Ascended the Spring Festival Gala twice, Zhu Jiejing is too beautiful

Zhu Jiejing is too unique.


Her uniqueness is.

Among the stars of marketing by a “light as a chrysanthemum”, she contrary to it and run counter to it.

Generally speaking, many people are asked when they are asked by the word “ambition”.


They are all clear decorations, vaguely.

But Zhu Jiejing is different.

She never concealed for “ambition”.


It is always looking directly at the desire.

In “Dance Forest”, she talked about her career in her career sincerely.

Do not avoid, do not decorate.

Calm and calm.

Faced with jury seats and audiences, he also sincerely expressed his desire to get recognition.

she says:

“Our dancers are not just dancers dancing for singers, but also the background of the people’s walls of major evening partys. We are individuals.”

As far as her, ambition is never a shame.

She was not willing to make green leaves.

The yearning is seen;

What is pursuing is appreciated.

In the show.

She used a song “Wait”, full of personal demands.

Each dance movement again was lost yesterday.

She touched herself and comforted herself.


It’s like saying to himself that although dancers are poor, they are happy.

Therefore, when the audience was watching this dance, they felt two layers of meaning.

One is the artistic interpretation of “Waiting” itself.


The second is Zhu Jiejing’s own talk.

She is waiting for recognition, waiting for the realization of self -worth.

Cinderella does not have to be charming.

It is not necessarily a sacrifice on his head, and Qinzhu behind his ears.

But Cinderella’s story must not be annihilated.

Because she wants to glow, there is heat.

have to say.

Compared to the kind of quietness on the surface, the artist who wants to be red through the sky.

Zhu Jiejing’s “straight ball” method is really attractive.

So, can her strength support ambitions?

The answer is yes.

First of all, in terms of appearance conditions.

Zhu Jiejing is undoubtedly a natural dancer.

This Jiangnan woman born in Jiaxing has a slender figure and a dusty temperament.

She sat on the ground and became a landscape, enough to stun everyone.

No need to speak.

Raise your hands and throw your feet, have thousands of styles.

Secondly, she has a goal and perseverance. Being able to carry things is calm enough.


For many years, it has long been ready to go.

As a frequent visitor to the Spring Festival Gala, she amazing the public for two consecutive years.

In “Chenguang Qu”.

She led a digital dancer, folded her waist, moved slightly, and worked out.


When holding the cheeks, although he said nothing.

It seemed like Wu Nong’s soft words in his ears.

Regardless of low eyebrows, or vertical eyelashes.

Each of her movements is graceful.


A pawn fan, square food.

Mu Mu Chenguang, the days are so fragrant in the bland.

In 2021, she appeared on the Spring Festival Gala again.

This time, she turned into Zhu Xi with both shape and spirit.

Every move shows all things.

Dance borrows anthropomorphic expression and metaphors in the plot.

Drawing green for “dry mountains” calls on people to be in awe of nature.

When it comes to this dance drama.

Zhu Jiejing said that this was a drama that she poured the most.


Of course, the scene of applause Lei Ming also proved that her dedication and gain were proportional.


For a while, report on Zhu Jiejing.

Almost linked to words such as “Qing Su” and “Ming Jie”.

In the eyes of the public, she is elegant jasmine.

When she appeared, she should be wearing a light -colored gauze and twisted Jiequ.

But they may have forgotten.

Zhu Jiejing is far more than a pot of pleasant tea.

She is still the intoxicating spirits, which is naturally charming and dangerous.

A few years ago, she had helped the guest.

Go to “This is Hip -hop”, helping Liang Liang.

The blending of dance has increased the color to “Pharaoh and Snake”.

But the most important thing is her stunned performance.

In the opening three seconds, everyone turned into a clay sculpture woodcarving, and the place was shocked.

Because Zhu Jiejing in front of him is simply a green snake snake!


The word “charm”, tightly around the eyebrows.


On the limbs.

The greed and entanglement of the snake to swallow the elephant was expressed to the extreme.

Should be in a hurry.

If everyone is filled with soul soup, they do not consciously lose their souls.

Their faces were not ripple, but their hearts were dark.


There are banshee and Li, who is talking about her.

Similarly, in “Butterfly”.

She plays Mi Qing, and Liu’s eyes are picked, everywhere is enchanting.

In this parasitic ceremony, the shadow of the faded out of the faded out of the soul disappeared.

I can only sigh after watching the breath:


It turns out that beautiful women are killed, really don’t need a knife!

It is indeed the chief dancer of the Shanghai Song and Dance Troupe.

It is worthy of Yang Liping’s eyes, the perfect world stunner.

In her dictionary, two words are extremely critical.


One is natural beauty,

One is inherently inspirational.

