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Skin care

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It may be because I am a sensitive muscle myself, which is more serious when I get up early, so there are always some sensitive muscles in the article, so there may be new fans from others


After seeing my article, I followed me and left a message.

Let’s talk about sensitive muscles and sensitive muscles.

In fact, they are two different concepts. Simply put: sensitive muscles are a term, which refers to something of a certain nature, where it refers to the skin that is sensitive; then allergies, it means a state, such as the recent skin allergies, which means that the skin is allergic to allergies. A state.

Sensitive muscles: The skin is fragile and easy to allergic, but there is no allergic symptoms (skin inflammation), but it is easier to be allergic than normal skin, and special care is required.


2.1 It looks thin and allergic to the skin, and the red blood on the face is obvious (expanding capillaries).

2.2 The skin is prone to redness, general temperature changes, too cold or overheating, and the skin is prone to redness and heat.

2.3 Easy to suffer


Factors, seasonal changes, and facial skin care products are usually attributed to genetic factors, but more because of the use of hormone cosmetics to become sensitive skin.

Allergic muscle: It is a kind of skin inflammation caused by the outside world or itself.


2.1 Itching of the skin, I always want to scratch a few times

2.2 Elits or blockbusters appear in some parts

2.3 Skin is burning or even painful

2.4 Local swelling

2.5 Small bumps grow on the skin, but not like acne

2.6 A string of small bubbles appear

2.7 Local skin ulcers

The above these are allergic skin.

The sensitive muscles are at least normal skin, but they are a little worse than healthy skin, just like me. Although it is short, it is also a complete person.

Allergic muscle is the skin that has already occurred, just like the injured person.

(Take a dwarf for example, you should know it ~ tears!)

The two are associated: sensitive muscles need to take care of it. If it is used to use products, it is very easy to become allergic muscles.

If you are now appearing erythema or large flushing, a string of small blisters, skin ulcers and other skin allergies.

please remember:

1. Stopped everything in your hand

Product, including facial cleanser, don’t think of keeping your face clean at this time, otherwise there will be a worse bacteria. You think too much. Every environment has a self -ecological cycle. Since you are now destroyed, don’t want to anymore, don’t want to anymore Use some outer mandatory cleaning to destroy the self -repair of the skin.

2. Don’t make up, don’t use sunscreen, because you use these two, you have to clean at night, and then during allergies, it is best not to do anything. There are masks with sunscreen, masks (scary? Then there is no way! You can scare yourself if you don’t scare! You can measure it by yourself)

3. Don’t be obsessed with the circle of friends


All kinds of three -free products are claimed to treat what to treat ……… even if your mother, Amway, do not use it.

4. Don’t go to the pharmacy to buy medicines, please see dermatologists

5, do not make enough

Facial mask


Don’t toss ……… There is a saying that it is not supplemented. When the skin is damaged, it will not only waste money, but it will deteriorate. Then you will think: Hey, this

Isn’t it very gentle? It didn’t get better after applying it, but it was serious. Just like red dates are blood, but don’t eat a reason when getting angry: use things in the right place to show its value!

Skin allergies, what you can do:

Don’t use anything

Products, cosmetics, see a doctor, quietly waiting for skin recovery, exercise, early rest, eat more vegetables.

Regarding cleaning: 1. Dry skin, no need to wash your face at all, it’s okay for a few days.

2. Oily skin, soak the water with clean hair and twist it, and press gently.


I remember when the wind was blowing in winter when I was a kid, I had a red face. At that time, I would wipe my mother’s baby frost more on the cheeks.

So I should belong to the skin that is naturally skinny.


There are also various attempts on the road. Of course, all kinds of three -proof products have also been used. Holding a expectant heart, watching the skin became worse and more sensitive every day, and then the mood became worse and worse, and then the cycle was circulated. The skin is getting worse and worse.

In fact, many people are like this. The skin was originally just a small and easy -to -sensitive skin. It was not a big deal, but after the various little white rats were tried, they would be excessive.

Or the girl’s unsatisfactory three -free product (now there are still people in the background), which leads to the thinner and thinner stratum corneum, and then the stratum corneum is not full and full, and it is prone to pigmentation. In particular, it is not good for ultraviolet protection In the case, it is easy to sunburn, and then it becomes dark, dark yellow, skinless skin, long spots, etc., that is, it looks like the skin is not good.

