How much is the latest quotation of wall -hung boilers on various platforms?

The price of wall -mounted boilers is related to the production quality and efficiency of wall -mounted boilers.

Ariston Wall-mounted boiler Yiyi Series L1PB20-BS18T


Qijia net wall -hanging boiler offer: ¥ 7,200.00

Price reference brand of wall -mounted boilers:

Top ten domestic brands

Guangzhou Dison Home Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Brand: Little Squirrel),

Guangdong Wanhe New Electric Co., Ltd. (Brand: Wanhe),


Guangdong Wanjiale Gas has a limited company (brand: Wanjiale),

Shenzhen Haydon Thermal Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand: Haydn),


Guangdong Nobo Cold and Cold Equipment Co., Ltd. (Brand: ROC),

Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone Haier Hotel Co., Ltd. (Brand: Haier), Haier,

Hangzhou Dayuan Artificial Environment Equipment Co., Ltd. (Brand: Gangti),

Chengdu striker electronic limited liability company (brand: Chiffo striker),

Zhuji Kaim thermal Energy Energy Energy Energy Co., Ltd. (brand: Kim),

Zhejiang Shuangling Danas Emperor Electric Co., Ltd. (Brand: Danas Emperor);

Top 10 foreign brands

Beijing Fisman Heating Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand: Vietmann Fisman),


Wei Neng (Beijing) Heating Equipment Co., Ltd. (Brand: Vailland Weone),

Ariston Thermal Energy Product (China) Co., Ltd. (Brand: Ariston),


Xidri Heat Energy Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (brand: BAXI),

Bosch Heat Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Brand: Bosch), Bosch Bosch, Bosch),

China Branch (Brand: Immergas), Italy’s Emma Group,

Beijing Qingdong Naibian Hot Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. (brand: Naibian),

Shanghai Linneu Co., Ltd. (Brand: Rinnai Forest),

Ai Smith (China) Water Water Heater Co., Ltd. (Brand: A.O. Smith),

Ruomu Mimi Century (Tianjin) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Weineng 36 KW luxury wall -mounted gas heating hot water furnace (single heating) German technology imported Suning Tesco wall -hanging boiler offer ¥ 22,578.00

BOSCH/Bosch gas wall-mounted boiler European to Zhenzhen ZBR65-2 condensed furnace (system furnace)

Wall -hung boiler offer:, 42,699.00

Cening Cold and Cold —- Eight Hi Mainfour boiler wall hanging boiler


Qijia net wall -hanging boiler offer: ¥ 7,500.00

Meilingner Spring Electric Wall-Hanging File XW-40 Series (Single Calling Warm) 380V heating boiler heating furnace radiator ground …

Gome wall -hanging boiler offer: 挂 9,516.00

Meilingner Spring Electric Wall-Hanging Powder XW-40 {Single Calling Heating} 220V Single heating series radiator electric boiler heater San …

Jingdong Mall wall -hung boiler offer: ¥ 6,922.50

Wall -mounted furnace: up to A Cat Mall

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