How to choose the first big -name bag of girls? These 30 backpacks are not out of date for ten years

It’s almost the end of the year, and all kinds of New Year’s money and year -end awards are almost in place?



Should I buy a bag


As a girl, there are not a few who are there

Dream package

Every time I get it, I can be excited for several days, and I can’t wait to sleep in the quilt!

After a year of hard work, it is time to do myself. I can’t make a long -term big bag for a long time, right?


after all


Budget limited

So before starting, give the sisters some suggestions:


Because it is the first bag, many sisters generally give priority to some consideration


Brand recognition


Today, I also organize some big -name bags to start with everyone according to everyone’s needs.

Classic and durable bags


After writing, I all thought about all in!

Hurry up, which is yours


Fate is destined to be the first big bag

Let’s start according to your needs and budget!




The bag should be regarded as the small ceiling in the bag. After all, who would not be willing to have a Birkin, Kelly, Constance …?


However, the price of more than 100,000 yuan has to be distributed. It really can’t stand it. It is better to look at other classic models, at least there is the possibility of possessing.


food basket

It is considered an entry level, and the price is not outrageous. It is still very suitable as the first Hermes bag.

Picture source: Muzigouau Muzigouau

The shape is really quite poke. It feels like a bucket bag, and the back of the shoulders is not violated. size

Recommended 18


, To be touching, I ca n’t afford Birkin, just use this to satisfy the heart that I want to buy Aime Master ~


If you have enough budget and consider value preservation,



It is a good choice and Hermes’ popularity.

The shape is quite chic, and both shoulders and hands are available. I personally recommend everyone to choose



, The size is right, the practicality is very strong, the classic of ten thousand years!

Hermes was still launched in the early autumn 2019


Mini lindy

I think this is more cute, and the capacity is not small, the temperament will be more casual, the price is … and even more friendly.


Coco Chanel was designed by himself. It was born in February 1955, so it is called 2.55.


Later, Lafayette re -issued a 2.55 according to Miss Coco’s design, which was this

Reissue 2.55


It’s right.


This bag is really a classic,


Chain, diamond, lady lock


…… Very Chanel style.




The median is also a very famous classic. It only needs 3W+before, and now it has increased the price to 6W+, but the preservation is really worthy, and the budget is enough to enter.

The biggest difference between it and 2.55 is the buckle and chain. As the first bag of a girl, it can make you


From student back to retirement

Essence However, I recommend black and light -colored dirty. Whoever buys who regrets it!



Compared with the previous two, there are not so many history. It was launched in 2019, but it gathered all the classic elements of Chanel, with a high degree of recognition.

The overall body is soft, with a little pillow bag, and the style is more casual and free, and the price is more friendly than the previous two.

Compared to the consistent elegant style of Chanel bags, this CHANEL Leboy’s CHANEL Leboy is obvious.



A lot, no matter what style you can match.

In addition to this classic color system, LEBOY has many other styles, such as the laser Leboy of the 18 -year show, but this is not able to withstand the test of time. Unless you have leisure money, you still have caution.






It is to pay tribute to Coco Chanel and directly named her name Gabrielle.

In the past two years, the stray bag was simply the top flow in the top, and the stars were also carried by various goods. I don’t believe someone has not worked for it.

Although the heat has been reduced a lot in the past two years, it is still ranked among Chanel’s bags, and there are still many new designs, which is also very practical, so it is relatively valuable to start.


The oldest history

A bag, and it is still Audrey Hepburn’s love model, the classic level is naturally self -evident, and the price is real.


Speedy is not only classic, but also can be installed, can be installed, and can be installed. It is enough for daily use. I recommend it in size.


, More practical.

LV’s old flowers are really classic, but many sisters will feel a little old, but



This one is really a ceiling with old flower bag, and the bag design is very young.

Golden Chen mid -number Dauphine Reba minidauphine


Although it is currently not as hot as in 2019, it is not able to look at it and versatile, it is worth starting!


There are actually a lot of colors, but in the summary, I buy it honestly if I want to be outdated


Classic color scheme


, More impatient.


Where is the sister who likes Totbag? LV’s this



It can be said that it is a must -have. The capacity is large and the self -heavy is definitely a style with excellent practicality.

This bag type can still customize the pattern by myself, but I personally recommend more

Laohua and checkerboard grid

Well, the style is more classic and more recognizable, and the size selection is sufficient.

You may not know its name, but you must have seen this bag!

The five -in -one year of LV is a real fire. The most important thing is that buying one can get 3 bags, which can be obliquely across, can carry it, can be shoulder, and can be underarsed …

King of cost performance

It belongs to yes.

If you think the price is relatively high, you can also buy this alone

Mahjong bag

, Small starting is almost 7000+, which is also a good choice for entry level. You can arrange it without gritting.

Source: refreshing macular vkfe


loop this

Pea bag


It belongs to the fire when it is on the market. It is not only a classic underarm bag style, but also LV blessings.


It has a chain shoulder strap and a leather shoulder strap, and the shoulder -handed hand looks like a thief, and the price is reasonable.

If you want a novel -style bag as the first big -name bag, this can fully meet the requirements.

Who wouldn’t do it

GG Marmont

Crazy? The old large metal chain, the double G logo buckle design, the practical and versatile bag, can almost hold various occasions.


Of course, because it is



In addition, the price is still conscience, so the probability of hitting the bag is relatively high, so you can also consider other colors and materials ~

To say that Gucci’s retro flavor is the most intense, it must be the 1955 series bags, whether it is a bag type or



The design and the old flower pattern are full of modern styles in the 1970s.