Therefore, in addition to your original diet and rest, the skin is long -term

related. What should I do if many people leave a message to the skin? This is not caused by a day, nor is it a reason that it can be solved in a short time. It is the current skin condition caused by many links.

If the sensitive muscles do not care well, the skin is that the skin does not look good before, and the serious ones will have the allergic state above.


What should the sensitive muscle do?

Mild and clean -moisturizing -pay attention to sun protection.

Cleaning is the most important part of sensitive muscles. If the cleaning product is not selected well, when you clean each time you clean it, you will obviously feel that the stratum corneum is less.

I have used unreliable facial cleanser before. I bought the first facial cleanser of 120 yuan. After washing, I was all dry and tight. At that time, I still used it. I could n’t stand it for half a month. It’s!

If you are a sensitive muscle, it is recommended not to use the dry face milk. It is really bad for the repair of sensitive muscles in the long run. It is completely reaction. You can imagine that on the one hand, you apply a variety of repair products, and on the other hand, you can unravel it strongly together.

It is best to choose mild amino acid facial cleanser.

For example, SK2 amino acid cleansing milk is very good:

People often say in the background:

A whitening facial cleanser ………

Dear, your poisoning is too deep, and no facial cleanser can whiten.

In just a few minutes, do you believe it can whiten? Whitening,

The most effective thing in the product is the essence of whitening, long -term use of visibility, and other relaxation mentality.

The requirements for facial cleaning milk are: I can not hurt my keratin, gentle and clean, I am very satisfied and satisfied.

There are also this special moisturizing cleansing milk of Yuze, because it is



The research and development of the restoration series specifically for sensitive skin is also a facial cleanser. I think this one is also very useful, very gentle, compared to the cost -effectiveness:

If it is a sensitive skin, I personally suggest that it is only used at night. There is no need to use it in the morning. Raise more keratin. Horn is a very important protection barrier.

Why use it at night, because the sun is wiped during the day, and it should be cleaned.

If your skin is super sensitive recently, but it is not allergic, you can not use sunscreen, use pure mask sunglasses instead, and then go home to clean water for a while at night. This will accelerate the recovery of sensitive muscles ~

And like weekends, you can eat muscles at all. Do n’t do anything, do n’t apply things, and do n’t clean, allowing the skin to restore self -regulation.

This is the first step: mild and clean, wash or water with mild amino acid face milk or water.

Of course, some people will say, can there be a base makeup, can it be used with makeup remover?

Yes, sensitive muscles can be made up (if it is not super super sensitive), makeup is actually not so great to sensitive damage, just try to choose a mild makeup remover product on the makeup remover. Large sensitive. Like I used Avene’s makeup remover, it is not suitable for me (of course, some people feel easy to use, but it is really not suitable for me). It is not as gentle as I think about it. After each unloading It’s right.

I personally love Birou’s makeup remover, and I have mentioned many times:


And Ke Run’s makeup remover gel is also very good:

Of course, you must understand one thing:

Makeup has little damage to sensitive muscles. Choosing mild makeup remover is to reduce damage to sensitive muscles, but it is not used to repair sensitive muscles. Do not ask me if I can repair sensitive muscles like this. It is not repaired, but the beautiful eyebrows used for sensitive muscles love to make makeup and use it to gently remove it to avoid damage to the skin and cause a more sensitive makeup remover.

(Will it be very loud, otherwise you read again)


Sun protection is a very important step. No matter if you have sunscreen or not, if you go outdoors, I recommend bringing another big mask to block most of the skin.

Because of the sensitive muscles, basically the keratin is thin, it is easy to precipitate and sunburn, and it is easy to grow spots if you don’t pay attention for a long time ~

About sunscreen, it has been said above,

If it is particularly sensitive and sensitive, it will be tingled with severe sensitive skin when applying any products. It is not recommended to use sunscreen, hat, mask to wrap, and use ~ UV rays indoors can be interspersed indoors.

If it is a general minor sensitive skin, like me, most of the sunscreen on the practical market is no problem. This can be grasped by yourself, choosing suitable for you, you like what you like. General brands have related tests, and the proportions and standards are suitable.