Because of the excellent conditions.

From the beginning, Zhu Jiejing was not a child standing at the foot of the mountain.

But she was not proud.

The time of this practice will not be slack.

The snacks that should be eliminated did not steal at all.

In her opinion, whether it was before or present.

The word talent just repeats hard work.


“Repeat things constantly, you are an expert, and you are particularly focused on doing things. You are everyone.”


To a certain extent, the sadness behind the dancer has been spoken.

And about Zhu Jie’s dance life.

Just a picture below is enough to interpret.

In the picture,


It’s bright and dull.


It is glorious and frustrated.

Behind the scenes and behind the scenes are two kinds of lives with huge contrast.

Zhu Jiejing in our eyes.

Coming from warm color, Chan Ruo Xing, glory.

And actually Zhu Jiejing.

It’s cold in the cold color, frost and rain dew, a single shot.

She was dazzling under the light.

But most people’s attention only see light.


The cold day and night behind them were automatically ignored.

In an interview.

The reporter found that her cabinet had the same clothes almost the whole row.

It was later learned.

Those clothes are actually in the lifting.


Because of the fading, the glorious “retirement”.

In 2009, she was very injured. Knee dislocation, ligament tears.


At that time, she was planning to appear in the female No. 1 of “Sisters on the Stage.”

There is a chance to miss it.

When the doctor told her the words “can’t dance anymore”.

She instantly felt that the road was chaotic, and she was a pool of dead water.

In half a year, she built a high wall.

The lights outside, she was alone. Even once sinking, I wanted to give up treatment.

The negative idea swallowed her like chronic poison.

During the dance drama rehearsal, she had a crutch and limped to the scene.

When she saw the role that originally belonged to her, she was helpless.

Flowers and applause are others.

She gradually realized.

She had withered before she really bloomed.


Wake up at midnight.

She also imagined that she was standing on the stage and dancing.

Maybe it’s been a long time in the haze.

One day, she suddenly realized.

Well, life is unhappy. The city of car is not allowed.

She finally opened up and decided to receive treatment.


This rushing person, ironing bumps.

Stand again in the middle of the stage and dance lightly.



She was not defeated.

Give her three feet.

She poured with sweat, sowed with perseverance, and returned you for a spring.

“Sister Zhu”, who can cross the river, returned.

Although I don’t agree with “pain is the source of art creation”.

But I have to say that the pain of the artists can always be applied to the creation.

Zhu Jiejing is no exception.


The experience of the dark clouds.

When she played her role, she had a richer emotional experience.

Sweet and bitter, laughing and tears.


She was blends into the dance one by one.

She is becoming more emotional.

Outside the scene, the crying nose and nose were flowing, and it became a commonplace.

Today, she is in a state of desperately desperately.

Two days of tour, rotating to major theaters.

Almost a day.

She stared at the time hourglass, and fought in seconds.


Today, it is completed today, so as not to let the years of stealing take advantage of them.

After her job is completed, she also acts as a universal screw.

Busy and behind the stage.

Over time, the director’s thinking has become increasingly prominent.

When recording “This is Hip -hop”.

She is familiar with the sound control, understands the light, and clearly dispatchs.

Each ring of on -site producers is fingering.

There will be no time to pull. It will still be like a basic training course when you were a kid.



do the splits,


over and over again.

Even if you are tired, you are still insisting.


In her eyes, it is sinful.


“If you are not dedicated, you will lose your job.” It became her motto.

The most admirable key point is–

Under the high -intensity performance, she will never be dull like a small man.

It is always shaking.

So far, “Zhu Xi” has completed hundreds of tour.

Every time she performed, she was reborn.

Because she knows.

Someone was not far away, and she came across more than half of China, just to see her.

She was responsible for her shoulders.

If you jump for a second, you can give others a second fragrance.

Then she also wanted to get the dark fragrance sleeve.

When she was a child, she always thought.

Only after changing to the puff skirt can you be eligible to be a dancer.

Today, there are no skirts and no dance shoes.

Without stage and accompaniment, she can dance.


Dance is no longer just her career. And becoming a subtle way of life.

She is adjacent to the wind and is accompanied by dance.

Use your limbs to establish contact with the world.


Even if it is a boring place, you can cultivate the flower of the desert.

This year, she is 36 years old.


The precipitation of time made her a lot.

She implemented ambitions and walked to her preset positioning.

When people mention Zhu Ji bird, the first thought of the first part is her name.

And she no longer uses the result as the criterion.

Right now, her focus is to be a life subtraction.

Remove the dirt and explore inward.

In terms of physical function, she may no longer be the golden age.


But in terms of individual spiritual experience, she is in a good time.

she says:

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