Taipei Modern Private Housing Create a simple and bright space

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台北现代私人住宅 打造简洁明亮空间

Unbound is a private residence in Taipei, which is designed by J.C. Set up.It is located between the forest park and Yangming Park, bringing a strong sense of picture.In such a completely open space, through floating furniture, the space is well defined, as if it is a sculpture in the open -air museum.

台北现代私人住宅 打造简洁明亮空间

The visual first -level vision outside the window can enjoy the natural scenery outside, and the picture is very strong.

The floor -to -ceiling window provides sufficient light sources. Furniture accessories choose a mild color, bringing a warmth.

台北现代私人住宅 打造简洁明亮空间

Occasionally put a little accessories to bring the art style to the home ~

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