About hydrating and moisturizing:

I personally thank the two products very much:

Spray and haba oil

The two years when I graduated from college, I used a variety of three -free products. The skin was very bad: the stratum corneum was thin, it looked uneven skin tone, and the skin was very dry.

Later, I abandoned everything and concentrated on using spray + haba oil. Try to use the facial cleanser. I think my skin can be restored until now they are big heroes.

I used Avene’s spray + HABA oil for some time, and then used Mipa’s spray + HABA oil.

Because I haven’t touched the tall Mapa spray in front.

I personally think that for restoration, Mipapa spray should be the best spray I have used. Because in addition to the pure French hot spring water, it adds repair components: Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is a very good repair component for sensitive muscles:

It can strengthen normal skin hydration function, which can improve dryness, rough, desquamation, antipruritic, and


A variety of skin diseases can promote the normal keratinization of the skin after external use and improve the skin’s tolerance to the surfactant, especially for the repair of sensitive skin and fragile skin.

Therefore, this spray is a pure natural hot spring water + vitamin B5, oh, and the glycerin is added, this glycerin accelerates the skin’s absorption of water.

It can be said that this is 100 % without adding, no potential stimulating ingredients such as preservatives, spices, pigments, etc. For sensitive skin, I think it is the best choice.

Because its pressed pump -shaped packaging, even the air outside cannot get in, there is no need for preservatives, because it has maintained its activity through completely isolation.

Personally, if my skin is uncomfortable now, I will turn simplified

, I only concentrate on using it and HABA oil.

In fact, this is a good sister of a dermatology told me, because she did have a bad skin for a while, she strongly suggested this bottle. It seems that the former first lady in France Carabuni also loved this spray.

I haven’t tried other products in their house, but this spray is their star product, which seems to be very hot.

I usually spray 3 times, and then drop 3 drops of HABA oil in the palm of the palm.


Some), after opening the palm, press the palm to the face, and then use the palm to massage Tira to accelerate the absorption of the skin.

It can also be used in the eyes, because HABA is super mild, and it can also avoid wrinkles when using it.

Haba oil is also me

One of the most important products of anti -allergy milestone has an irreplaceable position:

The ingredient table is only horned sharkane, and there is no pigment, preservatives, alcohol, spices, etc., which is as simple and pure as the spray above.

I really rarely see such pure products, and I think it is irreplaceable for sensitive muscles.

Anyone who reads my article basically knows what I like. It may be used for a lifetime. It’s like that you are usually interested, trying all kinds of new products outside, but when you are injured or tired, it can always give your family peace and warmth.

And, reiterate it again:


HABA oil is not essential oil, not on the general market

The mineral oil contained in the oil, the two have essential differences. The main component of HABA oil is the corner shark anxle. The horned sharkane is a kind of natural protection ingredient in our skin. There will be fewer and less, and many sensitive muscles are lacking, so it will lead to keratinomy problems, lack of skin reservation and luster, and other skin problems.

1. Squalane: Strengthen the repair epidermis, effectively form a natural protective film, and help the balance between skin and sebum.

2. Farmers are a kind of lipids closest to sebum. They have strong affinity and can be integrated with the sebum membrane of the human own, forming a natural barrier on the surface of the skin.

3. Farmers can also inhibit the peroxidation of skin lipids, effectively penetrate the skin, and promote the proliferation of skin basal cells, delay skin aging, improve and eliminate melasma with obvious physiological effects.

4. Hornex can also open the skin pores, promote blood microcirculation, enhance cell metabolism, and help repair damaged cells.

In short: It is to repair the natural ingredients of our sebum so that the skin can restore healthy functions.

The current corner shark anne is extracted from sharks. It is said that the world’s largest five natural corner shark anne production plants in the world account for four in Japan.

The essential oil mentioned above. In fact, the sensitive muscle essential oil is very careful. Although it is also pure natural, it is best to buy finished products. Do not DIY essential oil. Some unilateral essential oils will make you directly allergic. Speaking of lemon essential oil whitening, I apply lemon essential oil every day. I didn’t see the whitening, but my skin became sensitive -this person is me. I have experienced a lot of things like!

