is strong, and it is not easy to deform. Therefore, the golden silk nanmu bracelet is not easy to be molded and moldy, and can be deworming, and it is durable and easy to maintain.

Seven, the established standard of the golden silkwood beads:

First-level collection: The gold silk content must reach 90%-100%, the age of the tree must reach more than thousands of years, the quality of the quality is excellent, the golden silk luster is very strong in the light. Chrysanthemum pattern, dragon gangs, cloud patterns, etc. If the grain texture is rich or regular, it can reach the level of the orphan. The solitary product can not be required. It must be a bead made of the same piece in order to ensure the continuity of the texture.

Secondary collection: The gold silk content reaches 80%-90%, and the number reaches more than 800 years. Golden tiger leather patterns, gold ingot patterns, water blisters, etc.

Three-level collection: 70%-80%of the gold silk content, between the age of 300-800 years. The general three -level lines include ordinary water ripples, golden peak patterns, and beautiful mountain peak patterns.

Ordinary level: The insiders are also called currency, there are not many gold silk, the content is below 70%, and the age of the tree is less than 300 years. To the golden silk texture, the common lines are golden silk patterns, cloth patterns and mountain peak patterns.

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