I think this bag is more biased towards

Leisure and college style

It is not difficult to match. There are many other packaging types in the 1955 series, but if it is practical, this is the best choice.

Lady doror

Born in 1955, it was loved by Princess Diana. Almost accompanied the princess to attend large and small occasions. Later, this bag was officially named “Lady Dior”, which is the Dai Fei bag that everyone said.

I personally think this bag is relatively biased



, It is more suitable for the more ladies and elegant girls. In terms of color, of course, black will be more secure.


If you want to try this bag, but you don’t want to be too dignified, then you can try


Lady d-lite

, The bag type is the same, but the style is not so restricted and better.


Dior saddle bag

It was originally released on the 2000 spring and summer clothes show. Because of the design of the design, it became a well -deserved IT BAG. Later, in 2018, he returned again, and there was no suspense again.


I love this version, so cool to no friends, the recognition is also very high, and it is versatile. But if you have to pick a problem, it is because of the pack type,


Practicality is really not very strong

Can’t stuff too many things.

Compared to saddle bags, I think


Mengtian 30


It will be better. This bag is named after the Dior brand’s first boutique address “No. 30 Mengtian Avenue”, which is quite meaningful.

Although the shape is not as special as saddle bags, the face value and practicality are online, which can be regarded as the current popular model.

Its color is still quite a lot, but compared to solid colors, I think the old flowers will be more flavorful, and the sisters can start on demand.


Although the bags in St. Roland have always been hot, it must be


Who uses who is so fragrant!

Double chain design, can be shoulder or obliquely,


Can be used all year round


, All the universal models that can be put in!

Unlike some other big -name bags, it is more expensive, Niki is equivalent


Wear -resistant and durable


And the capacity is also big and touching. Believe me, as long as you start, this is definitely the highest utilization bag!

The underarm bag is really hot in the past two years, and St. Roland has also launched a underarm bag, which is this, this is this


Le 5 à 7

The translation is “from 5 to 7 in the evening.”


This bag is super pretty

French retro

The taste is simple and generous and full of texture. If you want to enter the underarm bag, and you want a new one, you can consider placing an order.

To say a representative bag of FENDI, it must be the originator of the stick bag


In the fashion Bible “Desire City”, it is simply a dream package of girls, retro and elegant.

“This is not a baby, it’s a baguette.”.


From 1997 to the present, this bag of FENDI has launched more than a thousand styles. All elements and materials you can think of have appeared in BagueTte.

Classic ones are naturally taken from FUN FUR

Double F

Old flowers, but if you like other styles, this bag will never disappoint you.




The bag type is actually a classic old bag that has existed since the establishment of Celine, and it is also a style that will not be outdated.


It is a bit biased as a whole


Cold wind


, But in the texture of the texture, it is true that it feels gentle and firm.


In terms of size, I think TEN will be better, and it is enough to go out every day.



The style is actually an upgraded version of Classic. I think this is more durable and delicate.


Unlike Classic, the lock of this bag uses Celine classic


Arc de Triomphe

You can recognize at a glance. In addition to the solid color system, the style of the old flower print is also quite beautiful.


You should be no stranger to this underarm bag. From last year to this year, but the popularity has not diminished, the more you look at it, the more you look at it, the more you want to start.

This bag was only more than 8,000 when it was launched. Now because it is too popular, it has successfully broke through the 1W mark, but it can’t hold the beauty and can still enter.

Prada’s three -in -one nylon bag

Which sister doesn’t know? Not only is the style very cool, but also a lot of back method. It can be used as a underarm bag, and it can also be used as a messenger bag. Another small bag is given, and the price is also very fragrant.


Those who are slightly less budget can be included in this Prada nylon bag. Although it can only be used as an underarm bag or a hand, the price is indeed a few thousand.

Although the popularity is not high before, it is indeed true

Loewe’s classic model

The recognition is very high. Now Luo Yiwei will continue to launch this new color matching and size. As a big -name bag entry, it is still quite valuable.

If you want to buy a new one, you can also consider the Puzzle Hobo, the classic underarm pack style of the 10,000 -year -old underarm, plus the tireless line shape, the fried chicken out of the circle, and it is not easy to hit the bag.



It is Luo Yiwei’s new bag this year. Although the classic is not very high, it is also a very popular player, and the bag is covered with the classic of Luo Yi’s brand.


Anagram pattern

So it’s quite dazzling.

Because the packaging type is a bit round, if you don’t want to be too drum, the size will be selected.



The price is only 10,000, the capacity is quite large, and it has both practical beauty and cost -effective.


If you want to choose the most representative bag in the Parisian family, I must vote for it


The shape of the Holy Bag and the bag is full of shape, and the horizontal shape looks sharp and avant -garde.

I think the benefits of Hourglass are that its style is very neutral and the package type is special, so you don’t need to consider the problem of matching.



Although the Yun Duo bag was very hot before, but to tell the truth, this kind of bag is too picky, and it is difficult to match. It is better to consider this one.


Classic Case+BV Classic Weaving Elements

, Exudes a high -level lazy sense of fashion.


And its color matching is really super, from high -end color to small fresh color systems. It is said that the designer will leave the BV brand afterwards. Will it be difficult to say if it will be difficult to find?

Well, today I have given you a total of nearly 30 big -name bags. Which brand do you choose to start with the first big -name bag?

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