Skin care

Skin care


Skin care

Skin care

Skin care

Skin care

Skin care

Skin care

Skin care


Facial mask

There are also mineral oils different. Generally, oil skin acne skin is not recommended to use mineral oil. Some cleansing oil is mineral oil. It will produce acne without emulsification. However, the horned shark anxle is essentially unwell with them. Theoretically, oil skin can also be used, but it is best to take more lotion in front of you when used, and more lotion on the face.


And finally massage well until the face absorbs.

Well, I think about it, there is something that I have missed ~~ It should be gone, not mentioned, you can ask ~

Well, in short, if you are a very sensitive skin, I suggest you try: Meipa Spray + HABA Oil.

If you really don’t like HABA oil (I do n’t understand for those who do n’t like it, haha), you can use Yuze’s conditioning milk, which is relatively clear


, Suitable for this season, also


The research and development is specifically targeted at sensitive muscles. The reputation is pretty good.

However, the above products are just suggestions. I just used me to write the best. Please go through your own brain! Because there is a saying called: the cream of the honey of the Jia!

Well, I admit that I am more persuasion, because I am afraid that you will come to me at that time: Didn’t you say that that is easy to use, why is it not easy to use at all, and the skin is not good for two days. It was a conscience sharing, and finally you turned it into a imperial decree. Please optimize your wallet ~ rational your own brain ~

Oh, by the way, some people have sprayed with sensitivity or sensitive skin, and then do not apply things behind.

There will be two situations:

1. Dry skin, do not apply things to moisturize after spraying. After spraying, it will feel dry skin. This is not conducive to recovery. Spray is not as good as not spraying.

2. Oil -based skin is very comfortable after spraying. There is no discomfort. In this case, oily skin can only spray it. It does not require additional moisturizing products, because the oil skin is secreted by oil to moisturize and protect the skin.

There are a few tips:

1. When the skin is sensitive and encountered acne.

Please use the gentle clear first

The products of the product first weaken the sensitivity, so that the skin is repaired as much as possible, and then use acne products. Do not use soybean products to avoid strengthening the sensitivity.

2. Very sensitive skin is not recommended to use acid -containing

Skin care

Product, whitening,



Taste. Note that here is a very sensitive skin. The middle of the middle is not super sensitive. In fact, it is generally okay. You can try a small amount.

3. Sensitive skin less keratin, less massage granular exfoliation, and less tear -torn

Facial mask

, Reduce irritation cleaning



4. Red blood silk is a manifestation of sensitive muscles. It is impossible to use a bottle

The product is better, just like the repair of sensitive muscles, it needs to be raised for a long time.

Use less whitening


5, sensitive muscle is best to persist in mild

Product, don’t change it often, so as not to follow you to adapt every day, one day it can’t adapt to collapse.

6, the appropriate muscle section of the sensitive muscle, give the skin proper rest, excessive care can also lead to

Excessive causes sensitivity.

7, sensitive muscle, it is best not to wash your face with hot water, which will accelerate the fragility and dry skin, and it will accelerate aging.

8. Sensitive muscles, go to beauty salons, often go to beauty salons, you will find that your skin will become thinner and thinner.

9, sensitive muscles, please stay away from the products of the circle of friends. It is not important to waste money, and it is difficult to recover the skin.

The above is not only a sensitive muscle. If the normal skin is overwhelmed, it will also become a sensitive muscle, so some points also need to pay attention to normal skin.

Of course, the above is not absolutely written.


Unwillingness must not be used, whether it is appropriate to master it, whether it is proper, whether it is seriously stimulated, and learn to summarize and think. There will be a healthy skin.

Finally, I hope that all of your skin will be great ~~~~


# Hello, Coco, can you guide me to use the product order at night. HABA oil, the essence of IELT -worn muscle bottom, SK2 whitening bulb #

You are greedy, all three are essence, you have to use them together, just use two of them. The order can be arranged from the texture. Like emulsion, it can be used in the next step, such as the front of HABA oil whitening essence.

