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Benge said:


Two kinds of jeans, one is washed with an original cattle, and even in contemporary appearance of the original cowtime. But the contempt is contempt, so hot summer we choose to wash. Today, Fenghai tells everyone the benefits of water washing, which is worth buying.


The scientific pruning people in the summer, with the growth of age, think about it, I can wear 16oz’s original cattle (primary jeans) to the gym last year, this year, I can’t hate the trousers. In summer, we need to wear more smart stretches. Want to achieve this effect, then first step,

You need to wear comfort


▲ Resolution710 original cattle


I can’t help but sigh, I really have a false originth of the earth, and I have been losing interest in 1-2 months. It is full of new pants. Now I can finally see yourself,

I just want to wear and comfortable and beautiful water jeans!


▲ jeto44 water wash

Wash and the original cattle has an essential difference, which is to inject more experience and understanding of the concept of aesthetics. This makes the threshold of this door becomes relatively high, otherwise it will not have “Niu Wang” every year. said.

I am sorry to wash the water into three types,

Vintage fade color

Strong contrast color

as well as


Natural color

The three have their own strengths, which can be said that the radish cabbage has loved. Then there are three colors of water wash.


(Color is blue),


Heavy water wash

(Color sky blue) and


White water

(The color is light blue), both the two are Essential single products in everyday wear, and it is not possible within the closet.

Where is the water is better than the original cattle?

Where is the water is better than the original cattle? This problem needs to be built on a infrastructure, that is, the quality of the two is the same level. In more detailed, it is a fabric, suture, hardware, tailoring, etc.

On this basis, the cost of washing jeans is much higher than the original cattle. Of course, in the visual effect and comfort, the water that is just out of the factory is also stronger than the original cattle who just came out.


Note: The advantage of the original cattle is that everyone is “unique” after wearing, washed at this point. At the same time, the original cattle is more than the water is washed.

If it is made into the original cow, it is the Nth step of making jeans, then the water washed is N + 1 step.

. The original cow can be understood into a embryo, and a “brand new but wearing traceful jeans” is produced by the experience and understanding of the knife.


Among them, there are many difficulties.

The first is a washman who has rich experience and senior aesthetic cognition.

This type of person is the same as the baby in the industry, which determines the final look of this single product.

Secondly, the method of water washing

There is no such thing as a variety of materials (such as water, soil, sand, fire), etc. can be used as a tool for water washing tools, and it is not difficult to push new, but everyone will take a case, it is really not a simple matter.


Finally, it is delivered to the factory to make the mass production, whether the production method can be copied, whether the quality can be stable, etc., and due to environmental reasons, the cost of washing is crazy every year.


In addition to the appearance of the ambition, the washing is rich in the appearance, what is the advantage in dress?

The original cattle is heavy, so it is definitely not compared to the smooth water that has been tamed. The same ounce fabric, the status of the original cattle is hard and not easily bent, even difficult to flatten, when wearing a clear fault, there is a clear fault, it is difficult to have the visual effect of “leg straight”, and

After washing, it will be slightly thin.


And a little dreamer, and the texture of the fabric will be more smooth, comfort is not a level.

In terms of matching,

The official sense of the original cattle is stronger

, Usually suitable for the net color, the style is prejudiced to the thickness of sole, and most


The color of the water is bright, relatively casual and summer feel


The bright color will have a strong summer refreshing touch. For example, the turmeric or jujube red TEE, and the water is cleaned, and it is clear and refreshing than the original cattle.

Item recommendation

I will help you pick a few water to wash your cattle (assured that you have no ads)

Note 1: There is no low waist, my seniors are not low to people!

Note 2: The following items are sorted by price, from low to high, no Levis, Lee this brand.

Uniqlo retro high waist micro cone jeans (three colors optional)


▲ three colors can be selected, the trousers are the same

¥ 299

Overcomer Vintage Fade 66 Pants Direct Patient Water Jeans


¥ 588

TaciturnLi Heavy Shui Direct 9 Based Jeans

¥ 1250

▲ Fenghai

TaciturnLi in blue weight is washed in high waist straight pour jeans

¥ 1350

Orslow Changqing Slim Strong Direct Wash Jeans

¥ 1580


Old rules, written in the last


Water washing is a real one, if you study the recommendations above, you will find the higher the price, the more the water is washed, the more natural, the less like the water, but there is a root cattle a feeling of.

Although I said that I can dress, I am just a part of life too small. The strength is the right way, and before this, what you need to do is clear “If you are expensive, you are too expensive and cheap And where you are, there is enough. “


I wish you all a happy bull.




▲ Fenghai

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