# Coco, my pores are thick and I feel tearing

Cleaning is very clean, and I heard that tearing and damage to the skin are large. Can I use exfoliating? It feels clean when the mud is used. What should I use? #


Try not to use it for a long time, although the effect was very good at that time, mud -shaped

Compared to tearing

Mild, mud -shaped

It needs to be cleaned regularly and it cannot be achieved overnight. None of these problems can be solved, and thicker pores are very difficult to solve. It is related to the secretion of oil and fat. You can try almond acid acid and have the effect of firming pores.


#, I entered a Kiss Me mascara. I just read this article about makeup remover. I wrote that the makeup remover can be removed. I used to use Bedma’s green bottle. The district is still too dry, so I changed the powder bottle, because I think Bedma’s makeup remover is very easy to use. I used Kiss Me mascara twice these days, and the croar cotton makeup remover was applied to the eyes. It ’s only the mascara that cannot be removed. Is the makeup removal of Merburn? It is the one that is separated by the water and oil, thank you #

Kissme mascara is super waterproof, and products that claim to cry without makeup, it is best to remove the special eye and lip makeup remover. Bedma’s makeup removal is relatively mild. Question, but super waterproof like Kiss ME may not be powerful.


# Coco, I use cleaning

For example, the “Black Doll” of Yuemu “Black Doll” you introduced earlier will be a little stabbing, I heard that it is cleaned

It feels like a thorns because the skin is dry and dehydrated, and it needs moisturizing and hydrating. Is this like this? #

Sometimes the skin is dehydrated whether it is cleaned or cleaning

Still hydrate

, Have a feeling of stabbing, generally don’t care too much, replenish more water, if the tingling is too serious, this one

It’s a bit exciting for you.

# Hello, do I usually use Bedma to remove makeup oil after being isolated? And there are particles on both sides of my nose and then pulling out white things. What do you want to use to solve? #

Bedma is enough after removing makeup. Why do you need to use cleansing oil? White particles may be the legendary white head. You can try Xinlan’s frozen film.

#, I don’t know if you are paying attention to pregnancy cream, right away


3 months, I want to find a safe cream! Must see it #

Prepare the body care oil and frost of Clarier Poems.


Can you be juice, there is you and you


Red bean flour, these two

Can you drink during the period #

You can drink the juice, which can relieve pregnancy


However, I think there is no need for red bean flour during pregnancy. Do not drink it during pregnancy and menstruation during pregnancy.

# Oh, I know that pregnant women cannot drink tea, so I am afraid that the ingredients of clear juice contain tea #

I think it ’s okay to drink that tea content, nor is it drinking every day. I generally feel that my stomach is uncomfortable. I drink more vegetables when I do n’t digest it. I usually eat more vegetables and drink it when I do n’t eat vegetables.

# Ali House has a special effect of removing BB, facial cleanser? #

The essence is the same.

# Hello, cocoaland, I realize that the importance of sun protection is after paying attention to you. I think that I will not have so much annoying spots today. I have a problem. There is a problem. It is also indoors, is it necessary to use the sunscreen coefficient to be particularly high?


Is it recommended to enter?


I don’t think An Naishi is not too exciting. Fortunately, if you are afraid of stimulation, you can choose other parts in the room. But it is indeed outdoor sacred products.

What is the difference between #Science horned sharkne and HABA corner sharkane? #

They are all repaired, and SCIENCE Corner Sharlene adds many plant anti -aging essential oils.

#, How can I maintain the skin at the age of 23? Can acne pits be removed? #

Doukeng can only rely on medical beauty,

The product cannot be solved. How to maintain the skin is a big problem. It is recommended to read more articles and understand it.

#, I usually do n’t make up, I only apply 50 times the dry and sensitive sunscreen milk, and Sophina ’s moisturizing sunscreen is 50 times, or the green is dry

Sun protection, these models do not need to remove makeup, but I still want to


Next. thanks#

Waterproof, sweat -proof, the best makeup removal with color moisturizing effects, and other things can not be unloaded.

I usually write some of myself

Experience and

The true feelings after the use and the skills of some makeup, in fact, we can also talk about other than these. I am Cocolan, get first -hand fashion information, I am waiting for you in the public account, search for you


Public account kekelan520

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Skin care

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Skin care

Skin care


Facial mask

Facial mask

Facial mask

Facial mask

Facial mask

Facial mask

Facial mask

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